17 December 2022

Couldn’t find a place to celebrate birthday? Birthday Dining App solve the problem for you!


Having a hard time planning for a birthday celebration? you can now use your android phone to find which restaurant to dine in which offers exclusive birthday deals for you!

No more worries of finding or researching on which restaurant offer better deals, with our Birthday Dining App, you will be able to find out birthday offers available by restaurants! All you need to do is just selecting your preferred restaurant and make a reservation to enjoy the birthday deals!

Features of Birthday Dining app

  • Friends birthday reminder
  • Find exclusive birthday promotions
  • Get instant booking confirmation
    (you will received a confirmed sms after you made a reservation)

Wait no more and get it now:

  1. Download the Android version here
  2. go to Google Play Store and search for "TABLEAPP"
  3. we also provide iOS version, get it here

Or, you could go to Tableapp.com to make the reservation 🙂

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