5 Best Restaurants in KL for Malaysian Cuisines

5 Best Restaurants in KL for Malaysian Cuisines

Jom, makan!



Malaysians are so proud of their food that they will defend the pride to death (kidding!). Malaysians are the kind of people who go on foodie road trips, driving up and down the country in search of that chicken rice plate in Ipoh or that cendol store in Penang. We are so proud of our awesome food that nobody else’s cuisine will ever be able to measure up. In this blog we are going to reveal 5 BEST restaurants in KL that offer truly unique Malaysia taste. Check ‘em out!



Bijan Bar & Restaurant


Located a mere stone throw’s away from KLCC and Bukit Bintang, Bijan Bar & Restaurant is the ultimate destination for the city’s top high-end restaurants for Malay cuisine, with a warm, romantic ambience to set the mood for an unforgettable dining experience. While the typical Malay dishes such as rendang and ulam raja are well known here, the desserts – most notably the Gula Melaka Cake, Pandan Pudding and Bandung flavoured home-made ice cream and Durian Cheesecake – steal the limelight.



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Songket Restaurant


Songket Restaurant serves authentic fine Malay cuisine inspired by age old family recipes infused with a modern twist. It prides itself in its ability to retain the authenticity of Malay cuisine yet constantly finding ways to creatively blend this authenticity with the contemporary palate. The restaurant is housed in a bungalow that is converted to resemble a “kampong” house and has alludes a calming, relaxing ambience – an experience hard to find in the city. This complemented with a truly entertaining multi-cultural dance performance, makes one’s dining experience even more complete.



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Enak KL


With an elegant fine-dining twist, Enak KL offers Malay dishes in relative comfort. It is almost like a trip down memory lane to the good old days when you visit your great grandmother for a family dinner get-together. In addition to the nostalgic atmosphere, each of the familiar all-time local classics such as Satay, Gado-Gado and Rendang Padang are prepared using age-old recipes that have been passed down for generations to stay true to delivering their renowned traditional Malay Fine Cuisine that warms your heart! Plus, no sweet tooth could resist their tropical desserts such as pisang caramel!



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Housed in a rustic and inviting village-style shack about 15 minutes outside the city centre, Mandi-Mandi is surrounded by lush greenery and fetching water features. A popular choice for intimate wedding dinners thanks to its romantic ambience, patrons frequent this picturesque eatery for its satisfying Malay-Thai cuisine and private perfect-for-two pondoks. Mandi-Mandi is definitely a presentation of one great culinary experience that is unmatched.



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Madam Kwan's


Experience truly Malaysian cuisine at Madam Kwan’s. As a young enthusiastic foodie, Kwan Swee Lian was inspired by the rich cultural mix of cuisine in Malaya. Today, Madam Kwan combines elements of these diverse cultures to share her uniquely created Malaysian Cuisine for all food lovers to enjoy. From the signature Nasi Lemak to “wok” style Hokkien mee, there’s something for everyone to savour those special dishes that is uniquely Malaysian. She has made the menu not only unique to her but uniquely Malaysian to satisfy your palate.



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5 Best European Restaurants in KL

5 Best European Restaurants in KL that Ignite Your Taste of Europe

Discover the BEST European restaurants in KL now!



You don’t have to fly out of the country to have a taste of European. Ignite your Euro-trip with some classic European food like paella, pasta right here in Malaysia. Discover the best European restaurants in KL that will make you come back for more!




Quietly tucked away at a corner of a beaten track in Bangsar, Rendez-Vous is a traditional French restaurant and bar that wins many hearts of even French expats. Chef Florian Nigen’s family has run a well-known restaurant in Bretagne, France for 30 years. He puts all his knowledge and heart into preparing the wide selection of typical French meaty and seafood dishes along with delicious French desserts to excite everyone’s taste buds. Here at Rendez-Vous, authentic French cuisine is made affordable with generous portion sizes. It is in the charming ambience of this French gem, everyone can enjoy what various regions of France have to offer.



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El Cerdo

The one-of-a-kind German restaurant El Cerdo specializes in home-cooked pork flavours from all over the world like Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico. This highly popular restaurant on Changkat Bukit Bintang is the result of perfected pork cooking that took 9 years in the making. Chef Werner Kuhn, has spent days and nights nurturing his baby and now has grown to become the best porky pork restaurant Kuala Lumpur has to offer. We recommend you to try their crispy pork knuckle or Spanish Paella since everyone who has tried it has come back for more! So strap up because you’re in for a super delicious porky ride!



