View Free Signature Dishes at BLACK Market

Tickle Your Palate With 3 Signature Delights at BLACK Market

BLACK Market has been long prominent for its elegant furniture, romantic ambiance and of course, delectable foods! Foodies mostly succumb to the restaurant’s unique dishes featuring rare and fine ingredients such as the tantalizing jamón ibérico from Spain, the exquisite pork ribs and more. Diners will also be spoilt with a wide selection of imported wines from various countries, including Argentina, Australia, France, Chile, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and South Africa which pair perfectly with the tasty delights here! 

If you are wondering which dishes you should try amongst all the mouth-watering delicacies here, flex your fingers as we have curated the top 3 dishes that are loved by frequent patrons at the restaurant! 


1/ King Crab Served Cold

Click Here To View Free King Crab Served Cold at Black MarketKing Crab Served Cold 

What’s better for a seafood lover than savoring a whole highly sought-after crab served fresh on the table? A King Crab Served Cold, though as unpretentious as it sounds, is enough to satiate your taste buds as this method of preparation can preserve the pristine taste of the crab as well as its briny and sweet goodness. Add a bit of wasabi and lemon juice to accentuate the King Crab’s flavors and you will relish everything about this dish. 

>> Click here view this King Crab Served Cold at BLACK Market Kampung Pandan
>> Click here view this King Crab Served Cold at BLACK Market St Mary Place 


2/ BLACK Market’s Jamón Platter

View BLACK Market's Jamon Platter

The BLACK Market’s Jamón Platter is a palate-tempting dish that has been winning the heart of many diners. The platter features Jamón Ibérico which is curated from the high-quality black Iberican pig from Spain, parma ham – an Italian dry-cured ham and Hong Kong goose liver sausage on toast and olive. Rich in taste with unique flavors unlike any other, this platter is a true indulgence for any Spanish food lovers! 

>> View this BLACK Market’s Jamón Platter at Kampung Pandan
>> View this BLACK Market’s Jamón Platter at St Mary Place


3/ BLACK Market Big ‘S’ Pork Ribs

View BLACK Market's Big

The final delight which you should not forgo is this BLACK Market Big ‘S’ Pork Ribs. The mouth-watering pork ribs are coated with BLACK Market’s specialty “BLACK” sauce which brings out the best of its succulent taste before being oven-baked until they are well-done with a juicy texture. The meaty ribs are such hearty treats to any porcine aficionados. And if you are one? Think no further than reveling in this lip-smacking dish!


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BLACK Market Kampung Pandan
Location: 16, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
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BLACK Market St Mary Place
Location: St Mary Place, No.1, Jalan Tengah, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
View Free Signature Dishes at EGG - 8 Gourmets Gala

3 Palate-Pleasing Delicacies at EGG – 8 Gourmets Gala

Opened since December 2014, EGG – 8 Gourmets Gala has been the go-to dining spot of foodies who seek everyday gastronomic indulgence. With a unique concept of eight different dining options which allow diners to mix and match the food, the restaurant is definitely a dream come true for food enthusiasts who love to titillate the taste buds with various kinds of flavors. This is where you can relish Hakka Crab and fresh seafood dishes while whetting your appetite with Malaysian-Thai delights, wrenching your thirst with imported whiskeys and more! 

Spacious yet cozy, the restaurant would also be the perfect destination for families and friends to get closer and share good meals together. If you are wondering what to order here, check out the 3 signature dishes that are much-loved here! 


1/ King Crab Platter

Click here to view King Crab Platter at EGG - 8 Gourmets Gala

On the prowl for an eye-pleasing and sumptuous seafood feast all in one dish? This King Crab Platter is something not to be missed! Whet your appetite with a whole meaty King Crab, sumptuous oysters, scallops and white clams which are fresh-to-the-bite, salmon sashimi with a heavenly melt-in-the-mouth texture and fresh prawns of delectable taste! This signature dish is available daily at limited quantity only. 

