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ELITE Review: Babe, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It had been a while since we hadn’t indulged ourselves in a fine dining. As a result, my friends and I treated ourselves to a touch of delicacies last week. We had learned that Babe had recently replaced its ELITE signature sets with new dishes, so we decided to give the new dishes a try.

Situated on the 11th floor of Work@Cleanwater, Damansara Heights, Babe combines a gastronomic ‘fun-dining’ experience with one of the best views in the city. We were all in awe with the charming view from the restaurant and were lucky enough to have a table which overlooks KL’s skyline and world-famous Petronas Twin Towers. We were all ready to expect the unexpected from the signature dishes created by Michelin-starred chef Jeff Ramsey who is famous for his refined repertoire in modern Japanese cuisine.

1. Ootoro Spring Roll (RM120)

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Two perfect-looking spring rolls were carefully placed on top of a layer of beautiful bamboo twigs.

Well, we all have heard a lot about “Tokyo”, “Kyoto” and a number of interesting Japanese words, haven’t we? So, what is Ootoro? Is it a city? To help you get out of any confusion it may cause, I shall first start with explaining about the name! Ootoro or otoro is actually considered one of the most worth-eating parts when it comes to tuna. Why is it so? Because it is the fattiest cut of a tuna’s underbelly! The gourmet food has made it way to become one of the top luxurious and must-try dishes in the world. Ootoro quickly becomes the favorite of many famous chefs around the world, and Chef Jeff at Babe also fell into its love bait.

The Ootoro Spring Roll is a symbol of finest simplicity. The dish impressed us with two pieces of perfect-looking spring rolls carefully placed on top of a layer of beautiful bamboo twigs (they are real and gorgeous!). This decoration quickly brought us back to the nature for a minute, picturing ourselves in a Japanese garden full of bamboos and blossoms. The chef had disclosed an interesting fact – he hand-picked the bamboo twigs from the building the restaurant located at! Personally, I love this idea as it shows how creative and detailed the chef is! Inside the crispy spring rolls were little cubes of fatty ootoro, fresh wasabi, soy sauce gelée and Myouga, a type of Japanese ginger.

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Inside the crispy spring rolls were cubes of fatty ootoro.

I was so thrilled and curious to have my first bite of the crispy spring roll shells filled with chopped fatty tuna sashimi. It was a pleasant surprise! It was satisfyingly crunchy at first; however, my attention was quickly shifted towards the fatty otoro. The premium tuna melted on my tongue and for a split second, I felt so heavenly. I immediately understood why it was considered the dream of gourmet gastronomes! If you have always thought that raw tuna is bland and boring, you might want to think twice. Fresh and fatty, it dissolved completely while filing the mouth with a perfect combination of flavors and great satisfaction. A true epitome of luxury for fine-dining (and of course, fun-dining) connoisseurs!

2. Charcoal Grilled Alaskan King Crab (RM180)

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The Alaskan king crab was stunning and irressitible.

The chef had done an incredible job in transforming the pristine seafood imported from Alaska into such a delectable dish – gigantic legs of Alaskan King Crabs were cooked on a hot stone with charcoal; setting aside were halves of juicy calamansi. Staffs will help the diners to grill the crabs so don’t worry if you don’t know how. We squeezed some calamansi over the king crab to elevate the flavours of the dish and all of us couldn’t help to get excited seeing the dish became smoky.

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A close-up shot of the charcoal.

As disclosed by the chef, there was an ingredient used to made the crab meat tastier – the Kombu umami butter! Kombu, which is the king of seaweed, is an edible kelp used as a versatile ingredient and provides dishes with umami flavour, nutrients and minerals. The word “umami” itself is also an interesting word. Umami is an unique category of taste in food besides sweet, sour, salt and bitter. It did an awesome job in bringing amazing flavour to the crab meat.

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Not only does the Charcoal Grilled Alaskan King Crab taste great, it also provides one-of-a-kind health benefits as it is rich in high-quality protein.

We quickly dived into our share of crab. Unlike other crabs’ meat, the texture of Alaskan king crab was so delicate that each bite is irresistible with the natural sweetness of the crab meat. I was not surprised when I was informed that Alaskan King Crab is the most sought-after crab species in the world. Not only does it taste great, it also provides one-of-a-kind health benefits as it is rich in high-quality protein.

This dish is voted as the favourite dish among the three new ELITE dishes among the few of us. Overall, the dish was sophisticated and immeasurably enjoyable. Oishi!

3. Truffle A4 Wagyu Sukiyaki (RM180)

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Beautifully marbled strips of A4 Wagyu were presented nicely along with Japanese vegetables and truffled egg.

