16 December 2022
View TABLEAPP ELITE's 1111 Sale

[Limited Time] Special Offer for 1-Year ELITE Membership This 11.11 Sale!

View TABLEAPP ELITE's 1111 Sale

Celebrate 11.11 Sale with Special Offer from TABLEAPP ELITE! 

Now at RM99 (RM199) per 1-year ELITE Membership
From Now Until 30th November 2020 Only!


TABLEAPP ELITE is a membership programme in which its members can redeem sumptuous signature dishes worth RM20000 at top participating restaurants in Klang Valley.

2/ What are the other benefits of joining TABLEAPP ELITE?

Members are also entitled to exclusive invitations to fine dining events, private wine pairing events, wine tasting events, invitation-only dining events and other membership perks.

3/ Who can join TABLEAPP ELITE?

Anyone that loves foods!

4/ How do I join TABLEAPP ELITE?

You can register online here.

5/ Will I receive a membership confirmation when I register online?

Yes, you will receive your membership confirmation by email immediately. The membership is made effective upon successful sign-up. This is a cardless membership programme.

6/ How much is the membership fee?

The introduction fee of the membership is RM99 per 3-month membership and RM199 for per 1-year membership.
The membership is now available at RM99 per 1-year membership for a limited time only.

7/ How many signature dish(es) am I entitled to?

More than 300 signature dishes are available for you to redeem on TABLEAPP ELITE. You are entitled to redeem 3 complimentary signature dishes at each participating restaurant outlet. Each signature dish can only be redeemed once per visit.

8/ What are the participating restaurants?

There are over 100 participating restaurants including Soleil, Kampachi, Kimiya, ANTE, and more. You can view all the participating restaurants here or in TABLEAPP mobile app.

9/ How do I redeem my signature dishes?

You can select the preferred signature dish and tap ‘REDEEM’. Upon arrival at the restaurant, please kindly request the staff to key in the restaurant’s 4-digit PIN to complete the redemption. A minimum spending equivalent to the dish value is required in order to redeem the dish. You can only redeem 1 signature dish per visit.

10/ Is there a Money Back Guarantee for ELITE Membership?

Not what you want? Worry less because Money Back Guarantee! Payment will be refunded fully if no signature dishes were redeemed prior to the membership refund request. Kindly be informed that the refund amount will be deducted 5% processing fees.

For all purchases of 1-Year ELITE Membership from 1st November 2020 onwards, upon the end of your membership, if the redemption’s accumulated value is lower than the membership value at the time of your purchase, payment will be refunded with the amount equals to the remaining value. Kindly be informed that the refund amount will be deducted 5% processing fees.

For example, if you purchase your 1-Year ELITE membership at RM199, and at the end of your membership, you only redeemed dishes that are worth a total of RM100, the refund amount will be RM99 (subjected to a 5% processing fee).

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