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ELITE Review: Best Crab Dishes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Part 1)

1/ Crab Dishes at ALIYAA Island Restaurant & Bar

In search of a place to relish one of the most authentic Sri Lankan taste in Kuala Lumpur? ALIYAA Island Restaurant & Bar is your place to be. In this restaurant, spices and flours are imported from Sri Lanka and the kitchen is helmed by native Sri Lankan chefs to ensure a menu of authenticity.


Click Here To View ImageSri Lankan Crab (Colombo)

The Sri Lankan Crab (Colombo) is a bold dish that can trigger your salivation just by its look. The air-flown crab is coated in a dark red thick gravy with such an alluring aroma that one cannot simply resist. Using over 20 fiery spices like roasted curry powder with a touch of screw pine leaves, the skillful chef creates an irresistible delight packed with flavors that crab lovers must not forgo.


Click Here To View ImageSri Lankan Crab (Sothi)

If you have a knack for a dish of delicate sweetness to entice your taste buds, this Sri Lankan Crab (Sothi) with its delectable sauce is definitely the one for you. Cooked in fresh coconut milk, the dish is amongst those delicacies that best represent Sri Lankan cuisine as the country is well-known for its luscious dishes made from fresh coconut.


Click Here To View ImageSri Lankan Crab (Jaffna)

The Sri Lankan Crab (Jaffna) is one of the dishes of robust flavors which are well-balanced by a touch of sourness. Thanks to the well-thought-out usage of tamarind juice, special house-made curry powder, fresh produce and authentic spices, the unique dish is filled with flavors that will tempt your palate as well as your heart.

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2/ Charcoal Grilled Alaskan King Crab at Babe


Click Here To View ImageCharcoal Grilled Alaskan King Crab

The chefs at Babe have done an incredible job in transforming the pristine seafood imported from Alaska into this Charcoal Grilled Alaskan King Crab. Gigantic legs of the highly sought-after crab are cooked on a hot stone with charcoal by the restaurant’s staffs. Kombu umami butter is added to accentuate the flavor of the crab meat which results in a umami taste that mingles perfectly with the natural sweetness from the meat. Rich in high-quality protein, juicy in texture and divine in flavors, this crab dish is a must-try for an immeasurable indulgence.

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3/ Braised Crab with Chili at One Seafood Restaurant


Click Here To View ImageBraised Crab With Chili 

Come to the restaurant if you love to savor freshly-captured crabs! The Braised Crab with Chili is one of the dishes that keep the customers coming back for its impeccable combination of slight spiciness and sweetness. The meaty crab is captured on spot and stir-fried with fine condiments before being coated in an eye-pleasing savory gravy. Satiate your crab craving with this incredible dish.

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4/ Garlic Chili Crab at Pier 12 Seafood Tavern


Click Here To View ImageGarlic Chili Crab

Pier 12 Seafood Tavern is much frequented by seafood aficionados for its sumptuous dishes using the freshest ingredients. Of course, if you are in love with crab, don’t hesitate to opt for their sumptuous Garlic Chili Crab. Not only will you be pampered as the staff hammers away all the shells for you, but you will also be gratified by the perfect combination of olive oil, dried chili and garlic sauce which is immensely enjoyable. 

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(to be continued)


ELITE Review: Free Signature Dishes at Top Chinese Restaurants in Klang Valley


1. Pak Loh Chiu Chow

Pak Loh Chiu Chow, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, has never failed to impress diners with its authentic Teochew-style (Chiu Chow) Chinese cuisine. This is the place where you can find yourself immerse in a classical Chinese ambience amidst furnishings specially brought in from China. The restaurant is a unique dining spot to enjoy the only Slow-Braised Goose in town, or the only menu offering pork dishes in Feast Village, Starhill Gallery.

Click to view Braised Spring Chicken at Pak Loh Chiu Chow

Due to its meticulous preparation, The Braised Spring Chicken is a rare-to-find dish these days. Only a 21-day old 600g spring chicken is used for cooking. The hollowed-out chicken is stuffed to the brim with glutinous rice, Chinese ham, chicken feet and rare straw mushrooms before being braised for 2 hours. Delectable, rich in collagen, extraordinary soft; it is no wonder that the dish has won the hearts of many gourmets.