The Sukiyaki dish honours Babe’s concept of using fresh produce and seasonal discoveries. Beautifully marbled strips of A4 Wagyu beef were presented neatly with Japanese vegetables and mushrooms. This sukiyaki also comes with a perfect truffle egg yolk. The Japanese vegetables were grown from the chef’s rooftop garden so it’s absolutely fresh.

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Dip the cooked Wagyu beef into the truffled egg to have the best dining experience of this dish.

I wondered for a moment: what made Wagyu beef one of the most expensive beefs in the world? Visually, the beef possessed a soulful goddess look – beautiful pink with gorgeous marbling. The beef also stands out from the rest for its health benefits. Pure Wagyu contains mostly monounsaturated fatty acid rich in Omega-3s. To have the best dining experience of this dish, first, pour a bit of sukiyaki sauce over the beef and vegetables before dipping the cooked meat and vegetables into the egg. It was lip-smacking! The wagyu beef which cooked to our preferred doneness, soaked up the sukiyaki sauce and the truffle flavour infused in the egg yolk. Simple perfection!

If you would love to experience dining at Babe, you can now reserve a table here.

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11th Floor, Work@Cleanwater,
Jalan Changkat Semantan,
Damansara Heights,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday – Sunday: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm,
Closed on Mondays.

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ELITE Review: Bobo KL, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After a long hard-working week, my friends and I decided to get away from it all by exploring Jalan Bangkung – the quieter area of Bangsar. The street has gained reputation for having a long line of notable restaurants. This time, we dropped by Bobo KL – a restaurant with a stand of loyal customers falling in love with its intimate dining experience. We had an ecstatic walk upstairs to the restaurant and were all allured by the works of art hanging on the wall.

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We spent some time admiring all the surrounding pictures.

One small tip: the number of tables is limited so reservation in advance is advisable. We found ourselves sitting comfortably at the balcony where we could have a good view of the quiet street and enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

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Make sure to check out the collection of paintings owned by the owner himself.

Grilled Black Angus Ribeye    RM118++

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Our first dish was a visually appealing Grilled Black Angus Ribeye.

“Colorful!” was the first word that came out of my mouth! Slices of beef deliciously were flecked with pepper on top and embellished with a lovely edible pansy, along with dauphinoise (classic layered potato in garlic-scented cream), asparagus, au jus sauce and of course, roasted garlic. What’s better than some garlic to mingle with beef? The dauphinoise is an impressive and interesting side dish. The potatoes soaked up the cream so it was wonderfully creamy. I would have to say the texture made the potatoes more authentic than slicing or crushing it.

The garlic setting aside looked like a pretty flower plating on the dish that we thought it was just merely for decoration. When we recognized that it is edible, it is such a mistake if you do not mingle it with the beef! The roasted garlic was soft, despite its tough look, which added a bit of excitement for all of us. Of course with its powerful strong flavor, it accentuated the beefiest of the meat. And the beef itself? Did not let us down at any time as a premium quality beef – the Black Angus! Pink and juicy, tasty and fragrant.  I relish everything about the dish.

Duck Confit    RM48++  

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Another impressive dish with a delicate decoration.

Here comes my favorite dish of the day! The dish caught my attention with its eye-catching color, it did excite us with the decoration. Again, a lovely and colorful edible pansy was beautifully dressed, along with mashed potato underneath rosemary and some roasted zucchini. The half-circled cranberry sauce really caught my attention for its vibrant color with a hint of sweetness. What an embellishment this sauce made along with interesting dots of balsamic vinegar and olive oil! After all, it will always be soul-satisfying for foodies like us to not only taste the food but to enjoy the art of decoration.

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The duck skin was airy crispy but the meat amazed us by its moisture.

Through a glance, the duck’s skin looked airy crispy but at the same time, we were a bit concerned whether the meat inside would be dry. And when we got our first cut into the duck, we immediately knew that we were wrong. The meat was surprisingly soft and tender as it could be clearly ripped off from the bone. We could see every shred of the duck meat! The duck was well marinated and was further enhanced with the appetizing cranberry sauce. Mashed potato? As smooth and creamy as always. Thrilled by its visual look and taste, there is no doubt why it quickly baited me!

Herb Crusted New Zealand Rack of Lamb    RM79++

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Racks of lamb were well-plated with a highlight of an edible pansy.

The dish was, again, equally ornate compared to other dishes. 3 nicely-seared racks of lamb were put on a piece of dauphinoise. Right underneath the lamb was the mint-chili sauce which did a good job on radiating the freshness of mint leaves and the spiciness of dried crushed red pepper. It mixed well with balsamic vinegar and highlighted the colorful pansy on top. To start off, I decided to take a bite on the pansy and I believe you should give it a try: mild and fresh with a sweet green grassy flavor.  The first cut of the lamb was smooth and so juicy as we could see some drops of juice came off whilst cutting.