>> Click here to view this King Crab Platter


2/ Hook & Cook Signature Seafood Platter

View Hook and Cook Signature Seafood Platter

The next dish is another delicacy to satiate your seafood craving – Hook & Cook Signature Seafood Platter. Titillate your taste buds with the juicy prawns, oysters, white clams and scallops which are skillfully cooked to preserve the freshness and pristine sweetness. Slices of salmon sashimi are presented nicely on top which will surely pamper your palate with its succulent taste. 

>> Click here to view this Hook & Cook Signature Seafood Platter


3/ Crab Seafood Jug

Click Here To View Crab Seafood Jug at EGG - Eight Gourmets Gala

If you love to relish a delight packed with flavors, this enthralling Crab Seafood Jug would be everything you could ask for – 2 delectable crabs with soft-yet-not-flaky flesh, fresh prawns which mingle perfectly with the restaurant’s fine spices, crispy fried squid head that would give you an enjoyment in the mouth and scrumptious clams with impeccable sweetness. And what would be more splendid than dipping pieces of mantou bread into this luscious dish?

>> Click here to view this Crab Seafood Jug

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EGG – 8 Gourmets Gala
Suite G-01, Ground Floor, Pinnacle Annexe, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor.

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View Free Signature Dishes at Pampas Reserve

Satiate Your Palate With 3 Delectable Dishes at Pampas Reserve

Love to tempt your palate with the top-quality steaks imported from South America along with seasonal ingredients of pure yet intense flavors? Pampas Reserve would be your place to be! Its menus are filled with delectable options including tantalizing lamb, chicken, seafood, crisp fresh salad and other Western delights.
Situated in a quiet corner of Bukit Ceylon, the much-loved steakhouse is the perfect dining haven to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Diners can opt for the alfresco area which is surrounded by foliage or the sophisticated dining room which boasts a cozy ambiance.

As one of the frequent diners here, I was lucky to get to know the top 3 signature dishes that are loved by the patrons here.


1/ Grass-Fed Grilled Beef Ribeye (250gm)

Click Here To View Grass Fed Grill Beef Rib Eye at Pampas Reserve

Great food will make your day and this tasty Grass-fed Beef Rib Eye is of no exception. Once presented, the ribeye’s perfectly charred skin was tempting enough to entice my involuntary salivation. Lightly marinated to bring out the best of the beef taste, the much-loved beef ribeye was then flame-grilled to diners’ liking. The high-quality and tender steak had juicy goodness which made every bite an indulgence. I also impressed with the palate-pleasing sautéed spinach, roasted baby potatoes and a touch of homemade mushroom brown sauce.

>> Click here to view this Grass-Fed Grilled Beef Ribeye (250gm)

2/ Chicken Roulade with Mushroom

Click Here To View Chicken Roulade With Mushroom

The Chicken Roulade With Mushroom is yet another delicacy that would make me come back for more! Carefully hand-picked to assure its high quality, the chicken breast was skilfully rolled and stuffed with a tasty filling of fine mushrooms. Served on a bed of Lyonnaise potatoes with a touch of wine reduction sauce, the chicken was not only eye-catching but also appetizing for its flavorsome and soft-to-the-bite meat. Don’t forget to relish the rocket salad garnished on top as its freshness would make you feel rejuvenated.

>> Click here to view this Chicken Roulade with Mushroom

3/ Norwegian Salmon Fillet

View Free Norwegian Salmon Fillet at Pampas Reserve

The final dish which you should definitely not forgo is the Norwegian Salmon Fillet! The sumptuous portion of salmon fillet caught my attention for its aroma, incredibly crispy skin and well-done texture. Packed with flavors, the tender salmon fillet’s taste went well with the grain mustard sauce, black beans and snow peas that served along, making it a hard-to-resist dish! 

>> Click here to view this Norwegian Salmon Fillet

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Pampas Reserve
Location: G01, Suasana Bukit Ceylon, 2, Persiaran Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.


