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Gratify Your Palate with 3 Delectable Dishes at ANTE

As we were in the midst of celebrating Chinese New Year, my friends wanted to arrange a meet-up. One of my friends is a staunch advocate of ANTE and this lunar new year is the year of the pig, that’s why we decided to excite our palate with the swine dishes here without any hesitation!

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Unique Yee Sang You Definitely Must Try This Chinese New Year 2019

Here comes the time of the year when we are all ready for a gathering or family reunion! Of course, it’s also time for a prosperity toss to good wealth and health! Searching for a unique Yee Sang to celebrate the Year of The Pig with a remarkable and unforgettable “Lo Hei” moment? We have

5 CNY Yee Sang in 2017 That Caught Our Attention

5 CNY Yee Sang in 2017 That Caught Our Attention

Toss to a prosperous and healthy year with colourful platter of auspicious Yee Sang this Chinese New Year! Check out the Yee Sangs that have caught our attention this year!     Prosperity Yee Sang at Unique Seafood PJ 23 Known for offering fresh seafood, the pork-free Unique Seafood PJ23 offers a variety of Yee