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5 Mansions in Penang That Crazy Rich Asians Would Visit This Merdeka Month 2018

Whether you love to have a taste of what it’s like to be a “Crazy Rich Asian” or simply want to step back in time to admire the glorious past, set your foot into these mansions in Penang and you will have what you wish for!

1/ Indigo @ The Blue Mansion

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If you are a fan of the sensational movie “Crazy Rich Asians”, you would not resist a thought of visiting Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (also known as The Blue Mansion) where some of the movie’s scenes were shot. Built in a traditional Teo Chew style, the UNESCO award-winning heritage mansion would capture your full attention with its indigo façade along with granite-paved courtyards, colorful textures of handcraft semi-opaque fabric lanterns and sprawling stairs. In honour of the film’s release, the mansion is offering to rent out the entire mansion at RM50,000 for 24 hours. If you are wondering whether to splurge such a fortune, remember that it’s always reasonable and value-for-money to spend a dinner at the mansion’s restaurant – Indigo @ The Blue Mansion. Go back in time and live an extravagant life of grandeur in the 19th century by savouring the exquisite cuisine carefully-curated by the head chef who is known for his skilful and meticulous preparation and cooking techniques.

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2/ Macalister Mansion

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If you wander around Macalister Road in the beautiful Georgetown, you would notice a colonial house that looks like a heritage museum. In fact, it is the most luxurious and sophisticated boutique hotel here – Macalister Mansion. Embellished with a simple and classic interior, the mansion will wow visitors with its 8 uniquely-designed rooms of special features and artworks. The renowned mansion is also known for its unique contemporary menu using local produces with European cooking techniques. Indulge yourself in the meticulously-curated courses by head chef Johnson and pair the food with a comprehensive selection of wines, you would have a great time dining like a true gourmand. Dining in Macalister Mansion is not about the food itself but about an experience that you would never forget.

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3/ Thirty Two at The Mansion

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If you are into a uniquely aesthetic experience dining by the sea, Thirty Two at The Mansion will definitely win your heart. The 98-year-old Italianate villa is one of the most beautiful and worth-visiting heritage buildings in town. Surrounded by carefully-trimmed greenery with elegant velvet curtains, the mansion has a lovely beach-side lounge where you can take a gulf of drink while enjoying the sea breeze. The interior design will drift you back to the Renaissance days as it reflects the love for Italian culture of the owner’s son – candle chandelier hanging aloft and gorgeous portraits on the walls. One would not miss a chance to dine at the pork-free restaurant here which offers a wide range of haute French cuisine, Western delights along with splashes of Asian flare and a collection of old wines. Treat yourself to a cosy and romantic meal here to enjoy the finest choices of ingredients as well as glorious creations.

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4/ Farquhar Mansion

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If you love to walk down the memory lane to the earliest colonial days of Penang, there is no doubt Farquhar Mansion at Mission Place is one of your first destinations. The almost-200-year-old heritage building has exotically creative designs that are a far cry from conventional expectations. Its remarkable work of arts and well-thought-out furnitures with a classic touch would make you feel lost in time without further notice. Its posh and classy dining room has an intimate setting with dim lights and soothing jazz music that would be a perfect start for a gastronomic journey here. With an ever-growing menu that excites gourmets’ palate, the restaurant only curates high-quality ingredients for a palate-pleasing sensation in every dish. What would be better than a night affair of French haute cuisine, excellent wine, top-notch service in a luxurious and stylish restaurant?

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5/ Suffolk House 

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Quietly tucked away right at the outskirt of George Town, Suffolk House is one of the few buildings that attract much attention as it is the first ‘Great House’ in Penang. The heritage building, built in the early 1800s, is a stunning epitome of a perfect amalgamation of Malaysia’s only surviving Georgian Mansion and Anglo-Indian garden house. Should you search for a unique dining experience surrounded by Georgian architectural design, look no further than Suffolk House Restaurant. The pork-free restaurant is set to entice your palate with a spread of delights like the classic char-grilled rack of lamb or the pan-fried cod fillet. Not only would the restaurant charm you with its fine-dining meals or the much-loved afternoon tea but it also wins the heart of diners for a menu free from addictive and freshly-prepared ingredients for the best taste of a life in the mansion.