Click to view Braised Goose Fillets at Pak Loh Chiu Chow

Only the best bar-bar-headed geese air-flown from Hong Kong daily are used to make this gorgeous dish of Slow-Braised Goose Fillets. After a few hours of preparation, the goose meat soaks up all the well-balanced braising stock which has been heavily guarded by Pak Loh Chiu Chow since the last decade. Take a bite into this superb flavorful combination of goose fillets, pig’s ear, pig’s intestine, egg and bean curd and you will have a true heavenly indulgence!

Click here to view Baked Sweet and Sour Spare Rib at Pak Loh Chiu Chow

The Baked Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs features pork ribs with glorious layers of lean meat and fat. The ribs have a melt-in-the-mouth tenderness yet are not greasy thanks to its pleasant sweet and sour hint of the thick red sauce coated. This sumptuous sauce is naturally coloured using fermented red yeast rice which is commonly used in Chiu Chow cuisine. Pair this fork-tender and delectable meat with a bowl of steamed rice and you are all set!

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Opening Hours: Daily: 10am – 10pm.
Location: Feast Village Starhill Gallery at JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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2. Luk Yu Tea House

Step into Luk Yu Tea House and you will be welcomed by a warm ambience reminiscent of villages in ancient China that will transport diners back to the bygone era. The restaurant is a vintage place where you can indulge yourself in a scrumptious pork-free menu offering steaming fresh Hong Kong dim sum and a comprehensive range of Chinese delicacies and take a sip of fine teas from Taiwan and China.

Click here to view the Dim Sum Set at Luk Yu Tea House

The dim sum set is perfectly cooked to the diners’ satisfaction. The Steamed Chicken and Prawn Dumpling – also known as siu mai, is taken to another level as it is freshly packed with full of flavours unlike any others. Next comes the Steamed Shanghainese Chicken Dumpling “Xiao Long Bao” which will live up to your expectations! This tantalizing, dreamy dumpling has a perfectly chicken seasoned filling and rivers of hot, flavourful soup. The har kau is unique for its ‘skin’ which has the right amount of thickness for texture. This slightly thicker skin does not dampen the experience of biting into the succulent, fresh prawn fillings one bit.

Click here to see the Doubled Abalone Dumpling in Superior Soup at Luk Yu Tea House

The Doubled Boil Abalone Dumpling in Superior Soup is filled with aroma and flavors that could only emerge through long hours of double boiling. A bite into this delight can make your mind blow! The dumpling skin has the perfect texture to enhance the naturally buttery and briny taste of the abalone which is then complemented by the deliciously delicate soup. The sweet taste of the abalone will linger in your mouth and make you crave for more!

Click here to view Pan Fried Lamb Chop With Chef's Speciality Sauce

Crispy outside yet tender and juicy inside, this Pan-fried Lamb Chop with Chef’s Specialty Sauce is something lamb lovers should not miss. The Chef’s specialty sauce is blended well with the lamb which then enhances the lamb’s gamy and sweet taste. The best way to figure out the taste is of course, to go ahead and give it a try!

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Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 12pm – 10pm; Sun & PH: 10am – 11pm
Location: Feast Village Starhill Gallery at JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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3. Way Modern Chinois

One who comes to Way Modern Chinois will be overwhelmed with the restaurant’s contemporary furnishings and its sophisticated and exquisite fine dining Chinese menu with a twist. If you are Chinese food enthusiasts and avid foodies, this is where you simply belong to! These following three signature dishes are a must when you visit the restaurant.

Click here to view Truffle Roast Duck at Way Modern Chinois

The Truffle Roast Duck is a perfect specialty for duck and truffle lovers! The duck is marinated with truffle sauce, double roasted with truffle oil and topped with truffle slices – a true dreaming dish and a pure indulgence for any gourmet hunters. Roasted to perfection, the duck has a crispy skin to die for and its thick truffle sauce will fill your palate with umami-goodness. Due to its demanding requirement, the dish needs to be pre-ordered 24 hours in advanced.

