Click Here To View 3 Favorite Burgers at The Daily Grind

Revel In Top 3 Favorite Burgers at The Daily Grind

My friends and I have a great fondness for burgers (some even call us “burger fanatics”) and this guilty indulgence actually brings us closer as we are always on the go to search for the nicest burgers in town. Our stop last week was The Daily Grind which is known as the very first gourmet burger restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant quickly won our hearts for its wide range of crafted and adventurous creations with high-quality ingredients and delectable homemade sauces. Its retro yet laid-back ambiance is also suitable for our casual meet-up. 

Patrons come to the restaurant are pampered with a plethora of delights featuring Burgers, Light Bites, Comfort Food and more. If you want to relish the best burgers at this restaurant in your next visit, check out the following 3 burgers which have always been the top choices of frequent diners here! 


1/ Foie Gras Burger
 Click here to view Foie Gras Burger

The first burger – Foie Gras Burger, easily whetted our appetite just by its glamorous appearance! The premium Australian beef patty and the skillfully pan-seared foie gras are to die for! The beef tempted our taste buds with its tenderness and juiciness while the foie gras melted on the tongue, exuding distinct flavors which were complemented by the balsamic palm sugar glaze. Portobello mushroom and onion cranberry jam were added to balance the taste, making this burger our top favorite! 

>> Click here to view this Foie Gras Burger


2/ Downtown Tokyo 

Click here to view Free Downtown Tokyo at The Daily Grind

Another hard-to-resist delight is this Downtown Tokyo. Inspired by Japanese cuisine, the burger is made of deep-fried soft shell crab with a touch of wasabi mayo and some rocket leaves served in charcoal buns. We were a bit doubtful at first to try this exotic patty but we then immediately fell in love with the combination. The soft-shell crab was perfectly fried to reach an incredible crunchiness whereas its taste gave a mild kick on the tongue. A wonderful experience.

>> Click here to view this Downtown Tokyo


3/ Sloppy Joe

Click here to view Free Sloppy Joe at The Daily Grind

Sloppy Joe
– as its name suggests, is best to enjoy messily! The burger is made of sautéed beef patty in barbecue sauce, melted cheese and topped with onion rings. We were overwhelmed with the big portion of the burger yet excited at the same time!  Sumptuous cheesy beef patty mingling with crunchy onion rings, this classic burger is a delightful mess which would make you come back for more.  

>> Click here to view this Sloppy Joe


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The Daily Grind Bangsar
Location: LG8, Lower Ground, Bangsar Village. 1, Jalan Telawi, 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

The Daily Grind Ampang
Location: 26, Persiaran Ampang, Desa Pahlawan, Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur.
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Click here to view Way Modern Chinois

Delight Your Palate with 3 Hearty Dishes at Way Modern Chinois

Way Modern Chinois @ Damansara Heights has always been one of my go-to destinations not only because of its location which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city but also for its exquisite fine-dining Chinese menu with a twist. Once stepping out of the elevator, you will probably be overwhelmed with the restaurant’s contemporary and sophisticated furnishings. 

If you are an avid foodie, this is where you should belong to! Of course there are superb dishes here that are loved by diners which I don’t want you to miss out. Let’s figure out! 

1/ Truffle Roast Duck

Click here to view Truffle Roast Duck at Way Modern Chinois

If you have a knack for duck meat and truffle, this Truffle Roast Duck is the perfect selection for you! After being marinated with truffle sauce, the duck is double roasted with truffle oil and topped with truffle slices – a pure indulgence for any gourmet hunters. I was in love with its crispy skin, flavorful meat and of course, the truffle sauce which filled my palate with an umami goodness. Due to its demanding requirement, the dish needs to be pre-ordered 24 hours in advance.

>> Click here to view this Truffle Roast Duck

2/ Trio Dim Sum Collection

Click here to view the Trio Dim Sum Collection at Way Modern Chinois

Next comes Trio Dim Sum Collection which includes “Skinless” XLB 特色小笼包 (4pcs), Pac Man Dumplings 四川虾饺 (4pcs), and Golden Rose Wanton 玫瑰云吞 (5pcs). The dish has an eye-pleasing presentation which can capture any diners’ hearts! The “Skinless” XLB, wrapped in a transparent skin, tempted my palate with its sumptuous broth and minced meat topped with tangy foamy ginger and vinegar dip. The Pac Man Dumplings teased my taste buds with the fresh steamed prawns marinated in Szechuan spices and spicy ponzu while the Golden Rose Wanton was tasty with its crispy prawn dumplings and dashes of red sauce. 