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Authentic Dim Sum_Way Modern Chinois

Food Trend 2017 2.0 : Top 10 Delectable Dim Sum Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

There are just too many Dim Sum Restaurants in Malaysia, however, we managed to identify some to satisfy your Chinese cuisine cravings. Scroll down for the listing…

Lai Ching Yuen at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

Authentic Dim Sum_Lai Ching Yuen

Authentically known Cantonese cuisine, Lai Ching Yuen in Grand Millennium KL is recognised for its elegantly appointed chefs who present a carefully crafted menu. The authentic Cantonese cuisine is prepared only with the finest ingredients to create a delicate and extensive menu. One satisfying indulgence is to savour their lip-smacking dim sum. These small bites will definitely put a satisfying smile on your face!
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Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant at Hilton Petaling Jaya

Authentic Dim Sum_Toh Yuen Hilton PJ

Indulge in a scrumptious authentic Cantonese delicacies prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients by Toh Yuen’s passionate Master Chefs. This restaurant also features a variety of steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried and baked dim sum, rice rolls, congee and desserts to savour on top of their main courses. Their delicious house specialties from Peking Duck to fresh seafood dishes are something to die for! Want something different? You can try their hand-pulled homemade noodles which are naturally coloured and flavoured with spinach and carrots!
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Chynna at Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Authentic Dim Sum_Chynna Hilton KL

Stepping into an ancient regal Chinese dining environment and atmosphere in Chynna is an anticipation of what’s to come. Set in Tang style grandeur featuring a traditional Chinese herbal apothecary and an open dim sum kitchen, Chynna delights its guests by serving delicate and subtle modern Cantonese cuisine with a focus of healthy eating. Their weekends’ all-you-can-eat dim sum also features a premium dim-sum menu with dishes such as abalone dumpling. This place is not to be missed!
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Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at One World Hotel

Authentic Dim Sum_Zuan Yuan One World

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant welcomes you with an aura of Oriental exuberance. The heavenly bite-sized and endless serving of freshly-made steamed or deep-fried dim sum delicacies are served daily for lunch. Indulging into chef recommendations are the must-haves in Zuan Yuan. To add to the truly authentic experience is an extensive list of Chinese Teas to complement your dining experience. Trust us, you will definitely be asking for more!
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Royal Canton at DC Mall

Authentic Dim Sum_Royal Canton

Going to Royal Canton is merely having a dim sum trip to Hong Kong. You can never go wrong with Hong Kong dim sum served in this non-Halal Cantonese cuisine restaurant. Its popular dish, Peking duck, is everything a good Peking duck should have with its superb and crispy skin. Crispy siew yok (Roasted Crispy Pork Belly) is a must order dish when you dine-in as you could hear the amazing crispy crackling cracks as you sink your teeth in. There are many more scrumptious signature dishes to order from, always ask for recommendations.
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Way Modern Chinois at Damansara Heights

Authentic Dim Sum_Way Modern Chinois

Way Modern Chinois is a classy, sensual avant-garde modern cuisine restaurant specialising in contemporary Chinese-Asian cuisine. The essence of Way is modern fine dining Chinese cuisine where a simple dim sum dish is served with a subtle twist and sophistication. This place is well-known for its signature ‘Skinless’ Shanghai Soup Dumpling, you would not leave the place without savouring this house specialty. Not forgetting their housemade wok fried cheong fun with original spice paste, tasty!
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Oriental Chinese Cuisine at Pullman Hotel KL Bangsar

Authentic Dim Sum_Oriental Chinese Cuisine Pullman

The concept is a pure modern reinterpretation of the traditional Chinese teahouse featuring an exceptional range of Chinese teas. Unique dishes are carefully prepared by the master chef who oversees the whole kitchen and ensures every little detail of the customisation. The restaurant specialises in modern authentic dim sum and wok-friendly dishes, also not forgetting its hand-made Musang King Durian pancake. Do check out their menu for a wide-selections of mouth-watering dim sums.
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Ming Palace Chinese Restaurant at Corus Hotel KL Ampang

Authentic Dim Sum_Ming Palace Corus

Ming Palace Chinese Restaurant is awarded the Best Chinese Restaurant in 2013 by Malaysia Tatler and has proven its track record in the past for their refined culinary skills of the chefs. The restaurant not only offers Cantonese cuisine but the finest authentic Szechuan dishes. For dim sum lovers, sit back and be delighted by a variety of delectable bite-sized and ultra-light Chinese-like raviolis (dim sum). They are prepared and cooked fresh to be ordered daily.
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Han Pi Yuen Restaurant at The Royale Bintang Resort & Spa Seremban

Authentic Dim Sum_Han Pi Yuen Seremban

Known as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Seremban with some exquisite culinary delights from various regions in China namely Szechuan, Cantonese, Fujien, Shanghainese and Beijing. You will be amazed by how the dishes are presented with pure simple flavours and their authenticity. Buffet dim sum with their reasonable price for adults and children, not forgetting special price for senior citizens, is something that you cannot missed!
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Imperial Court Restaurant, Georgetown

Authentic Dim Sum_Imperial Court Restaurant Georgetown

Feast like a king at the majestic Imperial Court Restaurant which the cuisine is a combination of traditional and contemporary dishes with palatial comfort. The chefs are specially flew in all the way from Hong Kong to curate the authentic dim sum, seafood and Cantonese dishes. Their specialties in the authenticity will definitely satisfy your cravings for Chinese cuisines. Check out their chef’s recommendations as you dine-in.
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