Click here to view the Trio Dim Sum Collection at Way Modern Chinois

Next comes Trio Dim Sum Collection which includes “Skinless” XLB 特色小笼包 (4pcs), Pac Man Dumplings 四川虾饺 (4pcs), and Golden Rose Wanton 玫瑰云吞 (5pcs). With its eye-pleasing presentation, the dim sum collection can capture any diners’ hearts! The “Skinless” XLB, wrapped in a transparent skin, will whet your appetite with its sumptuous broth and minced meat which is topped with tangy foamy ginger and vinegar dip. The Pac Man Dumplings will satiate your palate with fresh steamed prawns marinated in Szechuan spices and spicy ponzu. The Golden Rose Wanton is a stunning dish with crispy prawn dumplings and dashes of red sauce that makes the dumplings look like a real rose – good-looking and tasty.

Click here to view the Crispy Lion Fish at Way Modern Chinois

Finally, Crispy Lion Fish! Don’t worry, it’s not the endangered species we are talking about! The dish is indeed a deep-fried sea bass in disguise! The fillet is cut skilfully and deep fried until it opens up, nicely moist underneath the light brown crust. Dip the fish inside the sweet and sour sauce and your taste buds will be delighted with every piece. A hearty dish of the fresh-water fish!

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Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10:30pm; Sat – Sun: 10am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm.
Location: G-1, Work@Clearwater, Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

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4. Lai Ching Yuen @ Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur

Lai Ching Yuen at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur has always been a must-go place for Chinese cuisine lovers for their scrumptious extensive menu made with high quality ingredients and nostalgic dishes that depict ancient Shanghai. Remember to dive in their signature dishes including roast suckling pork, assorted meat, delicate dim sum, exotic live seafood, abalone and more. 

Click here to view Pekind Duck at Lai Ching Yuen

The signature Peking Duck is loved for its crispy skin that simply crackles on every bite! The duck’s flavours will burst in your mouth and make your eyes close in mere satisfaction as it is marinated for hours using traditional methods in homemade sauces and condiments. Despite its crispy skin, the meat is not dry a bit! Its moist and tender flesh will satisfy even the most discerning diners. This signature dish is best to serve for 6 – 10 persons.

Click to view Crispy Fine Egg Noodles with Fresh Water Prawn

The Crispy Fine Egg Noodles with Fresh Water Prawn will titillate your taste buds with its savoury broth which is enriched by fresh water prawns. The light sweetness and freshness from the prawns, on its own, are enough to allure diners. Being immersed in the broth packed with finest ingredients, the prawns are even hard to resist and pairs perfectly with the crispy fine egg noodles!

Click to view the Signature Chilled Durian Pancake at Lai Ching Yuen

This Signature Chilled Durian Pancake will gratify you with its creamy and velvety durian cream. Wrapped in a thin crepe, the durian pancake will give diners a forget-me-not experience as its strong yet pleasing taste will linger on your palate. Take a bite and its smooth filling will not let you down at any moment. This Signature Dish is best to serve for 1 person or 2 sharing.

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Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 12pm – 2:30pm, 6:30pm – 10:30pm; Sat – Sun: 11am – 2:30pm, 6:30pm – 10:30pm.
Location: Level 1, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, 160, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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5. Royal Canton

Looking for authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum & Cantonese Cuisine? Royal Canton is the destination you should head to! Located at Damansara City Mall, the restaurant still receives rapt attention for their distinctive menus with delectable dishes depicting flair and finesse. 

Click here to view Whole 50 Head Dried Japanese Abalone Braised at Royal Canton

The Whole 50 Head Dried Japanese Yoshihama Abalone, Braised is made of dried premium abalone from Japan. The high-quality abalone is comparatively firmer with its distinct and appealing flavor compared to the regular abalone. Take a bite into the well-cooked abalone here and your taste buds will be filled with a briny, complex flavour evoking oceans and sea breezes unlike any others!


