5 CNY Yee Sang in 2017 That Caught Our Attention

5 CNY Yee Sang in 2017 That Caught Our Attention

Toss to a prosperous and healthy year with colourful platter of auspicious Yee Sang this Chinese New Year! Check out the Yee Sangs that have caught our attention this year!



Prosperity Yee Sang at Unique Seafood PJ 23

CNY Yee Sang in 2017_Unique Seafood PJ 23

Known for offering fresh seafood, the pork-free Unique Seafood PJ23 offers a variety of Yee Sang this CNY, including Abalone Yee Sang (RM196.80), Salmon and Snow Pear Yee Sang (RM103.80), Salmon Yee Sang (RM93.80), and Jellyfish Yee Sang (RM80.80). The brownie point is diners may choose to add on 10-head Abalone, salmon fish and other selections to their choice of Yee Sang. Definitely a prosperous way to usher in the new year!


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Treasure Chest Prosperity Kerabu Yee Sang at Antara Restaurant

CNY Yee Sang in 2017_Antara Restaurant

Strictly MSG-free, Antara Restauarnt represents the style of food that is in between Malaysian and French cuisine. Indulge yourself with Antara’s Treasure Chest Prosperity Kerabu Yee Sang. Packed with organic vegetables, pucuk paku, shredded golden mango, ruby pomelo, kerisik and trout or salmon ikura shoyu pearls with Antara’s very own special homemade plum sauce, spoil your loved ones this season with only the best. This Yee Sang is pork-free and lard-free, and is available till 5 February 2017. The Yee Sang is priced at RM98++ (4-5 pax), RM178++ (6-8 pax), RM198 ++ (10-12 pax).


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Flavours of Fortune Yee Sang at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel


CNY Yee Sang in 2017_Zuan Yuan

It’s time to raise your chopsticks in unison and stir up blessings of prosperity, wealth and good health with a variety of premium yee sang. Specially curated by Zuan Yuan’s Executive Chinese Chef Ben Kong, there are four options with a choice of assorted fruits, salmon & sweet turnips, soft shell crab or whitebait. The Yee Sang is available from RM98 (half portion) onwards, from now till 11 February 2017.


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Longevity Yee Sang at Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine


CNY Yee Sang in 2017_Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine

Experience the gracious elegance at Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine which sets amongst a magnificent pool of lotus blossoms, quietly tucked away from the busy district of Kuala Lumpur. Toss your way to prosperity and good health with their Longevity Yee Sang which comprises Scallop Sashimi, Smoked Duck, Thai Fish Cake, Fried Red and Green Yam, Crispy Cracker and other condiments.


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Signature Jamón Serrano Ham Lo Hei at ANTE Publika & ANTE 1 Utama


CNY Yee Sang in 2017_ANTE

ANTE – Kuala Lumpur’s Premier Pork Steak Restaurant is renown for its signature porcine dining experience. This CNY, ANTE wows the KL dining scene with its Signature Jamón Serrano Ham Lo Hei. The Lo Hei can easily served for 6 persons at RM78++. Get indulge in this Lo Hei at either ANTE Publika or ANTE 1 Utama, available now till 11 February 2017.


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2017 Food Trends

2017 Food Trends: What You’ll Be Eating This Year

Hello, 2017!



Every year there's bound to be different food trends shaking up the KL dining scene. In the past years, we have seen buzzing keywords such as mobile food trucks, cold-pressed juices and many more. Let’s hear what restaurateurs and global reports say about 2017 food trends.



Purple produce


2017 Food Trends_Savini Ristorante Italiano

Purple potatoes, purple yam, purple corn chips, purple cauliflower and asparagus are just some of the purple foods taking over Instagram. These purple produce brings diversity to a previously pale plate in the vegetable world, and, of course, makes our lives more colourful.


Have a very colourful dish and plating at Savini Ristorante Italiano >




Creative condiments

2017 Food Trends_Bistro a Table

Reports say to look out for black sesame tahini, habanero jam, ghee, pomegranate molasses, black garlic purée, date syrup, plum jam with chia seeds, beet salsa, Mexican hot chocolate spreads, sambal oelek or piri piri sauce, Mina Harissa, and Frontera adobo sauces. Definitely not something we see and eat everyday.


