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Drink in style : Top 5 Cocktail Bars in Kuala Lumpur

Cocktails are the drinks for every mood or occasion at any bars. This special edition is bringing you to explore more on cocktails to quench your alcohol thirst. Read more for special and customisation concoctions here.

P&C Cocktail Bar, Hartamas

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P&C Cocktail Bar, an America Prohibition-era stylish speakeasy cocktail bar and it is accessible via a discreet door behind Naughty Nuri’s Hartamas. This bar is a perfect place for catch ups and most importantly, their cocktails. Their cocktails customisation idea is superbly excellent that attracts guests to come back for more variations. The customisation is catered to allow guests to have their own say about their taste buds by choosing the taste of their cocktails be it sweet, sour or bitter. You name it, the bartender will fulfill it! Come and experience this yourself.
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Opium KL, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Drink in style_Cocktail Bars_OpiumKL

Opium KL, inspired by Asian cuisine with some local tweaks in the restaurant concept, is not only known for its food but their ever-lasting cocktails concoction. Guests from around the world travel to Opium just to indulge into the widest selections of house cocktails concoction. Their cocktails are specially concocted and cultivated to match the concept with more than 30 signatures to try out, all geniusly concocted by its famous mixologist. Should you feel sensual for the night, do ask for their 50 Shades of Grey or if any point of time you’d like to have something local, ask for their Asam Laksa cocktail. It’s all worth a trip!
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Private Room, TTDI

Drink in style_Cocktail Bars_Private room

Private Room, a hidden gem located at the heart of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, is the first speakeasy wine bar in Kuala Lumpur. Being the first that offers a wide range of quality wine, the bar is also serving cocktails, whiskey, liquor and spirits. This bar is started by a group of young enthusiasts to provide a sanctuary for great drinks and music with good company. If you don’t drink hard liquor, but are here for a glass (or more!) of cocktails, fret not, you will not be disappointed either as the bar also tackles into wine-based cocktails. Shy not to ask for their tempting wine cocktails.
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IKKI, TREC Kuala Lumpur

Drink in style_Cocktail Bars_IKKI

IKKI is the largest speakeasy bar with haute-rustic, classic grandeur and rich colours décor that specialises in crafted cocktails. This quote says it all about the bar ‘‘Ben Franklin once said "In wine, there is wisdom; in beer, there is freedom" Well, we've got cocktails, and in that – there is one heck of a great night’. If you are in TREC, keep yourself busy with crafted cocktails from IKKI, if not, keep the bartenders busy at least.
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Pisco Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Drink in style_Cocktail Bars_Pisco bar

Pisco Bar, introduces to Kuala Lumpur a great range of unique Peruvian and Spanish Tapas for dinner. This atmosphere of course is leading towards an eclectic urban chic ambience that attracts international travellers, trendy locals and yuppie expats for their outstanding cocktails they have to offer. Be ready to be entertained by the live music performances and take the chance to keep the dance floor occupied with some of their invited trendiest DJs in town.
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A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care. – Danny Meyer


5 Best Japanese Bars in KL

5 Best Japanese Bars in KL

Get the best here!

Saké, shochu, Japanese-inspired cocktails, whisky and more, get the best drinking experience from the land of the rising sun at these Japanese bars in KL.

5 Best Japanese Bars in KL_IKK

Drop by TREC for an after-work drink at IKKI which specialises in crafted cocktail and artisanal whiskey. With haute-rustic decor, classic grandeur and rich colours, IKKI is the largest speakeasy bar that has over 200 types of liquor on their menu with a bigger collection on whisky, focusing on the Japanese kind. Their drinks are executed with flair to produce extraordinary combinations of flavours and fragrances. Saké cocktails are superb here.

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5 Best Japanese Bars in KL_Sion Dining & Bar

This is what happens when a Japanese chef who loves Spanish and Swiss cuisine opens a restaurant and bar. Experience the spirit of Sion Dining & Bar and enjoy the great ambiance and service offered. Since the opening of the restobar, it has been gaining strong support from Japanese patrons. Chef Masamichi Shiomi personally hand-picked wines for Sion Dining. Highly recommended to those who are looking for an intimate place for a drink and gathering.

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5 Best Japanese Bars in KL_Nobu Club Lounge

Nobu Club Lounge tailors one of the most scenic view, offering a stunning view of KL’s skyline from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Nobu Club Lounge stands out among the rest with their use of local ingredients and flavours. Some of the cocktails were made especially for KL such as the Mangosteen Calpico Martini (with pandan syrup). You can also have a sip of fruit saké infusions and cocktails but if you are up for the true Japanese way, the saké selection is not to be missed!

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5 Best Japanese Bars in KL_Vino Vino Bistro

Vino Vino Bistro is quietly tucked away at one of the alleys nearby Eastin Hotel PJ. Not many have noticed but it is a true hidden gem. Vino Vino Bistro carries around 1000 different brands of liquor, wine, shōchū and sake. Backed by Lim Chui the bottle shop, it is also the sole distributor in Malaysia for a number of exclusive Japanese shochus. If you pay a visit, you definitely have to try their Asian Flitini or Toyko Cosmo. Very intimate dining and drinking atmosphere here.

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5 Best Japanese Bars in KL_Hana Dining

If you are passing by Sunway Pyramid, you should stop and have a drink at Hana Dining + Sake Bar. They have pretty good range of Japanese Sake and Whisky. Other brands and beer on tap can be hunted in this area too. Recently Hana Dining + Sake Bar rolled out their first food pairing with sake event, one of the first to do so in KL. You will completely love their cozy feeling in this modern infuse Japanese concept.

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