View Japanese Wagyu and Other BBQ Dishes at YG Republique

Food Review: Japanese Wagyu and BBQ Delights at YG Republique

Looking for a dining spot for your gatherings or just want to satiate your taste buds with authentic Korean dishes? Come to YG Republique to be transported to downtown Seoul in the hippest and coolest Korean entertainment restaurant with great Korean food, premium BBQs and drinks! This multi-faceted restaurant combines Samgeori Butcher’s – a BBQ

View Food Review and Latest Menu at Torii Yakitori Whiskey Bar

Food Review: Beef Donburi and Signature Sets at Torii Yakiniku & Whiskey Bar

Situated in the bustling Damansara Heights, Torii Yakiniku & Whiskey Bar, a Japanese-accented gastro-bar, is much-frequented by foodies who love the twin pleasures of yakitori and divine whiskey. Diners are spoilt with choices from the yakitori menu featuring Grilled Skewered Meats, Seafood and different vegetables along with a range of unique Japanese-inspired dishes. The food

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[Limited] Special Offer for 1-Year ELITE Membership This Merdeka 2019!

Celebrate Malaysia Independence Day with A Special Offer from TABLEAPP ELITE!  Now at RM137 (RM199) per 1-year ELITE Membership Only from 31st August – 16th September 2019 PROMO CODE: MERDEKA62  1/ What is TABLEAPP ELITE?TABLEAPP ELITE is a membership programme which its members can redeem over 300 signature dishes with minimum spending at over 100 participating restaurants in Klang

View Free Signature Dishes at Graze @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Get Gratified with Palate-Stirring Dishes at Graze @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Situated at the renowned Hilton Kuala Lumpur hotel, Graze is much-lauded for its emphasis on fresh, seasonal produce and the finest cuts of meat. If you are searching for classic European dishes of distinctive yet palate-gratifying flavors featuring ingredients at their zenith, this authentic modern European Brasserie is definitely the place for your gastronomic indulgence!

Click to view TABLEAPP ELITE Review at Aviary Bar @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Tantalizing Cocktails and Delights at Aviary Bar @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur

We are back at Hilton Kuala Lumpur once again, this time around, we are here to titillate our palate with three new ELITE signature dishes + cocktails combination from Aviary Bar. If you haven’t already known, the original Aviary Bar was an iconic bar in which our famous Malaysian Jungle Bird cocktail was first curated.

View Premium Sushi Grilled Salmon, Aburi Salad, Premium Sushi and More at Hana Dining + Sake Bar

ELITE Review: Exquisite Premium Sashimi, Aburi Salad and Grilled Salmon at Hana Dining + Sake Bar!

Stepping to Hana Dining + Sake Bar is akin to visit an intimate and stylish dining spot in Japan. The restaurant offers a gastronomical experience that is sure to delight your senses through borderless Japanese cuisine. Infused with the impact of Western food cultures and the abundance of sake and whiskey choices, this dining venue

View Free Signature Dishes at Yamaguchi Fish Market

Indulge In 3 Luscious Seafood Delights At Yamaguchi Fish Market

If you are an avid foodie who is always on the hunt for the highest quality and freshest ingredients, Yamaguchi Fish Market should definitely be on your bucket list. Inspired by Karato and Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan, Yamaguchi Fish Market brings to Kuala Lumpur an energetic spirit of a vibrant market featuring the freshest

Click to view Weekly Reads: The Most Complete Guide To Dine Out For The Long Weekends!

The Most Complete Guide To Dine Out For The Long Weekends!

Do you know what Malaysians love more than food? Take a guess. Well, the obvious answer would be none other than our public holidays and long weekends! In case you didn’t know, this year our public holidays alone sums up to a whopping 19 days. Can you believe it? That’s not just it, many of

View Free Signature Dishes at Kampachi EQ

Eye-Pleasing and Palate-Stirring Treats at Kampachi EQ

Nestled in the new swanky Equatorial Plaza, Kampachi EQ is the latest and finest edition of the well-known Kampachi Restaurants. Having a reputation for their authentic Japanese cuisine which sourced from Japan, the restaurant has been gratifying diners with the art of traditional food preparation method and top-notch service. If you love to indulge yourself