Pay homage to the creative and daring dishes by Bistro à Table >



Coconut everything

2017 Food Trend_YeziCoconuts have been ruling 2016 and 2017 will see this tropical fruit extending the lead, with a gamut of coconut-based products that are all set to storm the stage. Expect to find everything coconut from coconut spreads and coconut chips, to coconut caramels and the comparatively more pedestrian toasted coconut chips.


Embrace the first coconut-based steamboat broth in Malaysia from Yezi >




Part-time vegetarians


2017 Food Trends_Botanica+Co

More people are choosing to become part-time vegetarians for personal reasons, whether it’s health, environment, religion or something else. With more people looking for different types of plant-based diets, we shall see more organic and semi organic dishes fresh from the farm to the table.


Get some green love from Botanica + Co >




Japanese food beyond sushi


2017 Food Trends_Ishin Japanese Dining

Non-sushi Japanese food is on the rise. Ponzu, miso, mirin, sesame oil, seaweed, Japanese-style pickles, and plum vinegar are some of the ingredients in Japanese food that are growing in popularity.


Feast seasonal Hokkaido King Crab air-flown from Japan at Ishin Japanese Dining >



Very interesting.




Best of 2016

Best of 2016: Restaurants that Won 2016

We look back at best dining experiences that captivated that city in 2016. 


Best Exotic Cocktail: Assam Laksa Cocktail

Best of 2016_OpiumAssam Laksa Cocktail by Opium | Changkat Bukit Bintang
Asam Laksa lovers wouldn't want to miss this. The famous spicy noodle dish is recreated into a pleasant sweet and sour cocktail with spiced rum, pineapple juice, calamansi juice, ginger flower leaf, assam boi and its of mint. Have a sip of this exotic, jaw-dropping Asam Laksa Cocktail at Opium where the interior is inspired by the Opium regimes of the east.


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Best Unique Steamboat Broth: Coconut Broth

Best of 2016_YeziCoconut Broth by Yezi | Bandar Utama
Yezi is the first of its kind concept steamboat in the country that uses coconut-based broth. Yezi’s great emphasis on the broths of coconut base is complimented by a wide repertoire of organic and semi organic dishes fresh from the farm to the table. The unique offering of this specialty coconut-based broths are available in five unique variants; Original Coconut Broth, Imperial Canton Broth, Aromatic Taiwanese Beef Spice Broth, Fragrant 'Shao Xing’ Wine Seafood Broth and Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth. 


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Best Bubbly Dim Sum: Way Modern Chinois

Best of 2016_WayModernChinoisBubbly Dim Sum Weekend by Way Modern Chinois | Damansara Heights

It’s not very often we could mix bubbles and broth except it is Way Modern Chinois’ Bubbly Dim Sum Weekend treats. The first 35 guests arriving from 10am will enjoy free-flow prosecco to go along with unlimited servings of Way Modern Chinois’ cool, contemporary interpretations of traditional Chinese dim sum. Held every Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 12pm.


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Best Unique Dining Experience: Dining In The Dark KL


Best of 2016_DiningInTheDarkKLDining in complete darkness at Dining In The Dark KL | Changkat Bukit Bintang

Dining In The Dark KL is a concept restaurant where your meal takes place in a room void of all light. The idea is that your other sense are heightened giving way to new tastes and sensations.  Patrons are guided to their dining tables by ‘darkness experts’ who are visually impaired. The entire dining experience at Dining In The Dark is similar to blind tasting as the restaurant serves a surprise set menu which will only be revealed after the meal.


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Buffet with Best View: Atmosphere360


Best of 2016_Atmosphere360

International buffet at 282m above ground level at Atmosphere360 | KL Tower

Atmosphere 360, a modern revolving restaurant situated 282 metres above ground level, is located in the tallest tower in Southeast Asia: KL Tower. Furnished in a spaceship-like atmosphere, the restaurant offers an unmatched view of Kuala Lumpur while starry fiber optic ceiling lights hover above. Enjoy an unlimited lavish buffet that complemented by a variety of delicious main dishes ranging from Rendang Tok, Stir Fried Chili Crab, Stir Fried Venison Fillet with black pepper sauce to assorted Dim Sum.


