16 December 2022
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Tickle Your Palate With 3 Signature Delights at BLACK Market

BLACK Market has been long prominent for its elegant furniture, romantic ambiance and of course, delectable foods! Foodies mostly succumb to the restaurant’s unique dishes featuring rare and fine ingredients such as the tantalizing jamón ibérico from Spain, the exquisite pork ribs and more. Diners will also be spoilt with a wide selection of imported wines from various countries, including Argentina, Australia, France, Chile, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and South Africa which pair perfectly with the tasty delights here! 

If you are wondering which dishes you should try amongst all the mouth-watering delicacies here, flex your fingers as we have curated the top 3 dishes that are loved by frequent patrons at the restaurant! 


1/ King Crab Served Cold

Click Here To View Free King Crab Served Cold at Black MarketKing Crab Served Cold 

What’s better for a seafood lover than savoring a whole highly sought-after crab served fresh on the table? A King Crab Served Cold, though as unpretentious as it sounds, is enough to satiate your taste buds as this method of preparation can preserve the pristine taste of the crab as well as its briny and sweet goodness. Add a bit of wasabi and lemon juice to accentuate the King Crab’s flavors and you will relish everything about this dish. 

>> Click here view this King Crab Served Cold at BLACK Market Kampung Pandan
>> Click here view this King Crab Served Cold at BLACK Market St Mary Place 


2/ BLACK Market’s Jamón Platter

View BLACK Market's Jamon Platter

The BLACK Market’s Jamón Platter is a palate-tempting dish that has been winning the heart of many diners. The platter features Jamón Ibérico which is curated from the high-quality black Iberican pig from Spain, parma ham – an Italian dry-cured ham and Hong Kong goose liver sausage on toast and olive. Rich in taste with unique flavors unlike any other, this platter is a true indulgence for any Spanish food lovers! 

>> View this BLACK Market’s Jamón Platter at Kampung Pandan
>> View this BLACK Market’s Jamón Platter at St Mary Place


3/ BLACK Market Big ‘S’ Pork Ribs

View BLACK Market's Big

The final delight which you should not forgo is this BLACK Market Big ‘S’ Pork Ribs. The mouth-watering pork ribs are coated with BLACK Market’s specialty “BLACK” sauce which brings out the best of its succulent taste before being oven-baked until they are well-done with a juicy texture. The meaty ribs are such hearty treats to any porcine aficionados. And if you are one? Think no further than reveling in this lip-smacking dish!


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BLACK Market Kampung Pandan
Location: 16, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
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BLACK Market St Mary Place
Location: St Mary Place, No.1, Jalan Tengah, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

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