3 Delightful Signature Dishes at Kikubari to Whet Your Appetite!

Well-known for its contemporary Japanese cuisine with a progressive menu featuring the finest ingredients, Kikubari is much-frequented by avid foodies. Tucked away on the third floor of DC Mall, this dining haven boasts a modern chic and intimate ambiance while offering a lively journey for the palate that aims to elevate diner’s experience.
If you are wondering what to order here, we have got your back! Check out the 3 sumptuous signature dishes that are much-loved by diners here.

1/ Prawns In 2 Ways

View Kikubari's Prawns In 2 Ways

The Prawn in 2 Ways is a must-try delight that clearly showcases Kikubaris advocate of cooking from nose to tail. After being deep-fried, the prawn heads are placed nicely on a bed of whipped roe, trout roe, prawn-infused cream and beautifully garnished with edible flowers and seaweed strips. The prawn heads are incredibly crispy yet not even a dry texture is found as the cream does an excellent job in keeping them moisturized. The prawn body is turned into an addictive indulgence – lobster roe “patty” deep-fried in Katsu style and stuffed inside a home-baked sandwich with cabbage-slaw and wasabi mayo. An innovative and luscious dish.

>> Click here to view this Prawn in 2 Ways


2/ Supreme Seafood Capellini 

Next comes a seductive dish – the Supreme Seafood Capellini. Fine strings of the heavenly delicious angel hair pasta are swirled skilfully and topped with uni, scallop, Arenkha roe, Hojiso and a trio of melt-in-the-mouth gifts of the sea – Amaebi, Botan Ebi and Moruno shrimp which exude sweetness into the pasta. On the side, the Tarabagni (king crab jelly) is a unique ingredient that jazzes up the dish with its sublime flavor. The dish is drizzled with the house secret truffle-konbu sauce which gave the pasta a subtle aroma while making it incredibly smooth.

>> Click here to view Supreme Seafood Capellini


3/ Pan Seared Seasonal Japanese Fish

This Pan Seared Seasonal Japanese Fish is something you should catch an eye on when you come to the restaurant. The fish is seared perfectly to “à point”, in other words, it is cooked to the exact point to still preserve its freshness and juiciness. Only the best-of-the-season fish are chosen and air-flown from Japan to be used for the dish. Crispy outside yet lusciously juicy inside, this extraordinary seared fish is a dish that seafood lovers cannot ignore. 

>> Click here to view this Pan Seared Seasonal Japanese Fish

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Location: L3-01A, DC Mall, Plaza DC, Damansara City, 6, Jalan Damanlela, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

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Tempt Your Palate with 3 Exciting Delights at PLOY @ Damansara Heights

Situated in Damansara Heights, PLOY is a dining haven that has been eminent for its Asian dishes with a twist. Diners are spoilt with choices from its built-from-scratch menus featuring more than 60 offerings that span 4 continents and over 35 new and original sauces.
I came to PLOY for a family gathering and its modern chic and cozy atmosphere totally won my heart. To be honest, I was quite overwhelmed with the list of delights in the menu and to my relief, the restaurant’s friendly staff had me covered by introducing the top 3 dishes that are loved by frequent diners here! 

Image Credit: PLOY 


1/ Grilled Lamb Rack

View Free Grilled Lamb Rack at PLOY

PLOY’s signature Grilled Lamb Rack was my favorite dish of the day! The pieces of flame-grilled New Zealand lamb were presented nicely along with potato gratin, fresh zucchini and tomato salad with a touch of the aromatic and spicy house-made Thai pesto. Just the look itself had already whetted my appetite! To my expectation, the meat was well-cooked with a smoky taste and tender goodness! Delightful in every bite!

>> Click here to view this Grilled Lamb Rack


2/ Seared Salmon Nigiri (3 pcs)

View Free Seared Salmon Nigiri

The next dish, Seared Salmon Nigiri (3 pcs), was so eye-catching that one would hardly resist. 3 pieces of the high-quality salmon were skilfully torched before being topped with delectable fish roes and special mayo sauce. Their sleek and elegant look immediately got my mouth watered. Melt-in-the-mouth and packed with flavors, the signature dish was a lip-smacking treat for my taste buds! 