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The Modern British cuisine finally hits KL after all the years (almost 3 decades!) the owners have spent in developing their craft in London in a variety of outlets ranging from hotel food & beverage departments, nightclubs, stand alone restaurants and bars. The restaurant is ostensibly a ‘posh’ bistro with cool, relaxed décor and well trained staff., offering authentic British cuisine ranging from traditional British dishes to contemporary takes on classics. Pop by Albion and make sure you order their truly British’s Sunday Roast!



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Bistro Richard

Tucked away from the bustle of the city, and nestled within the chic compound of Sentul Park is Bistro Richard, a European bistro which uniquely sets in a lush, tropical garden setting. This friendly neighbourhood bistro boasts a classic European menu, ideal for family-style dining as well as romantic dining. Housing a selection of wines and beers from around the world, and offering mouth-watering European cuisine, Bistro Richard procures ingredients for its offerings, daily.



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Nerovivo has become a prime KL landmark for an exceptional Italian casual dining experience. With cool ambiance, modern, stylish, whether you're dining al fresco along the side of the restaurant or inside surrounded by striking lilac walls combined with consistently high quality food and impeccable service, Nerovivo champions unpretentious fine dining in vibrant surroundings. At Nerovivo, pizzas are prepared using a traditional wood fire oven resulting in sealed flavours, preserving both the crunchy crust with a delicious soft middle. If you have a sweet tooth be sure to try the tiramisu – Nerovivo has a reputation for making one of the best you can find in town!



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5 Steamboats in KL that You Will Regret Not Trying

5 Best Steamboat in KL that You Will Regret Not Trying

Best Steamboat in KL that You Must Die Hard Trying 



In Malaysia, there are two seasons to offer: blistering hot or exceptionally wet. When the weather is hot, we can only think about having cendol and ice-cream. Only a few things will come to our minds, but one in particular stands out from the rest: steamboat. Check out these steamboats in KL and find out what makes them so special!



Yugami Steamboat

This hotpot hangout is steaming up Sri Petaling with specialities of fish-based broths that linger pleasurably in the memory. Yugami Steamboat has a wide range of tasty ingredients that work well for soup-slurping and stomach-stuffing. Don't skip the excellent sauces – Yugami's attention to detail ensures that everything on the table should be lapped up. 



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Bobogo Steamboat

Situated in the ever-bustling square of The Strand, Bobogo Steamboat is easily spotted thanks to its front and centre position across Sunway Giza. In the interim between ordering and satisfaction, diners get to feed their aural stomachs with the savouring scent of boiling spices and sizzling meat whipped up by a chef backed by 15 years of experience. Those full years of cooking contribute to the house specialties, which include ready-to-eat dishes, grilled food served with their signature soup, and the special steamboat pot, a four-tier pot boiling with spiced broth and the customer’s choice of meat, vegetables, and seafood.



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Bone & Pot Setapak

Bone and Pot's signature steamboat is famed for its Hong Kong origins and concept. The restaurant's Chinese name " 有骨气 " (Yau Guat Hei) resembles bountiful prosperity, as Bone & Pot’s delicious broth base is made of quality bones for that original taste you crave for. The Bone & Pot delicacy consists of three important elements which are quality broth, fresh ingredients and irresistibly delicious dipping sauces.



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The Shack

Originally from Taiwan, The Shack in Puchong brings you one of the most unique steamboat experiences. You can have it two ways – on the grill pan or the mini pot steamboat style. Furthermore, they have 15 different soup base to choose from. One of the soup bases that is worth recommending is the Cheese and Milk combination soup base. Every sip of the robust soup is rich with strong cheese and milk flavour! The Shack is usually packed with patrons over the weekends, hence reservation is highly recommended.



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Yook Pal Pal


Yook Pal Pal uses no MSG and preservatives with wide selection of authentic dishes, made with fresh and high quality ingredients. They provide customers a delectable dining experience in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere of the frugal meal at home. The typical Korean food is spicy. However, at Yook Pal Pal Korean BBQ & Steamboat Restaurant, the chef, Han Myeong Su can prepare your meal with different level of spiciness of your choice to meet your satisfaction.