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Best Value Brunch Buffet: Sunday 'Snout to Tail' Brunch Buffet

Best of 2016_NaughtyNuris

Sunday ‘Snout to Tail’ Brunch Buffet by Naughty Nuri’s Life Centre | Jalan Sultan Ismail

Probably one of the most tempting and porkilicious buffets in town. Every Sunday from 12pm to 3pm, Naughty Nuri’s Life Centre’s ‘Snout to Tail’ buffet brings patrons Balainese delights with its tantalising BBQ pork ribs, Flamed Grazed Iberico, Babi Guling, Ayam Penyat, Pork Ribs Curry, Roast Pork Rendang and more. For only RM49.90++ per person, with free flow of soft drinks and eat-all-you-can, this is no doubt the steal of the year.


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Best Hit Cafe: Pokémon Café

Best of 2016_Pokemon Cafe

Pokémon Café | Mid Valley Megamall

The pop-up café features themes from the highly-anticipated Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games. Featuring Pikachu as the main character, the food and drink in the café’s Original menu has been conceptualized and inspired by Pokémon characters and stories. The cafe even has a taller-than-human-size walking Pikachu to meet and greet patrons. Gotta catch ‘em all as the pop-up cafe will only be around until end of February 2017.


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Best Comeback: Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine

Best of 2016_RamaVFineThaiCuisineRelaunching of Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine | Jalan U Thant

22 years since it first opened its doors, Kuala Lumpur’s first-ever Thai fine dining restaurant has received a well-deserved makeover earlier this year. Closed for renovation from March to May, the restaurant re-opened with a fresher, more vibrant look, while maintaining its traditional Thai feel. The highlight is of course the newly added bar and lounge area where diners can have a couple of drinks and sit down and relax.


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Best European: Soleil

Best of 2016_Soleil

The Multiple-Award winner Soleil Restaurant | Damansara City

Recently awarded as the Best European restaurant by Time Out Kuala Lumpur Food Awards, Soleil continues to soar high in 2016. Serving modern European cuisine, Soleil boasts a plethora of fresh imported and local seafood options as well as other delectable items including a small selection of meats and pastas on its menu.


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Thank you, 2016.



10-Best-Christmas-Menus-to-Try-in-KL-(Part 2)

10 Best Christmas Menus to Try in KL (Part 2)

Have you been waiting for the part 2 of the 10 best scrumptious Christmas menus to try in Kuala Lumpur? Well, here it is. Pick the restaurant with the best menu to tickle your palate this Christmas.

Hemisphere Restaurant & Bar

Get ready to appreciate a splendid sky dining experience on the 37th floor of Regalia Residence with a delicate four-course set menu to enlighten your Christmas. Starting from RM249 per head, enjoy food cooked to perfection while relaxing in a cosmopolitan and vibrant atmosphere..

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Recently awarded as the best European restaurant at Time Out KL Food awards 2016, Soleil is renowned for its Contemporary European cuisine with Asian influences brought together by Chef Evert Onderbeke. You are set to find immense gratification in the chef’s five-course Christmas menu options at RM195++ per person. An exclusive Oysters and Duck Liver Terrine for starters, followed by Roast Turkey amongst the mains, accompanied by a special Soleil Christmas log to finish.

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Table 23 Restaurant and Bar

Located near the infamous Changkat Street, Table 23 Restaurant and Bar offers the opportunity to enjoy a traditional three-course menu options at the heart of the Christmas Eve celebration. To start with a Cream of Pumpkin Soup as appetizer, followed by a traditional Roast Turkey or Roast Chicken amongst the mains and to finish with a Christmas pudding with Brandy Sauce as dessert. After the feast, reach for the jewel in the crown by joining the burgeoning nightlife along Changkat Street to dance your night away.