>> Click here to view this Seared Salmon Nigiri (3pcs)


3/ Black Rice 

Click here to view Free Black Rice at PLOY

The last dish that you should keep an eye on is the signature Black Rice! Added with the squid ink, the rice had a unique appearance that would gratify any adventurous foodies. The dish was embellished with seafood, Thai sweet basil and egg yolk perched on top. The rice was excellently seasoned with a briny taste from the fresh seafood and mixed nicely with the egg yolk, making it a tantalizing indulgence. 

>> Click here to view this Black Rice


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Location: G-02, Ground floor, Work@Clearwater, Changkat Semantan, Off Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

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View Free Signature Dishes at Aviary Bar

Rejuvenating Cocktails and Delights at Aviary Bar @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Aviary Bar, previously named Chambers Bar, has been well-known for being the home of the phenomenal tiki cocktail – the Jungle Bird. Situated at Hilton Kuala Lumpur, the softly-lit bar has an elegant curved wall that boasts a modern chic yet cozy atmosphere with skillful mixologists whip up colorful cocktails – a perfect haven for a snug gathering.

With an extensive menu of fine selections of international delights along with champagne, wine, hard liquor and hip, trendy cocktails,  Aviary Bar has won the hearts of foodies and cocktail enthusiasts alike. I was thrilled to have a catch up with my friends here last week and of course, I took this opportunity to find out the most-loved delicacies here! 

1/ Lamb Koftas + Original Jungle Bird 

View Lamb Koftas and Original Jungle Bird

I couldn’t refrain from the temptation to try the world-famous Original Jungle Bird cocktail. Curated back in the ’70s, this invention has helped put Malaysian cocktail culture on the world map and it is definitely something you would not want to miss out! The drink got my total attention as the liquor elegantly put inside the hollowed-out calamari was lit up, exuding an irresistible fragrance along with the aromatic pineapple slice perched on top. This to-die-for cocktail was incredibly rejuvenating and perfectly paired with the tantalizing Lamb Koftas with Tahini Dressing. The tender lamb meat went well with the nutty Tahini sauce, making it a pleasure in every bite.

>> Click here to view this Lamb Koftas + Original Jungle Bird


2/ Spicy Falafel + Aviary Tales 

View Spicy Falafel Sliders and Aviary Tales

The Spicy Falafel + Aviary Tales is something you should keep an eye on! The chef’s signature Spicy Falafel excited my taste buds with a kick thanks to the chili hummus. Grainy and crispy on the outside yet soft and mushy on the inside, this delicacy had my heart skipped a beat! While the taste of the Spicy Falafel was still lingering, I took a sip of the Aviary Tales. Its delicate cucumber taste with a sour note from the lemon juice and the unique flavor from the pineapple juice was refreshing, lip-smackingly complemented the Spicy Falafel. Definitely a combination that never fails to impress.


3/ Prawn Tempura + Malaysian Mule

View This Prawn Tempura and Malaysian Mule

The final delight is equally impressive which features Prawn Tempura and Malaysian Mule cocktail. The Australian-imported freshwater prawns were coated in an ultralight batter which made them crispy and airy, not to mention their soul-satisfying sweetness. The signature cocktail Malaysian Mule was packed with flavors which mainly came from the fresh lemongrass and kaffir lime juice accompanied with a crisp taste and tangy aroma from the ginger beer. An incredible indulgence for a relaxing day!