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10 Primal Peculiarity amid a High-Grade Virtual Data Upbuilding

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Protection of the data

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Time savings

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Cost savings

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Simple interface is a characteristic which makes work inside a VDR rapid and easy. As long as no additional coaching is to be performed room visitors have a possibility to utilize the virtual data room without efforts and focus their attention on the work, not on the technical aspects inherent to the platform.

Logical file system

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Full access control

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Legal compliance

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Immediate support

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5 Ultimate Coolest Restaurants in KL

5 Ultimate Coolest Restaurants in KL

Tips of how to be cool: Know where the coolest restaurants are in KL. Because cool people hang out at cool places.



Ever have the moment your friends look at you and wonder how you know about such cool places? Wanna be THAT cool friend? Don’t worry, this is going to be a cool guide to cool restaurants for cool people like you! Check out these coolest restaurants in KL!



Dining In The Dark KL


Ever imagine eating and drinking in pitch darkness? This idea might seem a little strange at first, but by suppressing the dominant sense of sight, you will enter a whole new world in which one is uncertain of their surroundings. The blind guides at Dining In The Dark KL will lead you through a gastronomical journey. At Dining In The Dark KL, guests will embark a new sensory experience where the thoughtfully designed and carefully prepared surprised menu fit for a fine dining will only be revealed after the meal.



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Atmosphere 360


Keep a close watch on your table here at Atmosphere 360 because the dining table area actually revolves! Housed in the world's 7th tallest tower – the KL Tower, Atmosphere 360 is crowned as Malaysia’s highest restaurant, 282m above ground. Other than having the crazy revolving experience, the 360-degree bird eye view of Kuala Lumpur surely makes the dining experience a memorable and lasting one.



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Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe


Welcome to the World’s First Hello Kitty Gourmet Café! Styled on a chic Parisian café with atmospheric pastels and Kitty's iconic pink, you will be transported to a world of sweet romance and sophisticated flavours. Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe is extravagantly decorated in Hello Kitty themes down to every detail. Their signature dishes are adorably decorated with Hello Kitty's cute character. Definitely a place of happiness for Hello Kitty fans!



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Brolly KL


A fun, quirky restaurant that brims with colour, character & charm – showcasing nine kitchens in one venue. Inspired by the fun disco era, the entire space is decked out like a garage, with automobile paraphernalia providing much of the design cues – tyres as wash basins and surrounded by sideview mirrors, walls decorated with hubcaps and tools of a mechanic, and there’s even a vintage car mounted upside down on the ceiling above a pool table, not to forget there’s a foosball table and a wall of vinyl records! At Brolly, break open the Canadian red lobsters, spanner crabs and meat crabs to reveal the sweet flesh, or get busy eating the Gumbo, Southern Chicken & Waffle and more. If it is a group dining, check out their ridiculously fancy bucket of goodness – Big Bang Theory. Ideal for a group of 8-12 seafood lovers, the bucket comes with king crab, lobsters, meat crabs, prawns, yabbies, mussels, corn, chicken sausages, potatoes and button mushrooms.



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Opium KL


Inspired by the Opium regimes of the east, the interior speaks for itself. Furnished with age-old artifacts such as an opium bed in the Rose Room, opium pipes and huge Chinese wine pots displayed vividly at the Communal area, the outlet aspires a 1930s-1960s look and feel. At Opium, Asian Oriental cuisines are served with a twist; such as Phoenix Dumpling, Fern Leaf Salad, Crispy Duck Noodles, Wagyu Beef Rendang, and the signature Beef Brisket & Tendon Stew just to name a few. One simply must try their Signature House Cocktails, Twisted Classic Cocktails and Opium Special Mocktails. These giggle juices are served up in bowls, even water and beer are served in the traditional Chinese way… in a rice bowl.



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5 Best Smoking Good Japanese BBQ in KL

5 Best Smoking Good Japanese BBQ Restaurants in KL

Where to get the BEST Japanese BBQ (Yakiniku) in KL?


Japanese Yakiniku, also referred to as "Japanese barbecue”, is best enjoyed in groups. Drawing influence from Korean dishes such as bulgobi and galbi, Yakiniku became widespread in the whole world. If you ever find yourself in Japan, do make sure you try this at least once. But if you don’t, here is a list of best Japanese BBQ hotspots in KL that could satisfy your ever burning crave!