Click here to view Shark Fin In Clear Superior Soup at Royal Canton

A decent dish for any Hong Kong cuisine lovers – Shark Fin in Clear Superior Soup, Double Boiled! Known as a symbol of prosperity, shark’s fin is also a conferrer of health benefits. The premium shark’s fin is meticulously prepared before being doubled boil in the restaurant’s superior soup. The mild taste from the fin is well-enhanced by the palate-pleasing flavour of the clear soup, making it a delectable indulgence.

Click here to view the Peking Duck at Royal Canton

This Peking Duck is a dish worth longing for! Diners simply cannot take the eyes off the duck’s impeccable brown-coloured crispy skin. The meat is wrapped in delicate egg crepes with a smear of sweet hoisin sauce, scallion and cucumber to enhance its flavors and taste. Who could resist its juicy, moist and flavorful duck meat under a crispy thin skin? Patrons can then choose one of other serving methods for the rest of the duck meat. This dish needs to be pre-ordered 24 hours in advance, and is best for 4 – 6 persons.

TABLEAPP ELITE Members can redeem these 3 signature dishes for free.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11:30am – 3pm and 6pm – 10pm; Sat & Sun: 10:30am – 3pm and 6pm – 10pm.
Location: 2nd Floor, DC Mall, Plaza DC, Damansara City, 6, Jalan Damanlela, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

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6. ONE Seafood Restaurant

Reasonable price and scrumptious dishes with a modern twist, ONE Seafood Restaurant has always been a frequent dining spot of seafood lovers. The restaurant’s menu is a rendition of many tasty choice offerings and palate-pleasing specialties using as much local produce as is available – a true heaven for foodies. Remember to try the restaurant’s 3 signature dishes when you pay it a visit.

Click here to view Braised Crab with Chili at One Seafood Restaurant

If you are in a mood for crab, you should definitely savour the Braised Crab with Chili here. The meaty and fresh crab is captured on spot and stir-fried with fine condiments before getting coated by a thick and savour gravy. The delight will entice your palate with its slight spiciness and sweetness.

Click to view Baked Lobster with Superior Stock at One Seafood Restaurant

The Baked Lobster with Superior Stock is another dish you simply cannot miss! The 500g Sabah lobster is captured fresh from the restaurant’s aquarium before being baked in a superior broth which is prepared 1 week in advance. As being caught fresh, the lobster exudes a natural sweetness that would definitely win diners’ hearts. The savoury thick broth enhances the lobster’s exquisite taste and succulent flesh.

The Royal Fried Rice – a deluxe version of fine rice, is loved for its scrumptious taste and aroma. Its toppings of delectable crab meat, sweet corn and other fine condiments are set to satiate your taste buds and melt your heart. The dish is served hotly with the restaurant’s chef cooking it right in front of your table!

TABLEAPP ELITE Members can redeem these 3 signature dishes for free.

Opening Hours: Daily from 11:30am – 3pm and 5:30pm – 11pm.
Location: Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

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5 Places for Irresistible Lobster Dishes in KL

5 Places for Irresistible Lobster Dishes in KL

The king of the crustaceans, lobster is a delicacy and many people love its rich taste. If you love seafood, you will almost definitely find lobster to be one of the tastiest and most special types. Check out where to get the best lobster dishes in KL.


Canadian Lobster at The Tokyo Restaurant

5 Places for Irresistible Lobster Dishes in KL_The Tokyo Restaurant

Located at ISETAN Lot 10, The Tokyo Restaurant is a newly opened foodie haven for contemporary flavours with a Tokyo essence. Be enveloped in generous leather booths with a view of the kitchen and a spacious, stylish bar serving classic cocktails and wine. Try their latest addition baked Canadian Lobster which is so flavourful that the flavours burst in the mouth when you sink your teeth into the sweet and succulent white, firm meat.

