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Quiz: Incredibly Cheesy Facts For Cheese Lovers!

A pizza or a macaroni dish without a heap of some cheesy indulgence? It would be unimaginable for us to live in a world without cheese! If you find yourself an avid cheese addict or, in other words, too frantic about this delicacy, worry less because most of us are! The crowd-pleasing dairy product has been renowned for its myriads of variants in terms of texture, flavors and forms that can easily tempt the taste buds of any diners. 

Like many other foods, cheese has its own story of how it ended up to be one of the most desirable delights all over the world. Want to dig into its story right away? How about challenging yourself with our incredible quizzes about cheese first? Easy peasy, just pick the answer that you think it is correct and find out whether the hearty cheese fact is there! 

1/ When Was Cheese Created? 

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Amazing! You have got the correct answer! The cheese was accidentally created 4000 years ago! It is said that the first cheese was formed by storing milk in a container lined with an animal’s stomach!!! Thanks to the enzyme from the stomach, the milk was separated into liquid and curd. The curd has since known as our all-time-favorite cheese! 

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2/ How Many Kilograms Of Milk Are Needed To Make 1 Kilogram Of Cheese?

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Excellent! You have found the correct answer! It would take roughly 10 kilograms of milk for just 1 kilogram of cheese! To ensure the best quality of the cheese, the dairy animals must have a healthy diet. Wait, not only cow milk can be turned into cheese? Yes, you can find Goat cheese (made from goat), Pule cheese (made from donkey milk), Moose cheese (derived from Moose milk) and many other types! Fun fact, Pule cheese is actually considered the world’s most expensive cheese as it comes from the milk of Balkan donkeys from Serbia. 

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3/ How Many Varieties Of Cheese Currently Available According To The International Dairy Federation? 

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You are correct! Though you might have heard of various types of cheese, there are only around 500 types that are recognized by the International Dairy Federation. The criteria would include the length of aging, texture, methods of making, fat content, animal milk, country or region of origin and many more. The top methods that are commonly and traditionally used are: 

  • Moisture content
  • Freshness 
  • Content (double cream, goat, ewe and water buffalo)
  • Soft-ripened and blue-vein
  • Processed cheeses

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4/ What Is The World Best-Selling Cheese? 

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You are correct! This traditionally Southern Italian cheese made originally from buffalo’s milk is known to be the world best-selling cheese! Mozzarella cheese of several kinds is used for most types of pizza and several pasta dishes. 

This Italian hard cheese is well-known around the world as the “King of Cheeses”, yet it is not the best-selling cheese in the world!  

Originated in the English village of Cheddar, this cheese is the most popular cheese in the UK!

Though known as one of the world’s most popular cheeses, this Netherland’s cheese is not the best-selling one. 

5/ What Causes The Holes On The Cheese? 

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Despite the popular belief, mice don’t like cheese! Given a choice, they would go for sweets or carbs! They would still eat cheese of course but it does not necessarily mean they love it. 

Yes, the holes in the cheese are actually caused by the bacteria that turn milk into cheese. One of the bacteria, namely P. Shermani, releases carbon dioxide and forms bubbles in the cheese. These little air pockets cause holes of the cheese. 

Temperature is of utmost importance in making cheese, however, it is not the main reason that causes holes in the cheese! 

Maturing time is one of the key factors in making cheese, however, it is not the reason you are looking for! 

How many correct answers did you get? Nevertheless, you still deserve some cheesy indulgence! Craving for cheese dishes and would love to dive in one? Flex your fingers as we have the top restaurants that serve lip-smacking cheeses dishes to tempt your palate




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3 Delectable Dishes at Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar

Opened in 2013, Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar has been my go-to dining spot for authentic and refined Italian cuisine which are prepared by the talented Italian chefs here. Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the restaurant is a perfect place where I can revel in the freshest possible ingredients in a modern and cozy atmosphere. 
This time, I came back with a different goal more than just indulging myself in good foods – find out 3 dishes that are much-loved by the customers here and you should not miss out a chance to enjoy these dishes! 


1/ La Milanese 

The first dish that captured my attention and taste buds is this delectable La Milanese or Veal Milanese.  The Milan’s signature dish featured a big portion of well-marinated “bone-in” veal chop (160 grams) which was breaded, deep fried in butter and served along with roasted potatoes, arugula and tomato salad with shaved Grana Padano cheese. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, the rich and flavorful veal chop was a delightful indulgence. 

>> Click here to view this La Milanese 


2/ Black Angus Beef Carpaccio

Click here to view Free Black Angus Beef Carpaccio at Zenzero Restaurant and Wine Bar

Carpaccio or thinly sliced/pounded raw meat is an exquisite delight when it comes to Italian dishes. It might sound intimidating to hear “raw meat” at first but I totally fell in love with it after the first try! The Black Angus Beef Carpaccio at the restaurant was prepared on the spot to preserve the freshness of the meat, served with arugula salad, black truffle paste and parmesan cheese. Rich in flavors with a melt-in-the-mouth sensation, this dish is one of the top favorites here.

 >> Click here to view Black Angus Beef Carpaccio


3/ Homemade Pappardelle al Ragù di Carne

Click here to view Free Homemade Pappardelle at Zenzero Restaurant and Wine Bar

Finally, don’t go home without trying the Homemade Pappardelle al Ragù di Carne or pasta Bolognese. The pasta was meticulously handmade by the top chefs which mingled nicely with the tender veal and lamb ragu. Pecorino sardo is added to accentuate the flavors of the dish. I would say it is an ultimate comfort food, especially on a breezy day, which could drift you back to the beautiful Italy.

>> Click here to view this Homemade Pappardelle al Ragù di Carne


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Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar
Location: A-0-9, Ground Floor, St Mary Place, No.1, Jalan Tengah, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
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