>> Click here to view this Trio Dim Sum Collection


3/ Crispy Lion Fish

Click here to view the Crispy Lion Fish at Way Modern Chinois

Finally, Crispy Lion Fish! Don’t worry, it’s not the endangered species we are talking about! The dish is indeed a deep-fried sea bass in disguise! The fillet was cut skillfully and deep fried until it opened up, nicely moist underneath the light brown crust. Dip the fish inside the sweet and sour sauce and your taste buds will be delighted with every piece. A hearty dish of the fresh-water fish!

>> View this Crispy Lion Fish


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Way Modern Chinois
Location: G-1, Work@Clearwater, Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.
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3 Dishes That Will Sure Gratify Your Palate at Luce Osteria Contemporanea

Having been a big fan of heritage and colonial buildings, I turned myself into a frequent visitor to Old Malaya – located at Jalan Raja Chulan, right after my first time here. The nearly 100-year-old building was skillfully revitalized into gorgeous heritage-modeled dining spots, making it one of the prominent culinary hub for foodies in KL. 

Luce Osteria Contemporanea is one of the restaurants here that won my heart! What’s better than sipping a glass of cocktail, taking in the majestic beauty of KL tower while savoring classic Italian dishes? Of course, there are dishes here that you should not miss out and I’m willing to share with you in this post! 


1/ Il Gran Tagliere

Click here to view Luce Osteria Contemporanea

The first dish that you definitely should not forgo is this II Gran Tagliere which is a selection of premium cold cuts with cheeses, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and caper berries! Featuring imported cold cuts cured for at least 6 to 18 months such as Parma Ham (18 months), Mortadella, Coppa, Salame Napoli, Smoked Peck and Italian Honey Ham, the dish totally satiated my taste buds. I was also impressed to know the cheeses here are specifically curated and imported from different regions of Italy. A delectable delight! 

>> Click here to view this Il Gran Tagliere


2/ Sole Pizza (Sun-Shaped Pizza)

Click here to view Sun-Shaped Pizza at Luce Osteria Contemporanea

The next dish – Sole Pizza, has such an eye-catching presentation that you might not be able to take your eyes off it! This interesting pizza is also known as the Sun Pizza because of its sun-like shape. Topped with Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes sauce, rocket salad, sliced tomatoes and baked using imported Italian wood-fired oven, the pizza had unique and smoky flavors which were out-standing! The Burrata Pugliese on top was a fresh light Italian cheese which really mingled well with the pizza for its an unusually soft texture. 

>> Click here to view this Sole Pizza (Sun-Shaped Pizza)

3/ La Porchetta 

Click here to view La Porchetta at Luce Osteria Contemporanea

The final dish, as well as my top favorite dish, is this La Porchetta Using high-quality suckling pig to debone and stuff with pork sausage, Mortadella, capsicums, artichokes and Mozzarella cheese, this traditional Italian dish had a moist texture and packed with flavors. The beef stew cooked with Parma Ham was served along to further accentuate the taste of the dish, making it a hard-to-resist delicacy! 

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Luce Osteria Contemporanea
Location: No.10, Old Malaya, Lorong Raja Chulan 50250, Kuala Lumpur.
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Click here to view 3 free signature dishes at Opium

3 Spectacular Dishes at Opium @ Bukit Bintang!

Rooted in the corner of the culinary and entertainment hub – Changkat Bukit Bintang, Opium has always attracted diners for its impressive outlook which is reminiscent of oriental Shanghainese theme. Not only loved for their creative cocktails (such as the Zhu Ba Jie cocktail for CNY 2019 celebration), the restaurant also offers a variety of Asian Oriental delights with a twist. 

I came to the restaurant to unwind after a hectic week. Inspired by the Opium regimes of the East, the interior is furnished with aged-old artifacts which is just perfect to relax and drift back in time. Of course, I also took this chance to find out 3 dishes that diners are most interested in when they come here!

1/ Signature Ulam Quinoa Served with Beef Rendang and Fried Squid

Click here to view Signature Ulam Quinoa Served with Beef Rendang And Fried Squid
The first dish – Signature Ulam Quinoa Served with Beef Rendang and Fried Squid, is the epitome of “Asian Oriental delights with a twist”! This authentic Asian dish is ingeniously prepared with a combination of fine ingredients including 7 herbs, dried shrimps, onions, ginger, coconut served with pickled cucumbers and omelette. The Angus Beef Rendang was skillfully cooked to make it fork-tender while the fried squid pleased my taste buds with its crunchy texture – ideal to mingle with the refreshing Ulam Quinoa.