>> Click here to view this Prawn Tempura + Malaysian Mule

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Aviary Bar
Location: Lobby Level, Hilton Kuala Lumpur, 3, Jalan Stesen Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur

3 Soul-Satifying Signature Dishes at Kampachi Pavilion

Nestled in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Kampachi – the multi-award winning restaurant, is recognized by avid foodies and discerning diners for its truly authentic Japanese cuisine with ingredients sourced from Japan and the art of traditional methods of food preparation. 
As someone who has always been succumbing to Japanese delights, I did not miss out a chance to gratify my palate with a wide array of sumptuous delicacies at this much-loved restaurant to get drifted to Japan. I also found out the 3 most-favored dishes by frequent diners here which you definitely should not forgo! 

1/ Wagyu Tataki 

Click here to view Kampachi Pavilion's Free Signature Dish Wagyu Tataki

If you can’t decide whether to have a dish of tasty sashimi or to chow down on succulent steaks, Wagyu Tataki will offer you the best of both worlds! The Japanese-styled delight was prepared by briefly searing thin pieces of gorgeous-marbled Australian Wagyu beef before topping these enthralling slices of meat with ponzu vinegar, grated radish and garlic flakes. I love the combination of the rich-flavored Wagyu beef with the ponzu vinegar as this citrus-based sauce balanced the heavy taste of the beef. Melt-in-the-mouth and flavorful yet not too heavy, this dish is a perfect start for a wholesome meal! 


2/ Salmon Trio

Click here to view Free Salmon Trio at Kampachi Pavilion

What’s better than gratifying your palate with delectable salmon in 3 ways? If you are salmon lovers, don’t miss out this signature Salmon Trio. The dish is a combination of sashimi, sushi and reverse maki rolls of 4 pieces each, featuring high-quality salmon. I was overwhelmed when the dish was presented as its appearance alone was enough to whet my appetite. While the sashimi melted my heart with its tenderness, the sushi and maki rolls excited my taste buds for the subtle and refreshing taste. This dish is a splendid choice for those who love a taste of everything.


3/ Sakura Course

The Sakura Course would be everything a Japanese cuisine fan could ask for! This signature 7-course Omakase meal focuses on the spirit of “leave it to the chef” with dishes curated based on seasonal items.

My meal started with Crab Meat with Vinaigrette Jelly and Fresh Vegetables which was rejuvenating and exciting. The next dish – Prawn Ball Clear Soup, surprised me as the soup was filled with umami taste despite its unpretentious look! Crunchy to the bite, the deep-fried Lady Finger and Sakura Prawn Tempura with Sakura Salt was irresistible. 

Next came 3 kinds of assorted sashimi and I was thrilled to know that diners can request for their preferred choices! The grilled dish of the day – Wagyu Saikoro Steak with special Truffle Soy Sauce was my favorite dish of the day for its juiciness and flavorsome taste while the 3-kind sushi dish was heaven in disguise! I was blown away by the torched toro topped with the heavenly lip-smacking sea urchin. The final dish was soul-satisfying as the Anmitsu with Hojicha Ice Cream was a wonderful sweet-ending for such a gastronomic adventure. 

>> Click here to view this Sakura Course


Kampachi Pavilion
Location: Lot 6.09.00, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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View 3 Lip-Smacking Signature Dishes at Sassorosso Italian Restaurant and Wine Retailer

Lip-Smacking Dishes at Sassorosso Italian Restaurant and Wine Retailer

When I told my friend I was searching for an authentic Italian restaurant to get away from the hustle and bustle this weekend, she did not hesitate to introduce Sassorosso Italian Restaurant and Wine Retailers. How was the experience there, you ask? I fell in love! 

Friendly staff welcomed us when we arrived and the moment we stepped in, the aroma from the imported oven immediately whetted my appetite. Rustic setting and relaxing ambiance, I was drifted back to the peaceful Italian countryside. I couldn’t wait to revel in a wide selection of pizza, Italian seafood dishes and savory desserts with a European twist here. And, as usual, I would not want you to miss out the 3 most-favored dishes by diners here!    

