5 Must-Visit MIGF Restaurants This October

A journey of gastronomy..


With the kicking off of Malaysian international Gastronomy Festival (MIGF), check out these 5 participating restaurants for the month-long celebration of Kuala Lumpur’s best gourmet food!


Savini Ristorante Italiano


Savini Ristorante Italiano | The Intermark

With a sprawling bar area, homely cigar lounge and intimate dining setting, Savini is luxurious gastronomy redefined. For the whole month of October, Savini is running both Full and Light versions of MIGF Festival Menu including Pan Seared Foie Gras at the restaurant for all to savor. Menu price from RM150++ per person. 


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Aliyaa Restaurant & Bar


Aliyaa Restaurant & Bar | Damansara Heights

The name of Aliyaa has become synonymous with quality Sri Lankan food in KL and continues to draw foodies from around the Klang Valley. Swing by Aliyaa to try Chef Pradeek's dishes that have become legendary in KL! Make sure you try Kiribaath, a traditional dish found in almost every Sri Lankan household and is made of rice cooked in coconut milk, served by Chef Pradeep with tender fish flakes. 


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Neroteca Plaza Damansara

Neroteca Plaza Damansara | Damansara Heights

Neroteca is a slickly deisgned, charming restaurant that has long stood at the forefront of Italian dining in KL. Enjoy the exclusive menu prepared by Chef Stefano Criber, which includes Cestini di Parmiggiano Con “Pecora Alla Callara”, a crunchy parmesan cheese basket filled with juicy chunks of braised lamb and vegetables. 


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Two-Ox French Bistro Bar


Two-Ox French Bistro Bar | The Row

Located in the revamped precinct know as The Row, 2OX has been touted as the first authentic Parisian bistro in KL. Here you can tuck into rustic French fare – unpretentious, tasty and comforting. 6-course MIGF Festival menu price at RM150++ per person (without wine) and RM230++ per person (with wine pairing)


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Southern Rock Seafood


Southern Rock Seafood | Bangsar

Whether it's Tragheanna Bay Oysters or Loch Duart Salmon from Scotland you're after, here is your next port of call if you crave treasures from the ocean. 6-course MIGF Festival menu price at RM160+ per person (without wine) and RM280+ per person (with St Claire wine pairing).


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Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL

5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL

Dear seafood lovers!

Check out this week's dining guide on the best seafood restaurants in KL that are so worth of cholesterol. Time for some special delightful seafood!

Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL_OneSeafoodRestaurant

One Seafood Restaurant IS the place if you are looking for good and quality seafood cooked Chinese style in Kuala Lumpur. You will find plenty of finger-licking dishes, all at reasonable prices. The dishes served here have traditional Chinese cooking elements with a fine dining twist. Their food ranged from a garden salad created from local market gardens, to fish, poultry and oysters fished live from their aquarium. The lunch, dinner, and dessert menus have been carefully assembled to offer tasty traditional fare and palate – pleasing specialties. And all this trying to use as much local produce as is available. The restaurant adheres to a philosophy that only what’s fresh will be served and the multi-course menu would be planned by their awards winning chef from time to time. The menu is drawn from more than 100 types of cuisines the chef has developed and continue to expand on.

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Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL_TheEliteSeafoodRestaurant

Previously known as Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant (PJ), The Elite Seafood Restaurant maintains the same unique characteristics that have long made an all-time favourite among seafood enthusiasts despite the name changed. Owned by Unique Seafood Group of Restaurants – one of Malaysia’s largest suppliers of live seafood – you can rest assure that there is always a fresh and abundant supply of seafood at the restaurant. Besides the more common choices of live seafood, diners can also choose from rarer ones such as French turbots, Australian snow crabs, Alaskan spider crabs and Canadian geoduck clams. At Elite Seafood Restaurant, thematic VIP room is available for guest to have different feel for dining in in different atmosphere.

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Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL_SouthernRockSeafood

Southern Rock Seafood sells one of the best seafood in Kuala Lumpur. This place serves Western-style seafood with rave reviews from guests. Since 2008, they have supplied high quality imported seafood to Malaysia's leading hotels and restaurants and the most health-conscious households. They specialise in fresh and smoked fish and shellfish from Australia New Zealand and Europe. In 2015 they opened Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen right next door to their fishmongers to showcase their delicious product. Do keep your eyes peeled for their catch of the day, you never know what kind of surprise awaits! What’s better? TABLEAPP users entitle a 10% discount on total bills!

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Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL_JustSeafood

Calling all seafood lovers! You will love this restaurant. Just Seafood at Sunway Giza Mall serves up bounties from the sea, cooked on charcoal barbecue grills. You can choose to sit al fresco or indoors, both are equally relaxing! And when comes the time to dine you can expect to feast on lobster, giant tiger prawns, flower crabs, air flown scallops and oysters, clams, and more, served together with nine variants of Just Seafood chilli sauce. TABLEAPP users entitle a 20% OFF on total bills for every booking made online!

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Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL_UniqueSeafood

Nothing more authentic than the Unique Seafood dining experience. If you want to know what are the steps from the aquarium to your plate, that’s the best place. Live seafood swimming in tanks may seem squeamish to some but at Unique Seafood, that’s the only way to serve it. Freshness is their top priority. “From the tank to the table” seems to be their motto and seafood lovers can’t be happier. The Aquarium area features a spectrum of tanks filled with live fishes, prawns, lobsters, Alaskan crabs, clams and abalones etc imported from all over the world. Guests can make their selection of the live fishes and seafood from here to be prepared to their liking by the Master Chefs. What a genius concept!

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BONUS: Brolly @ Persiaran KLCC

If you are still hesitate this IS the restaurant to go. Brolly has multiple promotions on seafood at the moment. Here, you will get spoiled for choices from decadent oysters, to succulent grilled meats, to contemporary Asian to Southern Hospitality, and more. Current promotion covers crabs, oysters and Red Lobsters – you have the choice! Limited time offers only for booking made via TABLEAPP.

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