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Everybody Loves Lobster at The Point

5 Places for Irresistible Lobster Dishes in KL_The PointThe Point is an intimate venue in Damansara Heights which combines two different concept under one roof. A charming restaurant that offers modern creative fusion dishes in a casual dining environment and lounge bar serving crafted liquors, speciality cocktails and tasty tapas. Don’t miss this wonderful looking newest addition – Lobster with tagliatelle pasta, sundried tomato puree, and lobster reduction (RM88).

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Lobster Biryani at Fierce Curry House

5 Places for Irresistible Lobster Dishes in KL_Fierce Curry House

The award-winning Fierce Curry House in Bangsar is famed for its authentic Indian cuisines. At this restaurant, the Northern Indian comfort food of biryani has been elevated to new epicurean heights – including a Boston Lobster variation. Order a Lobster Biryani and get indulged in abundant long grain rice and a 900gm lobster. The Lobster Biryani needs to be ordered 24 hours in advance.

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Whole Lobster Wasabi Pepper at Nobu Kuala Lumpur

5 Places for Irresistible Lobster Dishes in KL_Nobu Kuala LumpurNestled on the 56th Floor of Menara 3 Petronas with KL Tower in sight, Nobu Kuala Lumpur offers a unique experience of contemporary Japanese cuisine. With over 30 locations around the world, Nobu has brought his global sophistication to Kuala Lumpur. While Nobu’s Black Cod with Miso has always been stealing the limelight, one must try their lobster with wasabi pepper sauce which will definitely leave a lasting memory. On top of that, one can find a few innovative lobster dishes here, including Lobster Tacos and Half Lobster Shiitake Salad with Spicy Lemon Dressing.

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Lobsters cooked using 15 methods at One Seafood Restaurant

5 Places for Irresistible Lobster Dishes in KL_One Seafood RestaurantIf you’re in the mood for some fresh and good quality seafood cooked Chinese style, One Seafood Restaurant in Bukit Bintang area is the place to go. The restaurant adheres to a philosophy that only what’s fresh will be served. Here you will find Australian, Boston and local lobsters, cooked using as many as 15 cooking methods, including sashimi style and baked with cheese as well as salted egg.

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Chinese New Year reunion dinner 2017

5 Restaurants to Usher In A Prosperous ‘Year of the Rooster’

Our hot picks for Chinese New Year reunion dinner..

Looking for restaurants to have an auspicious Chinese New Year reunion dinner? Check out these restaurants for their set menus and yee sang!




Li Yen | The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur  


Best Restaurant for CNY2017_LiYen

Usher in the Year of the Rooster with specially curated Chinese New Year menus showcasing authentic award-winning Cantonese cuisine by Li Yen. Gather your family and loved ones to experience the exquisite creations skilfully prepared by Executive Chinese Chef Leung Kwai Hong from Hong Kong. On the menus we spot Abalone Yee Sang, Steamed Sea Grouper with Superior Soy Sauce, Braised Sea Cucumber with Broccoli and Mushrooms, Braised Pork Knuckle with Brown Sauce, Lotus Leaf-Wrapped Fried Rice with Fresh Prawns, Deep Fried ‘Nian Gao’ with Yam, and more. Private dining rooms are available at Li Yen. The CNY menus are available for lunch and dinner from January 27 to 30.


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Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant | One World Hotel


Best Restaurant for CNY2017_ZuanYuanChineseRestaurant

Chef Kong serves up traditional dishes with a touch of artistry. 3 CNY set menus that conjure the wishes and hopes for the New Year are offered such as Braised Deluxe Sea Treasures Soup with "Song Rong" Mushroom, Pan Fried Grass Prawn with King Soy Sauce, Braised Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Sea Moss and Seasonal Vegetables with Superior Oyster Sauce, Steamed Coconut “Nian Gao” and the list goes on… The set menus are priced at RM1738 nett, RM1988 nett and RM2218 nett for a table of ten with a complimentary bottle of wine.






