16 December 2022

BT Restaurant & Bar, Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya

Authentic Thai with a modern twist 


Located at Plaza 33, this contemporary Thai restaurant with Thai-style roof entrance arch and countless wood crafts will open your eyes to what a contemporary yet authentic Thai cuisine is like.



Patrons will instantly have a warm homecoming feeling once they stepped into the spacious dimly lit space with furbished elegant-looking wooden walls and matching teak wooden furnitures. The airy atmosphere of the restaurant sets a comfortable dining mood immediately.



BT Restaurant and Bar
Different themed private dining rooms are available at BT Restaurant and Bar. Are you a book lover? If you are, this library themed room is perfect for you!

BT Restaurant and Bar
Let us take a peek at another private dining room.

BT Restaurant and Bar
A wonderful collection of images of Thailand scenery and culture.

BT Restaurants & Bar offers an extensive range of Thai cuisine with a modern twist. Headed by the chefs from Thailand, it is no wonder BT Restaurant is famed for serving authentic Thai cuisine.



We decided to start off with Chicken Basil Wrap, a dish of minced chicken fried with basil leaves and chilli in a cucumber shell lined with crispy lettuce. The dish is served in bite-sized which makes it an easy eating. I particularly love this dish especially when the light aroma of cucumber together with the strong hint of spices burst in my mouth when I took a bite of it. For RM18, this is a good order.


BT Restaurant and Bar
Chicken Basil Wrap (RM18), recommended for spicy lovers.

Deep-fried Otak-Otak Spring Roll (RM28), grilled fish cake mixed with tapioca and spices wrapped in popiah skin. We were told that the sauce is specially imported from Thailand – speaking about authenticity, BT Restaurant definitely does it right.

BT Restaurant and Bar
Otak-Otak Spring Roll (RM28)

A Thai meal would not be completed without the signature Tom Yum Goong (RM18). The creamy spicy and sour prawn soup is also another must-order at BT Restaurant & Bar. This thick and flavourful soup scores a ‘2 chilis’ on the menu, indicating it’s a rather spicy dish however patrons could always ask the kitchen team to reduce the spiciness level (kudos for the thoughtful service!)

The Tom Yum Goong with prawns and cherry tomatoes, is creamier if compared to others similar soup that I’ve tried. The first scoop of the soup comes mild but hey, watch out for the aftereffect on your tongue and throat!

BT Restaurant and Bar
Tom Yum Goong (RM18), one-person portion although sharing the dish with one more person would not be a problem at all




Garlic Pepper Calamari (RM23) is next on our table. The stir fried crispy calamari with garlic and pepper is a delight to my non-spicy-eater partner. This dish could be a take for those who could not take spicy food but would still like to have their Thai cuisine trip not wasted. A win-win solution!

BT Restaurant and Bar
Garlic Pepper Calamari (RM23)


BT Restaurant and Bar
Chicken Cashew Nut Pizza (RM23), BT style pizza with cashew nuts, onion, chicken and capsicum topping with special BT sauce and mozzarella cheese


The Broccoli Mushroom (RM23), a dish of stir fried broccoli and fresh shitake mushroom with oyster sauce, reminds me of my grandma’s cooking. I reckon it is the home cooked feeling it offers. 



BT Restaurant and Bar
Broccoli Mushroom (RM23)

Here comes the Grilled Angus Steak (RM98)! We had it medium rare for doneness. This succulent Australian Angus beef is grilled to perfection served with sautéed potato, mixed vegetables including broccoli and carrots, and BT special green peppercorn sauce.

BT Restaurant and Bar
Grilled Angus Steak (RM98)



We round off the scrumptious meal with Tab Tim Krob, the Thai signature water chestnut rubies with jackfruit and coconut milk. It would be a more delightful experience if the ice is shaved to more manageable chunks.

BT Restaurant and Bar
Tab Tim Krob

BT Restaurant & Bar does not only offer Thai fares but also engaging live music sessions. Patrons could choose to relax at the plush sofas or have a sip at the bar counter.

BT Restaurant and Bar
Bar counter at BT Restaurant and Bar

BT Restaurant and Bar
Get spoiled with the range of liquor they have here!

BT Restaurant and Bar
Even the restrooms are worth visiting. This is how spacious and beautifully decorated the female restroom is.

And let’s end the trip to BT Restaurant & Bar with a photo of a gigantic wooden horse greeting at you at the door. Amazing craft indeed!

BT Restaurant and Bar
This horse is so big it could not fit into my frame; you really have to see it yourself.

BT Restaurant & Bar


Ground Floor, Plaza 33

1, Jalan Kemajuan,
Section 13,

46100 Petaling Jaya,




Mon – Sat: 11:30am – 1:00am

Closed on Sunday


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