>> Click here to view this Signature Ulam Quinoa with Beef Rendang and Fried Squid


2/ Crispy Lemon-Orange Butter Chicken

Click here to view Crispy Lemon Orange Butter Chicken at Opium

This lip-smacking Crispy Lemon-Orange Butter Chicken has become one of my favorite dishes after the first time trying. Cooked with lemon plum sauce and orange juice, the deep-fried chicken was imparted a hint of sweetness and tangy flavors. This hot-to-your-table dish is beautifully presented and served with a choice of Poppy Seed Rice or Lotus Leaf Buns – totally a must-try delight! 

>> Click here to view this Crispy Lemon-Orange Butter Chicken


3/ Curry Spaghettini with Salmon

Click here to view Curry Spaghettini with Salmon

The last dish – Curry Spaghettini with Salmon, is a true winner for its irresistible aroma. The house-made spaghettini is meticulously crafted and cooked in a fragrant coconut broth with spices and ingredients like dried shrimps, chicken, tofu puffs and more! The salmon fillet on top absorbed the curry base and to my surprise, it was not flaky at all. Rich in flavors with a touch of moderate spiciness, this dish is something you just cannot miss out. 

>> Click here to view this Curry Spaghettini with Salmon

View how these signature dishes are made here: 

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Location: 50, Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.
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Click here to view free signature dishes at ANTE

Gratify Your Palate with 3 Delectable Dishes at ANTE

As we were in the midst of celebrating Chinese New Year, my friends wanted to arrange a meet-up. One of my friends is a staunch advocate of ANTE and this lunar new year is the year of the pig, that’s why we decided to excite our palate with the swine dishes here without any hesitation!

For those who are in love with porcine dishes, ANTE could be one of the porkylicious dining spots that you have frequented. Established since 2012, this award-winning restaurant is renowned for its all-day-dining menu with artisanal ingredients and techniques showcasing gourmet delicacies. 

And as usual, I take this chance to find out the 3 much-loved dishes by the customers here! 


1/ Chermoula Spiced Pork Shoulder

Click here to view Chermoula Spiced Pork Shoulder

We started to ease our hunger by chowing down on the resplendent Chermoula Spiced Pork Shoulder! Prepare to be overwhelmed with this huge pork chop (450gm!) and its irresistible aroma. This highly-marbled cut of dark meat was hand-rubbed with fragrant Moroccan and Tunisian spices before being grilled to perfection which easily tempted our taste buds. The lean pork shoulder had an incredible tender texture and tastiness that you would not want to miss out! 

>> Click here to view this Chermoula Spiced Pork Shoulder 


2/ Chargrilled Pork Ribeye

Click here to view Chargrilled Pork Ribeye

Here comes my favorite dish of the day – Chargrilled Pork Ribeye. I was totally blown away by the perfect combination of the buttery charred fat on the meat with its lean meat. To accentuate more flavors into the ribeye, the dish is smothered in ANTE’s delectable truffled butter sauce! Juicy, tender and well-marinated, this good-quality marbled ribeye would be all you could ask for! 

>> Click here to view this Chargrilled Pork Ribeye


3/ Curry Char Siu Pasta

Click here to view Curry Char Siu Pasta at ANTE

The final dish that I would like to share with you is this sumptuous Curry Char Siu Pasta – a dish which would guarantee a unique experience! Cooked in house-blended coconut curry paste and eggplant ragu, the cuts of char siu were filled with flavors while the house-made linguine was smooth and rich. A delight in the mouth!

>> Click here to view this Curry Char Siu Pasta

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ANTE Publika
Location: A2-G1-09, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, No.1, Jalan Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
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ANTE 1 Utama
LocationLot F346, First Floor, Rainforest, New Wing, One Utama Shopping centre. 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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View Free Signature Dishes at Mezze Bar & Bistro

3 Delightful Dishes at Mezze Bar & Bistro @ Medan Damansara

Before departing Kuala Lumpur for Chinese New Year 2019 celebration and revel in a plethora of lunar new year’s delicacies on this occasion, my friend and I decided to treat ourselves to a dinner to satiate our taste buds with Western delights! After being overwhelmed with too many choices, we found out Mezze Bar & Bistro – a Western, Mediterranean restaurant which was awarded “Certificate of Excellent 2017” by TripAdvisor. 

Known for its exceptional service and excellent dishes, Mezze Bar & Bistro is definitely our place to be. Of course, we took this chance to introduce to you 3 delights that you definitely must try when come to the restaurant! 