One Seafood Restaurant | Jalan Bukit Bintang


Best Restaurant for CNY2017_OneSeafoodRestaurant

Starting from RM1088 to RM2688 per table of 10, lard-free and pork-free One Seafood Restaurant's Chinese New Year set menus feature Steamed Grouper Fish with Hong Kong Style, Double Boiled American Sliced Ginseng and Dried Scallop Soup, Wok Fried Tiger Prawns, Braised Abalone with Superior Oyster, and many more. Savour Cantonese specialties cooked in various styles that reflect time-honoured traditions within a classical inspired interior décor of sophisticated splendour. 






Unique Seafood PJ 23 | Section 13, PJ


Best Restaurant for CNY2017_UniqueSeafoodPJ23Well known for its localized pork-free Cantonese cuisine, Unique Seafood PJ 23 is also equipped with private rooms with KTV facilities for the comfort of guests. 4 options of CNY set menus are available at RM888nett, RM988nett, RM1288nett, and RM1688nett per table of 10pax. On the menu we spot Sliced Abalone and Salmon Yee Sang, Braised Boston Lobster Head and Claw, Steamed Canadian Oyster and more.






Sino Scene Chinese Restaurant | Swiss-Garden Residences Kuala Lumpur


Best Restaurant for CNY2017_SinoSceneChineseRestaurant

Located at Swiss-Garden Residences Kuala Lumpur, Sino Scene offers an infusion of modern and classic Hong Kong and Szechuan cuisine menu. 4 CNY Set Menus are available, featuring Braised Dried Oyster, Red Snapper, Superior Bird's Nest Soup and many more, priced at RM988, RM1288, RM1488, and RM1688 for a table of 10.

Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL

5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL

Dear seafood lovers!

Check out this week's dining guide on the best seafood restaurants in KL that are so worth of cholesterol. Time for some special delightful seafood!

Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL_OneSeafoodRestaurant

One Seafood Restaurant IS the place if you are looking for good and quality seafood cooked Chinese style in Kuala Lumpur. You will find plenty of finger-licking dishes, all at reasonable prices. The dishes served here have traditional Chinese cooking elements with a fine dining twist. Their food ranged from a garden salad created from local market gardens, to fish, poultry and oysters fished live from their aquarium. The lunch, dinner, and dessert menus have been carefully assembled to offer tasty traditional fare and palate – pleasing specialties. And all this trying to use as much local produce as is available. The restaurant adheres to a philosophy that only what’s fresh will be served and the multi-course menu would be planned by their awards winning chef from time to time. The menu is drawn from more than 100 types of cuisines the chef has developed and continue to expand on.

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Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL_TheEliteSeafoodRestaurant

Previously known as Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant (PJ), The Elite Seafood Restaurant maintains the same unique characteristics that have long made an all-time favourite among seafood enthusiasts despite the name changed. Owned by Unique Seafood Group of Restaurants – one of Malaysia’s largest suppliers of live seafood – you can rest assure that there is always a fresh and abundant supply of seafood at the restaurant. Besides the more common choices of live seafood, diners can also choose from rarer ones such as French turbots, Australian snow crabs, Alaskan spider crabs and Canadian geoduck clams. At Elite Seafood Restaurant, thematic VIP room is available for guest to have different feel for dining in in different atmosphere.

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Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL_SouthernRockSeafood

Southern Rock Seafood sells one of the best seafood in Kuala Lumpur. This place serves Western-style seafood with rave reviews from guests. Since 2008, they have supplied high quality imported seafood to Malaysia's leading hotels and restaurants and the most health-conscious households. They specialise in fresh and smoked fish and shellfish from Australia New Zealand and Europe. In 2015 they opened Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen right next door to their fishmongers to showcase their delicious product. Do keep your eyes peeled for their catch of the day, you never know what kind of surprise awaits! What’s better? TABLEAPP users entitle a 10% discount on total bills!

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Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL_JustSeafood

Calling all seafood lovers! You will love this restaurant. Just Seafood at Sunway Giza Mall serves up bounties from the sea, cooked on charcoal barbecue grills. You can choose to sit al fresco or indoors, both are equally relaxing! And when comes the time to dine you can expect to feast on lobster, giant tiger prawns, flower crabs, air flown scallops and oysters, clams, and more, served together with nine variants of Just Seafood chilli sauce. TABLEAPP users entitle a 20% OFF on total bills for every booking made online!

