Find out any problem with TABLEAPP? 3 steps to give your feedback to us aims to provide you good service to ensure you have a good time at your favorite restaurant conveniently. The phrase "Customer knows best" may have an ounce of truth in it, so we want to hear from you. Whether it is a complaint or your comments about our service, you can easily do so with the click of a mouse. To do that,

1. Check out the "Feedback & Support"

Look out for the 'Feedback & Support' bar on the right of the page, as indicated by the blue arrow (pic). Click on it, and it will popout a feedback form.


2. Select the "Contact support" when you found any problem.

If you had found some problem on, select the "Contacct support" tab on the top of the form. Fill in the boxes accordingly and click  'Send message'  at the bottom and your message will deliver to us.

Contact support


3. Select the "Give Feedback" tab to provide your suggestion and feedback.

If you want to share your feedback/suggestion with, select the "Give Feedback" tab on the top of the form. Fill in the boxes accordingly and click  'Post Idea'  at the bottom and your message will deliver to us.

give feedback

It's that easy to get in touch with us! Alternatively, if you prefer to stick to the good ol' traditional way of electronic communication, send us an email to We hope to hear from you soon!

(Feedback solution is provided by uservoice)

Restaurant recommendation is now easier than ever!!!

Let’s face it – we all love great food! Recommending places to eat is now easier with the ‘Restaurant Mail’ function on TABLEAPP. Your friends (or family) will be able to see your recommendation, read a description about it and best of all, make a reservation right away!

In order to do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to the restaurant profile. (in this guide, we will use Penang Village).


Step 2. Find the Restaurant Mail icon (show in figure) in the share on column. Click it and it will bring up a pop-out.


3. Enter the requested details, which include your recipient’s email and a message to him/her. Then click Send and your recipient will receieve an email with your recommendation.



Alternatively, you can recommend places through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Simply click on the respective icons next to the Mail icon. Happy sharing!

To make a reservation via TABLEAPP, visit or Download our app.

btn_appstore btn_googleplay

TABLEAPP bring you more recommended restaurants with your reservation mail!


We recently implemented a new section in our email. The recommended restaurant is now added to the lower section of the email. This section introduces you about other restaurants that are famous you may like.

To view the restaurant, you can click on the light blue 'View Restaurant' button and if you want to book a table at the selected restaurant right away, you can click on the orange 'Book A Table' button. 

you may also visit our TABLEAPP online reservation website to see more restaurants.

alternatively, you could also use your phone and make a reservation just by downloading our app:

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