16 December 2022

Dress Code? Am I Overdressed and Under-dressed?

Business meetings, classy dates, reunion, or even just a simple dinner, you would like to look your best in all occasion. You know, because appearance matters, our dress code will define our social status, personality, mood, or even attitude toward certain matter on that day. Not only does it give others a hint on who we are, but also shape their perspective and will have an impact on their behavior throughout the process.

On our previous article here, what you have read here today can be one of the greatest topic for you and your partner as well! So, to avoid putting ourselves in that situation by first knowing the restaurant dress code and theme. Fine dining restaurant usually categorize the dress-code into 5 type, which is casual, business casual, casual elegant, formal, and jacket required.


In fine dining restaurant, their definition of casual is no ordinary simple tee or singlet that you wore at your lawn or garage, but something that’s smarter or proper looking for the occasion. The casual dress code that one should wear in fine dining is smart casual, preferably those with collar. A simple button-down shirt or a polo will be perfect for the job. To match the whole, go with a pair of fitted jeans and brogue/deck shoes. The key for casual fine dining dress code is neat, simple, and smart.

Business Casual

If you’re looking forward to a business related dinner or find it necessary to dress more professionally than just a tee with pair of jeans, you could go with a business casual attire. Business casual dress code is very simple and straight forward; it requires the diner to dress in a set similar to office wear while not entirely formal. Business casual themed restaurant wants their guest to dress professionally in a neat yet relaxed attire, while at the same time not having the need to overdress themselves. This theme allows the guest to feel more at ease compare to the tip-top fine dining atmosphere.


Casual Elegant

The other type of dress code for fine dining is the casual elegant. This dress code is quite similar to the business casual but with an additional spark of personal adornment. Restaurant with casual elegant dress code allow their female guest to dress in a more exposing dresses compare to the business casual. Jewellery, purse and bolder make-up that adds attractiveness to the female guest is the noticeable difference. As for men, the casual elegant dress code open up more option like brighter or stronger colour attire compare to the dull and simple business dress code.


In some of the tip-top fine dining restaurant, it is necessary to wear formal just to dine in. These restaurant standards are at a whole new level; so don’t worry that if you’ll ever overdressed, just worry about being underdressed. The formal dress code requires the guest to be in their best looking dress or suits, and your usual business casual just won’t cut it. The formal dress code can even go to the extent of requiring the men to wear tuxedos and women to wear long dresses.



The Jacket Required

The fifth and also the last is the jacket required dress code. Restaurant with this dress code usually expect their guest to wear formally with the addition of the men wearing a matching jacket. Women may also include a matching jacket that adds more into their dresses elegance.

The Jacket Required


Some may think that dressing up just for a dinner is absurd and unnecessary. However, it’s a way that the restaurant wants to convey their theme to their guest. They aim to bring a luxurious and first class experience to their guest, away from their ordinary live setting by having the dress code to match with the ambience and the culinary. The dress code is necessary as it enhances the dresser esteem, making them feel extraordinary in that occasion.

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