1/ French Rib Eye

Click here to view Mezze Bar & Bistro's French Rib Eye

We started our meal with a big chunk of French Rib Eye (250g) featuring premium Charolais beef from France. The stunningly marbled rib eye is lightly marinated and grilled under the perfect heat for the beef to exude its beefiest flavors and maintain its high protein. This perfect-for-gourmet steak served along with tasty shoestring fries and fresh side salad is a satisfactory indulgence that any steak fans would not resist. 

>> Click here to view this French Rib Eye


2/ Spicy Lamb Cutlet
 Click here to view Spicy Lamb Cutlet at Mezze Bar & Bistro

Another dish that captured our attention was a vibrant dish of Spicy Lamb Cutlet. The dish had such an irresistible aroma and eye-catching presentation that silently tempted our palate. Only the high-quality cutlets are hand-picked and marinated for hours to bring out the best taste before being grilled to à point. Expect a heap of piquancy and tender goodness on your tongue when you savor this delight! Don’t forget to enjoy the grilled eggplant and fresh rocket leaves that are set to balance the strong flavors of the lamb. 

>> Click here to view this Spicy Lamb Cutlet


3/ Mezze Burger 

Click here to view Mezze Burger at Mezze Bar & Bistro

To finish our journey of gustatory fulfillment, we ended with a one-of-a-kind Mezze Burger including 250g of freshly ground beef patty and served with shoestring fries, a choice of panini or brioche bune! Such a big beef patty would require a skillful hand to be able to keep the beef moisturized while maintaining its doneness and this burger did not let us down at all! Not only juicy but the dish was really a delightful treat for its flavors thanks to the addition of whisky BBQ sauce, red cabbage slaw, mayo, lettuce. 

>> Click here to view this Mezze Burger


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Mezze Bar & Bistro
Location: 132, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

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Click here to view Free Dishes at Zenzero Restaurant and Wine Bar

3 Delectable Dishes at Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar

Opened in 2013, Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar has been my go-to dining spot for authentic and refined Italian cuisine which are prepared by the talented Italian chefs here. Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the restaurant is a perfect place where I can revel in the freshest possible ingredients in a modern and cozy atmosphere. 
This time, I came back with a different goal more than just indulging myself in good foods – find out 3 dishes that are much-loved by the customers here and you should not miss out a chance to enjoy these dishes! 


1/ La Milanese 

The first dish that captured my attention and taste buds is this delectable La Milanese or Veal Milanese.  The Milan’s signature dish featured a big portion of well-marinated “bone-in” veal chop (160 grams) which was breaded, deep fried in butter and served along with roasted potatoes, arugula and tomato salad with shaved Grana Padano cheese. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, the rich and flavorful veal chop was a delightful indulgence. 

>> Click here to view this La Milanese 


2/ Black Angus Beef Carpaccio

Click here to view Free Black Angus Beef Carpaccio at Zenzero Restaurant and Wine Bar

Carpaccio or thinly sliced/pounded raw meat is an exquisite delight when it comes to Italian dishes. It might sound intimidating to hear “raw meat” at first but I totally fell in love with it after the first try! The Black Angus Beef Carpaccio at the restaurant was prepared on the spot to preserve the freshness of the meat, served with arugula salad, black truffle paste and parmesan cheese. Rich in flavors with a melt-in-the-mouth sensation, this dish is one of the top favorites here.

 >> Click here to view Black Angus Beef Carpaccio


3/ Homemade Pappardelle al Ragù di Carne

Click here to view Free Homemade Pappardelle at Zenzero Restaurant and Wine Bar

Finally, don’t go home without trying the Homemade Pappardelle al Ragù di Carne or pasta Bolognese. The pasta was meticulously handmade by the top chefs which mingled nicely with the tender veal and lamb ragu. Pecorino sardo is added to accentuate the flavors of the dish. I would say it is an ultimate comfort food, especially on a breezy day, which could drift you back to the beautiful Italy.

>> Click here to view this Homemade Pappardelle al Ragù di Carne


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Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar
Location: A-0-9, Ground Floor, St Mary Place, No.1, Jalan Tengah, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
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Click here to view Free Signature Dishes at RainTree

[ELITE Review] 3 Luscious Delights at Raintree @ Menara CIMB

While looking for a restaurant with an alfresco to chill after a hectic week, I came across Raintree – a restaurant at Menara CIMB with a mix of Thai and Western cuisine which houses a relaxing alfresco.
Impressed with its minimalist design yet vibrant ambience, I and my friend made a visit with no hesitation. Once settled down, I just couldn’t wait to try the food here and also to share with you the best dishes you must not forgo when come to the restaurant. That’s why I had a friendly staff introduced 3 dishes which are much-loved by Raintree‘s customers. 