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Blog #18_5 Best Seafood Restaurants in KL_UniqueSeafood

Nothing more authentic than the Unique Seafood dining experience. If you want to know what are the steps from the aquarium to your plate, that’s the best place. Live seafood swimming in tanks may seem squeamish to some but at Unique Seafood, that’s the only way to serve it. Freshness is their top priority. “From the tank to the table” seems to be their motto and seafood lovers can’t be happier. The Aquarium area features a spectrum of tanks filled with live fishes, prawns, lobsters, Alaskan crabs, clams and abalones etc imported from all over the world. Guests can make their selection of the live fishes and seafood from here to be prepared to their liking by the Master Chefs. What a genius concept!

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BONUS: Brolly @ Persiaran KLCC

If you are still hesitate this IS the restaurant to go. Brolly has multiple promotions on seafood at the moment. Here, you will get spoiled for choices from decadent oysters, to succulent grilled meats, to contemporary Asian to Southern Hospitality, and more. Current promotion covers crabs, oysters and Red Lobsters – you have the choice! Limited time offers only for booking made via TABLEAPP.

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Newborn baby feet in the mother hands

10 Best Restaurants to Celebrate Mother’s Day (Part 1)

Where to #TreatYourMom?

You have no idea, you hesitate, TABLEAPP helps you. We made a list of the 10 best restaurants to celebrate Mother's Day in KL to help you choose the perfect one. Here is the Part 1 in preview!


One Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Bintang

Let’s Relax With Live Band Performance!


The place to be for Mother’s Day! Take your mom to this Chinese seafood restaurant to taste the wonderful and delicious fish, poultry and oysters fished live from their aquarium. You want more? They have LIVE BAND performance, from 1/05/16 to 30/06/16 every Monday to Thursday from 7.30pm to 10.00pm. Come enjoy a nice and comfortable dinning place!

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Big Apple Restaurant @ Berjaya Times Square Hotel

Mom’s Dinning For FREE!

Big apple

The Big Apple Restaurant offers a wide variety of International cuisine as well as local Asian favourites. This informal dining outlet offers a fantastic view of the city skyline. For Mother’s Day they propose a Hi-Tea buffet on the Saturday, 8th of May from 12:30pm to 4:00pm. More important, your dear and sweet mom will dine for FREE for every group with 3 paying adults.

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Rendez-vous @ Bangsar

Mother’s Day Special French Set!


What’s more than a mother’s day surprise at Rendez-Vous restaurant? It is a traditional French restaurant and bar which their concept is not only to make authentic French cuisine affordable but also to offer a laid-back ambience in which provides truly relax dining environment to enjoy great food. Plus, their chef Florian Nigen’s family has run a well-known restaurant in Bretagne in France for 30 years. Go for it now and take your mom to a small trip to Paris!

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Soleil @ Petaling Jaya

Mother’s Day Special Set


Come and join Soleil in celebrating Mother’s Day over the period from the 6th to 10th May, by indulging in Chef Evert’s lavish family brunch set menu. The selection of food varies from seafood starters to several top quality meat options, including side dishes of your choice. For sweet tooth lovers we have a fabulous choice of desserts, if you have room! As well as offering our special sharing dishes, our A la carte menu is also available. So what are you waiting for?

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Café Lavista @ Hotel Bangi Putrajaya

Mother’s Day Special Buffet

Café Lavista

Come discover a lavish Hi-Tea Buffet in a bright and spacious café-restaurant serving international and local cuisine. Especially created for Mother’s Day this buffet will be available on the Sunday 8th of May from 12 noon to 3:00 pm. Succumb to delightful and tasty desserts and the typical favourites on the Malaysian dining table. Dine indoors or alfresco on the breezy terrace with panoramic views of KL's skyline in the distance. Fresh, vibrant and truly exciting. Your mom will love it!

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