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Cinnamon Coffee House

Go Jingle bell rocking with Santa on this Christmas Eve with a special Christmas dinner buffet & Hi-tea at RM158 per adult and RM79 per child aged 4 to 12 years old. Cinnamon Coffee House and Bar features an ostentatious design for those who enjoy a sophisticated sense of luxury while enjoying a delightful dinner. On the menu, a homemade Turkey pate with Cranberry dressing and Seafood Platter with Assorted Berries are amongst the starters. The main options include Boneless Lamb Leg with Ratatouille and Roasted Chicken with Vegetable Caponata, and the glamorous dessert includes Strawberry Truffle in Glass.

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Two-Ox French Bistro Bar

2OX, which has recently opened its doors in Kuala Lumpur, has brought together a state of the art French cuisine with a three-course menu for RM180++ per person. Dining at 2OX will emulate the feeling of dining in a Parisian café at the heart of Paris. On the menu this Christmas, discover a Sea Bass Fillet slow cooked in olive oil broth and Christmas Turkey amongst the main options, while a homemade Duck Foie Gras for the starter, and Dark Chocolate Tart for the dessert.

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Have you missed out 10 Best Christmas Menus to Try in KL (Part 1)? Click here to read. 


10 Best Christmas Menus to Try in KL

10 Best Christmas Menus to Try in KL (Part 1)

As Christmas festive approaches, it is the ideal time to plan for a fine dining time with loved ones. Get ahead with the list of 10 best scrumptious Christmas menus to try in Kuala Lumpur.


10 Best Christmas Menus to Try in KL_Atmosphere360

If you wish to enjoy a panoramic view of KL while enjoying a superb dinner on Christmas Eve, Atmosphere360 is the place to go. High in the sky, Atmosphere360 offers two sessions festive dinner with modern authentic Malaysian and International cuisine on the menu. The first session starting from 6:00PM to 8:30PM will cost RM 250++ for adult and RM 180++ for child. The Second session starting from 9:00PM until 12:30AM will cost RM 338++ for adult and RM288++ for child.

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10 Best Christmas Menus to Try in KL_Babe

Refined by the golden touch of Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Ramsey, Babe offers a special Christmas set to bring you joy starting from Rm88++ for a standard and RM300++ for Veggy. The menu features the exclusive Dry-Aged Wagyu Strip Steak and the famous Hokkaido Scallops with Beetroot and Cauliflower amongst the main options. Experience an unprecedented view of the city of Kuala Lumpur, while enjoying the culinary art brought to you by Chef Jeff Ramsey.

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10 Best Christmas Menus to Try in KL_LaBodegaBSC

For those with a unique fondness for Spanish cuisine, La Bodega brings to your table a flavorsome Spanish culinary art on this Christmas Eve for RM110++. Be prepared to get going with the Latin Jazz music brought to you by Havana Jazz Tumbao, while enjoying La Bodega’s delicate Pumpkin Cream for starters and a Roasted Stuffed chicken to enrich the main options and to finish with a special Christmas pudding served with vanilla sauce.

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10 Best Christmas Menus to Try in KL_Signature at The Roof

Signature is a premium gastro-lounge offering a delicate Christmas menu including a splendid Asian and International Cuisine. For those who relish in finer things in life, this is the moment opportune to indulge in a gastronomic dining experience. Enjoy an exclusive entrée and a dessert buffet with a choice of one main amongst a delectable Pan Fried Cod Fish, a mouthwatering Char Grilled Ribeye, a scrumptious Mediterranean Lamb Rack and a homemade Cordon Bleu chicken for just RM168++ per person.

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10 Best Christmas Menus to Try in KL_MaisonFrancaise

If you are a French cuisine enthusiast, Maison Française offers you the best Christmas dining menu a la Française in Kuala Lumpur. Starting from RM298 ++, you have to the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive three-course options in the mansuetude of the care of the prestigious Britany-born chef Thierry Le Baut. Britany classic food at its best to tickle your palate. The feast is accompanied by the Chef’s version of Mont Blanc, Blackcurrant Meringue & Chestnut cream as desert.

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5 Fun Mexican Tacos to Have in KL

5 Fun Mexican Tacos to Have in KL

Fun Tacos in KL!