Japanese charcoal-grilled seafood specialist Hamasho is no stranger to its Japanese Community. While the sumibiyaki (charcoal-grilled seafood) concept is not something that’s completely foreign to Malaysians, there aren’t nearly enough restaurants in KL that practise it. At Hamasho, charcoal stoves seize the limelight. Enjoy cooking fish, surf clams, crab legs, scallops and buttered vegetables on portable charcoal grills on the table, while the Japanese waitresses shuffle about in kimonos. Hamasho secures fresh seafood shipments five days a week, no wonder their seafood quality is always top-notch!


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ROCKU Yakiniku


ROCKU Yakiniku, a casual, upbeat and edgy Yakiniku restaurant that captures a lot of hearts, defies convention by melding a traditional style of Japanese dining with modern entertainment, perfectly characterizing Japanese pop culture. Diners can savour their food hot throughout the entire meal, and there’s no better way to enjoy the tantalizing cuts of meat, ranging from beef to lamb, pork and chicken, flown in all the way from Australia and New Zealand. ROCKU also entertains and enthralls guests with live band performances that play modern and classic music with various genres such as Pop-Rock, Acoustic and Jazz. 


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Momotalo Yakiniku


Nestled in Desa Sri Hartamas, Momotolo Yakiniku offers fun Japanese charcoal grill. Enjoy the night after work with sizzling hot meat from the mobile charcoal stove and cold Japanese Asahi beer. Nothing at Momotalo Yakiniku was pre-marinated. The natural flavours and freshness of foods here were brought out completely through grilling. If you are not keen in grilling the food on your own, the helpful waiters here will be delighted to help you out!


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Daidomon Japanese BBQ


Taking pride of being an authentic Yakiniku Buffet with outlets in Singapore and Malaysia, Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant is the place for you to satisfy your carnivourous appetite! Serving not only yakiniku, over 88 varities of sushi, sashimi, appetizers, salad, soups and more beckons in this all-you-can-eat barbeque, sashimi and sushi ala carte buffet onslaught. Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant is the place for you to be for your Yakiniku hunt!


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BWB Flaming On Table


Everything at BWB Flaming On Table is hot, Flaming Hot! This contemporary Japanese restaurant serves Japanese soul food with contemporary twists. Flaming dishes are the star of the restaurant and highly recommended for foodies looking for fun. The flaming dish not only is a delectable dish but also a beautifully assembled piece of art work for you to feast your eyes (yes, Instagram worthy!). Make sure you end the night with a live demo of Flaming Irish Coffee at the in-house bar.


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A gentle reminder:
Yes, we all heard about the crazy 2-hour queue at a Japanese Yakiniku restaurant in Klang Valley when it took KL with storm. Make sure you have your seats reserved beforehand to avoid waiting / disappointment!


5 Best Japanese Haute Cuisine Omakase (and Kaiseki!) Course in KL

5 Best Japanese Haute Cuisine Omakase (and Kaiseki!) Course in KL

Meet the Chanel and Christian Dior of Japanese cuisine.



We have heard of Chanel, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani in haute fashion.. but how much do you know about Japanese haute cuisine Omakase and Kaiseki course? For those who start scratching your head wondering what omakase and kaiseki are, this post is for you. For those who are familiar with these terms, read on to find out where to get these hard-to-find cuisines!






Omakase means "I'll leave it up to you” in Japanese. It differs from ordering à la carte; you are entrusting the chef to serve you the best he could offer. Customers ordering omakase style expect the chef to be innovative and surprising in the selection of dishes, and the meal can be likened to an artistic performance by the chef. Ordering omakase can be a gamble (well, life is always a gamble!), but the customer typically receives the highest-quality fish available at a lower cost than if it had been ordered à la carte.






Kaiseki, on the other hand, is equivalent to a multi-course Western haute cuisine. It is an appreciation and collection of chef’s skills and techniques that allow the preparation of such meals, even the dining ware and vessels are part of the kaiseki experience! In the present day, kaiseki is a type of art form that balances the taste, texture, appearance, and colours of food. Only fresh seasonal ingredients are used and are prepared in ways that aim to enhance their flavour. Finished dishes are carefully presented on plates that are chosen to enhance both the appearance and the seasonal theme of the meal. Dishes are beautifully arranged and garnished, often with real leaves and flowers, as well as edible garnishes designed to resemble natural plants and animals.