1/ Squid Ink Tagliatelle 

View Free Squid Ink Tagliatelle

I started the meal by indulging myself in the signature Squid Ink Tagliatelle. This unordinary pasta was made from scratch and, as its name suggests, had a unique black color from the squid ink while being embellished by seared scallops and broccoli. I love the squid ink not only for its special color but also for its rich and briny flavors added to the dish. The cooked-to-perfection pasta mingled perfectly with the delicately sweet and buttery scallops, making it a delight you would not able to resist! 

>> Click here to view this Squid Ink Tagliatelle


2/ Pizza Gorgonzola 

View Free Pizza Gorgonzola

I was overwhelmed with the choices of pizza here and later on, was introduced to the signature Pizza Gorgonzola which is the chef’s favorite dish! This authentic pizza was freshly made using a wood-fired brick oven and that’s why it was imparted with an exquisite smoky flavor like no others! Topped with mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, rocket salad & truffle oil, diners can expect an explosion of flavors in every bite!

>> Click here to view this Pizza Gorgonzola


3/ Cannoli Siciliani 

View Free Cannoli Siciliani

The final dish is the classic signature Cannoli Siciliani which is an Italian pastry that originated from the island of Sicily, Italy. As one of the much-loved Italian desserts, Cannoli Siciliani is a splendid treat to end your meal with. Presented simply yet enough to titillate my taste buds, the crispy pastry was stuffed with house-made ricotta, chocolate chip and pistachio. Light and refreshing, this signature dessert is not to be missed!

>> Click here to view this Cannoli Siciliani

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Sassorosso Italian Restaurant and Wine Retailer
Location: 9, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
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View 3 Signature Dishes at El Iberico @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

3 Toothsome Signature Dishes at El Ibérico @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to premium pork, an avid porcine fan would definitely love to titillate the taste buds with Ibérico pork! Not only renowned for the pig’s unique dark grey color but this extraordinary delight is also loved by discerning diners for its extremely flavorful meat. Good news for you! You won’t need to fly all the way to the Iberian Peninsula, Spain to have a taste of this scrumptious delicacy! Just head to El Ibérico @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and their authentic imported free-range Ibérico “Black Pig” Pork with excellent meat quality will satiate your craving!

If you are planning for a treat at this restaurant, remember to keep an eye the following 3 unique dishes which are much-favored here! 

1/ Original Ibérico Ribs

View Free Original Iberico Ribs

I could not stop the temptation to start the meal with the signature Original Ibérico Ribs (430g – 480g per serving). Pieces of the highly sought-after Ibérico Ribs were presented simply yet exuded a distinct flavor that was enough to trigger my salivation. I was thrilled once sinking my teeth into the ribs as they were not only rich in taste but also exquisitely tender-to-the-bite. Don’t forget to dip the flavorsome ribs into the house-made mint and chili sauces on the side as they perfectly complemented the tasty dish. 

>> Click here to view this Original Ibérico Ribs

2/ Grilled Seafood Tapas Platter

View El Iberico Grilled Seafood Tapas Platter

The signature Grilled Seafood Tapas Platter is one of the platters that received much love from the diners here and I had no reason why not to indulge myself in such a delight. 4 different seafood tapas including prawns, baby octopus, calamari and mussels were set neatly on the platter, promising a palate-pleasing treat. I personally prefer the baby octopus for its freshness and crisp taste. This signature dish is ideal to be paired with white wine and perfect for a group of 2-3 persons.

>> Click here to view this Grilled Seafood Tapas Platter

3/ Grilled Pork Sausages

View Free Signature Grilled Pork Sausages

The final dish is the lip-smacking Grilled Pork Sausages. This vibrant dish featuring grilled vegetables such as zucchinis, eggplants, carrots and sweet peppers along with 2 types of 6 irresistible grilled-to-perfection sausages quickly enticed my taste buds. The sausages had an airy and crispy cover on the outside yet were moist and flavorful on the inside – a splendid indulgence for any pork lovers! 

>> Click here to view this Grilled Pork Sausages

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El Ibérico
Location: Level 4, Lot C4.05.01, Pavilion, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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