Tacos are a big Mexican staple and literally found on every street corner in Mexico. Feeling to try one? Check these tacos out without having to spend big money to fly all the way to Mexico! 


5 Fun Mexican Tacos to Have in KL

La Mexicana is well known for its a full range of tacos, enchiladas and authentic Mexican food  including this Tacos al Pastor  – 3 handmade corn tortilla tacos, stuffed with traditional pork topped with pineapple, coriander, onion, and “Salsa Verde”. Pork is what sets La Mexicana apart from KL's other Mexican eateries. For meaty munching, there's also corn tortilla tacos stuffed with Yucatan-style slow-roasted pork rubbed with spices. 



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5 Fun Mexican Tacos to Have in KL

When you make a trip to Nobu Kuala Lumpur on the 56th Level of Menara Petronas 3, you must not miss their exotic Wagyu beef tacos which are bursting with juicy, flavour-packed meat. You may also try the regular tacos comprising scallop or lobster.


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5 Fun Mexican Tacos to Have in KL

Check out Fresca’s signature Ensenada-style Fish Tacos – flour tortillas with beer-battered fish and homemade coleslaw. This classic fish taco originates from Ensenada, Baja California. Not exotic enough? Try their Teriyaki-Wasabi-Mayo Fish Tacos with teriyaki drizzled battered fish, wasabi mayo, cucumber and black sesame!


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5 Fun Mexican Tacos to Have in KL

Have some fun savouring at The Shepherdoo with their Taco-Taco – fish wrapped in tortillas, guacamole, pico de gallo, chipotle aioli, sour cream and cheese, and served with a side of miniature nachos! The ambience is groovy and colorful while the food and drink is as bold as the ambience.


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5 Fun Mexican Tacos to Have in KL

The temptation is real when you spot The Eighth Avenue’s Pulled Pork Tacos – rolled soft tacos filled with pulled pork and paired with chili con carne. If you would like to have a porkilicious pizza, fret not, there’s also a tortilla-based pizza blanketed with shredded pork, bacon and chorizo!


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5 Best Restaurants in KL with Peaceful Greenery

5 Best Restaurants in KL with Peaceful Greenery

Surrounded by vast greenery and trees, this list should give you some peace of mind while indulging in good food. Good food, peaceful mind, happy soul!



5 Best Restaurants in KL with Peaceful Greenery_Tamarind Springs

Only a 15-minute drive from downtown KL, the pavilions of Tamarind Springs take full advantage of its location on the edge of a lush forest appeal to those who love being close to nature; while its titillating traditional Indochinese cuisine of sweet, salty, sour and spicy have won many industry accolades and topped several gastronome scoreboards.


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5 Best Restaurants in KL with Peaceful Greenery_Botanica + Co

Inspired by the botanics, the feeling of dining outdoor amidst lush greenery is captured inside the restaurant as well. You may find one of KL’s most-photographed restaurants of 2016 – a sumptuous vision of Ficus trees standing tall amid a soothing setting that’s ideal for leisurely lunches & romantic dinners. Foods here used quality imported ingredients and also freshest local produce every day. 



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5 Best Restaurants in KL with Peaceful Greenery_Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Kuala Lumpur city, the elegant Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine is set amongst a magnificent pool of lotus blossoms. You can either choose to dine indoor, outdoor, or in one of their private huts which can fit about 8-14 pax, depending on the size of the hut. With their recent renovation completed, the restaurant looks more impressive than ever together with their quality authentic Thai dishes.



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5 Best Restaurants in KL with Peaceful Greenery_Bistro Richard RestaurantThis romantic dining gem is quietly tucked away from the bustle of the city, and nestled within the chic compound of Sentul Park. Bistro Richard boasts the feel of a typical European bistro, uniquely set in a lush, tropical garden setting with red and white chequered tablecloths, solid wooden Oak panels, all cosily lit by Tiffany stained-glass lamps.



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5 Best Restaurants in KL with Peaceful Greenery_Ciao Ristorante

Open since 1991, Ciao  Ristorante is the oldest Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant resembles a rustic Venetian country house with a cosy garden and small lake overlooking at the golf course, serving genuine Italian food in its own simple way that has characterized Ciao for more than 2 decades.