Omakase and Kaiseki style Japanese cuisine are rare to find in Malaysia, as locals are yet to appreciate the haute cuisine and also, the pricing factor. However, if you are keen to try (YOLO, perhaps?), here’re the top restaurants that offer the best Omakase and Kaiseki.




Hanare prides themselves in offering quality authentic Japanese cuisine. They provide some of the best and freshest seafood air flown direct from Japan depending on the season's specialty offering. Favourites such as the divine Hon Maguro (Fresh Blue Fin Tuna), the rare cut of Tai (Fresh Red Snapper), Nama Awabi ( Fresh Abalone ) and other choice seafood depending on its season will be imported direct from Tokyo's famous Tsukiji fish market to give you that unique flavour and dining experience.

Hanare is well known for its 9-course Dinner Omakase. The restaurant offers Kaiseki set as well – 7-course Hiru Kaiseki available during lunch hour and 8-course Dinner Kaiseki available at night.



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Oribe Sushi


Oribe Sushi’s elegant atmosphere provides the perfect place for a fine dining experience. The warm interior tones laced with ambient lighting exude quiet relaxation. Stylish and contemporary décor set the mood for dining with a difference.



Amid this calm atmosphere, diners will delight at discovering a menu refined in quality and rich in tradition. Oribe Sushi do not use sugar for sushi rice, and provide hand-made ginger, wasabi selected by master chef and aims to redefine the sushi dining encounter, transforming quality raw ingredients into distinctive tastes while remaining culturally true to its origins.



Oribe Sushi offers Omakase course, for both lunch and dinner. Free car parks are available for customers at first-come-first-served basis. 



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TEN Japanese Fine Dining


In Japanese, "TEN" translate to heaven. A name that aptly describes the exclusive fine dining experience reserve for the select few. Since opening doors in Kuala Lumpur, Ten Japanese Fine Dining has earned multiple awards and rave reviews among VIP guests and discerning dinners for the exquisite dining experience they offer. They ensure that seasonal ingredients from Japan retain the tradition of Japanese cuisine, and international and fresh local ingredients help to accentuate a contemporary style.



Have a supreme authentic Japanese fare at Ten’s 8-course Dinner Omakase, for it will bring you the very essence of Japanese Fine Dining.



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Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar


A culinary destination where modern Japanese cuisine is elevated and fused with Italian flavours and touches. Explore the Omakase, a daily special, tastefully selected and created specially for diners. All the fishes at Manmaru Robatayaki are air flown in from Japan weekly and once sold out, you will need to book them ahead to secure your catch. 



The Omakase Course at Manmaru Robatayaki is designed for 2 pax. It is recommended to book in advance to avoid disappointment.



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Ishin Japanese Dining


Ishin is well known for its genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines that are cooked to order. The meals are prepared freshly using ingredient imported from Japan's famous Tsukiji fish market with the finest ingredients of the season.



Ishin's Kaiseki cuisines reflect the four seasons of Japan using imported seasonal ingredients aimed to enrich the final taste using a harmonious blend. They are also intricately decorated to perfection to reflect the seasonal theme of the meal. Using sheer craftsmanship and skill set, Ishin's chefs will arrange and prepare sublime Kaiseki six to twelve multi-course meal.


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Appreciating Italian Cuisine

5 Best Italian Restaurants in KL

Appreciating Italian cuisine – a cuisine of refined and elegant.



Italian cuisine has always been known for its tomatoes, its garlic, its wine.. however, the real lesson  Italian cuisine taught the world is a simple one: it’s all about what you eat and the quality of the ingredients you use. Tomatoes must be fresh, garlic is good for the health and red wine is great as long as it’s good. The world has coming to love Italian cuisine and food. 



Here are our picks of the best Italian restaurants in KL that will leave a lasting impression.



La Risata Bar Pizzeria Ristorante


La Risata, meaning “the laughter”, are two lively restaurants in the suburbs of Ampang and Medan Damansara that have been serving some of the best Italian food in Kuala Lumpur since 1996. Well known for their good variety of authentic Italian dishes ranging from traditional wood-fired oven thin and crispy pizzas to pastas, meat and seafood dishes that exude the very essence of Italian dining – rustic, hearty and good. Diners can enjoy a glass of wine from their extensive wine list or unwind with an aperitif from their full bar.


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Nerovivo has become a prime KL landmark for an exceptional Italian casual dining experience. With cool ambiance, modern, stylish, whether you're dining al fresco along the side of the restaurant or inside surrounded by striking lilac walls combined with consistently high quality food and impeccable service. Nerovivo champions unpretentious fine dining in vibrant surroundings.