1/ Lamb Rack

Click here to view Free Lamb Rack at Raintree

The Lamb Rack was presented in an unpretentious way with the main focus on its flavors (which I was teasing my friend that it “cuts straight to the point” as the name suggested). Perked atop perfectly-grilled seasonal vegetables and potato wedges, the high-quality lamb racks whetted our appetite with its irresistible aroma. We were both amazed by the juiciness of the lamb while the racks were grilled to à point as the meat could easily dry out if it was not handled well. A great delight for lamb aficionados!

>> Click here to view this Lamb Rack


2/ Beef Short Ribs

Click here to view Beef Short Ribs at Raintree

Our next dish, which we couldn’t stop talking about until now, was the signature Beef Short Ribs. The big chunk of beef short ribs on a sizzling hot pan totally stunned us for a moment. Our first slice into the rib was satisfied as the meat easily fell of the bone, promised a melt-in-the-mouth sensation. Of course, it didn’t let us down with the well-marinated, fork-tender meat and the splendid BBQ sauce. 

>> Click here to view this Beef Short Rib


3/ Rib Eye

Click here to view Rib Eye at Raintree

Finally, we finished our meal with a true show stopper – Raintree’s signature Rib Eye. I have always been a big fan of rib eye and for sure I had some expectation for this signature dish. I was delighted as the rib eye was absolutely luscious. Using fine ingredients and top-quality rib eye, the chef skillfully preserved the meat’s juiciness and taste with a touch of the house-made black pepper sauce. The sauce itself was an exquisite combination that accentuated the flavors of the rib eye. The seasonal vegetables and potato wedges are worth-trying as well! 

>> Click here to view this Rib Eye


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Location: Level 2, Menara CIMB, 2, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.

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Click here to view 3 dishes at Chakri Palace

[ELITE Review] 3 Exquisite Delights at Chakri Palace @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

As I was still overwhelmed with turkeys, buffets and festive desserts after all the Christmas and New Year’s Eve feasts, I was hesitated at first when my friends asked me out for dinner. Fun fact, they also chowed down on too many protein-rich dishes and that’s why they wanted to take a break by savoring some Thai dishes! The good experience we had at Imperial Chakri Palace still lingered on our mind, hence we were not hesitated to go for its flagship outlet – Chakri Palace. Of course, I didn’t miss out this chance to taste and share with you the 3 most sumptuous dishes here that you definitely should go for!


1/ Deep Fried Garoupa with Traditional Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Click here to view Deep Fried Garoupa With Traditional Sweet Spicy Sauce at Chakri Palace

Nothing beats a meal of freshly-caught fish fried until perfection and that’s why we absolutely fell for the hearty dish Signature Deep Fried Garoupa With Traditional Sweet & Spicy Sauce. The vibrant and thus, eye-pleasing color of the big portion of fried garoupa immediately captured our attention right after it was presented in front of our eyes. Smothered in delectable sweet and spicy sauce along with fine herbs, the dish quickly tempted our palate for its irresistible aroma. With its crispy goodness, delicate taste that mingled perfectly with the sauce and the not-flaky-at-all texture, the dish is totally a must when you come here.

>> Click here to view this Signature Deep Fried Garoupa with Traditional Sweet and Spicy Sauce


2/ Signature Deep Fried King Prawn (2pcs)

Click here to view Signature Deep Fried King Prawn at Chakri Palace

While our hearts were still skipping a beat with the luscious garoupa (I know it sounds exaggerating, but you can hardly avoid this when you taste such a sumptuous dish!), we were in awe again to see a mouth-watering dish of 2 pieces of Signature Deep Fried King Prawn. Not only was the dish beautifully presented, showcasing the delectable goodness and huge portion of the king prawns, but it also satiated our palate with the king prawn’s freshness and natural sweetness. A dish you cannot forgo! 

>> Click here to view this Signature Deep Fried King Prawn


3/ Chakri Four Seasons

Click here to view Four Seasons at Chakri Palace

We decided to end our meal with something light and this Chakri Four Seasons seemed like a good one (the dish is also an excellent starter to tease your palate!). Finest spring rolls, mango salad, prawns, chicken balls and mixed fruit are meticulously hand-picked by the restaurant’s award-winning Thai chef team! We still vividly remembered the exquisite taste of the crispy spring rolls, the palate-teasing mango salad which is well-balanced in terms of sweetness, spiciness and sourness, the delightful chicken balls, crispy prawns and finally, the fresh mixed fruit which is an extraordinary addition to the dish.

>> Click here to view this Chakri Four Seasons

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Chakri Palace
Location: Lot C4.06.01, Level 4, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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