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Best Restaurants to Celebrate Birthdays

5 Best Restaurants to Celebrate Birthday in KL

Planning to celebrate birthday in KL? Here are KL peeps' top choices to throw a memorable birthday celebration. See who is on the list!


Best Restaurants to Celebrate Birthdays_Hemisphere Restaurant & Bar
Ever secretly wish for a sky dining birthday celebration? Overlooking the breathtaking view of KL's skyline, Hemisphere’s promises an unforgettable birthday celebration on the 37th floor of Regalia Residence. Imagine taking a sip of Tequila Sunrises at its glittering alfresco drinking area!



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Best Restaurants to Celebrate Birthdays_Zender's Restaurant & Bar

A place where fine dine meets a classic bar. Zender’s easily becomes one of the top spots to celebrate birthday in KL with its impressive luxury European setting and fine food at great value. No wonder it prides itself as one of the best places to celebrate birthday!



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Best Restaurants to Celebrate Birthdays_El Cerdo

Known for its porky dishes and group dining concept, El Cerdo is a place where friends and families would appreciate a warm and cosy dining environment filled with laughter. Do not miss the “Plate Smashing” Ceremony if you are here – chop your own roasted suckling pig and smash the plate for “Good Luck”!



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Best Restaurants to Celebrate Birthdays_Signature

Spacious rooftop dining at its finest! Signature is a trendy and premium gastro-lounge where award-winning signature cocktails are concocted and a plethora of Asian and international fusion cuisine are served.

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Best Restaurants to Celebrate Birthdays_Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant KL Tower

Housed in at the tallest tower in Southeast Asia, Atmosphere 360 is a modern and elegant revolving restaurant situated 282m above ground level. Its splendid atmosphere offers you one of a kind luxurious fine dining experience that will leave a lasting mark in your heart.

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5 Best Buffets in KL for Everyone

5 Best Buffets in KL for Everyone

A buffet is possibly the best option for feasting like a king. We happily present you the best buffets in KL for everyone!


5 Best Buffets in KL for Everyone_Vino Vino Bistro
Vino Vino Bistro merits for its sticks of enjoyably crunchy chicken skin alongside plenty of other yakitori – chicken thigh, tail, cartilage, liver, heart, gizzard and meatballs – and a smattering of other meat skewers, like lamb, ox tongue & duck breast. With RM50 per person, their all-you-can-eat yakitori buffet is definitely a steal.


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5 Best Buffets in KL for Everyone_Cinnamon Coffee House

Amongst its many stations, the Cinnamon Coffee House boasts after its Japanese, Indian, Pasta and Dessert sections. The restaurant also has a Live Grilled Corner, Live Cooking of Special Noodles of the Day and Live Pasta station dishing out a continuously flow of piping hot pastas. To keep things interesting, Cinnamon Coffee House changes its buffet dinner theme monthly.

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5 Best Buffets in KL for Everyone_Tai Zi Heen

All-you-can-eat dim sum buffet! At only RM60.65 per person, you could savour top-notch Cantonese dim sum as much as you can without worrying about your wallet. Plus, it’s pork free! We would like to highlight the smoked duck and roasted dishes here. Their Char Siew Chicken and Wok-Fried Radish Cake with X.O sauce are highly recommended too!

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5 Best Buffets in KL for Everyone_ROCKU Yakiniku

With rave reviews, wallet-friendly ROCKU Yakiniku tops the spot effortlessly with its great variety of selections ranging from beef to lamb, pork and chicken, flown in all the way from Australia and New Zealand. What’s better? Patrons can enjoy the BBQ process without sweating and smelling like BBQ after.

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5 Best Buffets in KL for Everyone_El Cerdo

Every Sunday, El Cerdo opens its doors for a wholesome and memorable Sunday Bubblylicious Brunch, a Sunday-only session for all-you-can-eat pork dishes and free flow beverage. Imagine having unlimited Pork Steak, Roast Baby Back Ribs, Wiener Schnitzel, Hickory Smoked Iberico Soft Ribs, Spanish Chocolate Cake and a lot more together with free flow of wines and beers!

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