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A snazzy looking Italian restaurant bedecked with art deco portraits and whose edgy contemporary setting is contrasted with the easy-going Caribbean music wafting in the air, blending beautifully with the whiff of hearty Italian fares exiting the kitchen. Pick your favourite drink from the extensive wine list, take a sip, sit back and enjoy a truly Italian meal.



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Pietro Ristorante Italiano


Nestled in the lush enclave of Damansara Heights, away from the hustle of the city, Pietro Ristorante Italiano offers a friendly and casual atmosphere where you can experience a taste of truly authentic Italian dishes with friends, or someone special or entertaining large groups. Pietro’s large two-storey space is divided into the main dining hall, café, private rooms and an outdoor deck, you can expect a delectable spread of original Italian dishes in a contemporary setting surrounded by artworks. 



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Portofino Ristorante Italiano


Portofino is an authentic Italian restaurant situated in the heart of Bangsar, in Lucky Garden. The Chef’s of more than 10 years experience in serving up Italian favourites, takes pride in their freshly made pastas and desserts every day, giving its customers a taste of classic Italy. From the range of fine wine to an array of pasta dishes, it’s easy to be spoilt for choices. The restaurants holds up to 100 pax making it perfect for family and company gatherings yet quiet enough for candle lit dinners.


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A Romantic Dinner with Love

Top 5 Restaurants in KL with The Best Romantic Ambience

From fine dining restaurants offering breathtaking views of the KL City to hidden gems surrounded by lush greenery, from vintage-looking bungalow with poolside to dining by tranquil lotus pool, these are some of the best places in town for date night.

Maison FrancaiseHere at Maison Francaise, you will get to experience the very best of French haute cuisine through a repertoire of inventive French classics and an extensive wine list of over 150 premium wines from France. Housed in a vintage-looking black and white bungalow in Jalan Changkat Kia Peng, the three-level restaurant is spacious with a main dining hall, private rooms, lounge, bar and poolside. The main dining area has windows prettily dressed with lacy curtains and elegant stark black and white tables and chairs. With so much natural light hitting the rooms, it is no wonder at all that Maison Francaise has a tranquil and serene atmosphere about it.

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Tamarind SpringsTamarind Springs is a treat for the senses. Only 15-minutes drive from downtown Kuala Lumpur, disembark upon nature's gateway into a visual and sensory feast. Tamarind Springs’ elegant décor, infused with traditional and rustic Asian furnishings, adds to its warm and cosy ambience. Its pavilions that take full advantage of its location on the edge of a lush forest appeal to those who love being close to nature; while its titillating traditional Indochinese cuisine of sweet, salty, sour and spicy have won many industry accolades and topped several gastronome scoreboards.

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Rama V Fine Thai CuisineSet amongst a magnificent pool of lotus blossoms, Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine is quietly tucked away from the busy district of Kuala Lumpur. Their innovative chefs cook up a blend of authentic and modern Thai dishes and present their creations as a feast not only for your palate but for your eyes. Herbs and natural seasonings are used to create a variety of colours and sensations in taste that makes a meal at Rama V memorable, exciting and enjoyable.

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Bijan Bar & RestaurantLocated a mere stone throw’s away from KLCC and Bukit Bintang, Bijan is the ultimate destination for fine Malay cuisine. It is an oasis where you can unwind with a cool glass of wine while the food remains deliciously and unmistakably Malay. Modern in its surroundings with distinctive Asian accents, Bijan is warm, yet chic; intimate yet spacious. Traditional Malay cuisine is served against a lush backdrop, accompanying wine to enhance flavours and ways of preparing local delicacies in a fine balance of old and new. The Bijan experience is modern in presentation yet wholesome in flavour.

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Bistro Richard RestaurantRed and white chequered tablecloths, solid wooden Oak panels, all cosily lit by Tiffany stained-glass lamps, the quiet gem Bistro Richard boasts the feel of a typical European bistro, uniquely set in a lush, tropical garden setting. Housing a selection of wines and beers from around the world, and offering mouth-watering European cuisine, Bistro Richard procures ingredients for its offerings, daily. Be it indoor in its tastefully decorated dining area, or outdoor, in its spacious courtyard. To top it all off, a tailor made menu is available to cater to every occasion.

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