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The skin looked crispy and appetizing. The dish emanated a fragrant smell.

Oh, I should not forget to mention the Au Jus Sauce. The sauce is a reduction of meat’s natural juice combining all the drippings and additional stock added. I loved to challenge my palate a bit by having the other cut of lamb mixed with dauphinoise and swiped all through the mint chili sauce. It was a delight as the juiciness of the lamb combined with the potato’s creaminess and tangy flavor. The classic mint sauce did an exciting twist for the flavor as it brought a strong yet fresh and bright flavor. I personally think it would be an extraordinary combination with a bottle of wine like a ripe, fruity Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you want to pay a visit to Bobo KL, you can save your time by reserving a table here

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Bobo KL
Location: 65-1, Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Daily: 10AM – 12AM



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ELITE Review: Leonardo’s Dining Room & Wine Loft, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Last week we paid a visit to Leonardo’s Dining Room & Wine Loft at Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Building its name on its uniquely out-of-the-ordinary concept, inspired by the spirit of the Renaissance of Leonardo Da Vinci, the restaurant immediately captured our hearts with its opulent décor. We did not know we were about to walk in an invigorating experience with a magnificent “meat-ilicious” feast. Btw, we have some surprises for you at the end of this review! 

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Leonardo’s interior. Make sure to check out their fascinating artwork on the way up.

If you come to this restaurant, which named after Leonardo Da Vinci, you would possibly fall in love with all the artwork that are carefully placed on the brick walls once you entered. 

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Leonardo’s bar with a modern decoration.

Dim light and tranquil ambience, we immediately sank ourselves into a relaxing mode and drifted back to the Renaissance. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant did not let us down with their food art.

Leo’s Famous Spanish Iberico Pork Tenderloin    RM92++   

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Our first dish was a visually appealing dish of Leo’s Famous Spanish Iberico Pork Tenderloin. (RM92++)

Lying were 5 pieces of well-cut pork tenderloin atop a bed of mashed potato, sided with all-natural garden vegetable and Au Jus Sauce. Wait! It has not finished yet. The dish came along with two other sauces that presented nicely on the corner of the plate and its yellow and green color blended well with each other:  Hollandaise and Chimichurri – an Argentinian parsley-based sauce.

We could not resist ourselves from getting the first piece of pork dipped into the mixture of Hollandaise and Chimichurri. The lightly-seasoned meat was moist and tender. Both sauces did well on its job: Hollandaise – one of the French “mother sauces”, provided a rich, creamy and lemony buttery taste. It was an elegant touch to freshen the meat itself. Chimichurri, on the other hand, was a bit tart yet it worked wonder on the pork. It not only heightened the flavor of the meat but also played off the heavy nature of the food itself.

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A close-up shot to show how moist the pork looked like.

It was not there that the dish stopped astounding us. The mashed potato was a true joy of flavor: smooth and silky, fluffy with tangy sour cream and…a secret flavor-boosting weapon: truffle oil! (Oops, I guess I cannot keep a secret!). The truffle oil was added adequately so it did a good job on complementing the creamy mashed potato. The dish is really enjoyable!

Grilled New Zealand Lamb Rack    RM75++

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Nicely presented Grilled New Zealand Lamb Racks

We had a quick glance at the dish: The lamb was grilled with its sides burnt but its flesh was totally a satisfying contrast – a soft pink color. The lamb was made with blackened marinade, which gave it such an outlook and kept it moisturized inside. The mint-chili sauce – which is a combination of fresh mint leaves and a pinch of dried crushed red pepper, was aromatic and it provided a tart yet fresh feeling.
We loved how nice it was when all the side vegetables were given attention as much as the mains by the chef. If you are to enjoy this dish, do not forget to take a bite into the crunchy broccoli or fresh juicy tomatoes.

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The lamb racks got a pink flesh and slightly burnt sides.

Another interesting part for me is what lies underneath the lamb racks! Guess what? It was a simple sweet potato mash! I personally think this is a good alternative choice for potato mash as it not only came with a smooth and creamy soft texture but also provided a tangy and sour flavor which blended well with the rich lamb racks.

Leo’s Famous Pork Knuckle Platter     RM108++    

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The pork was hidden under crispy pieces of pork skin. Side salad was skillfully added on to balance the visual look and taste.

The pork knuckle was a big wow for us as it was something totally out of our imagination. Setting beside wedges of potato and a dose of salad was something special: it was golden brown and it had a crispy look! Turned out the pork skin – lying on top of the pork knuckle, was puffed up into startling little bits of crisp. It created a fascinating look for us and we, as curious as always, took a bite without any thought. You might prepare for a bit of forceful bite because the crispy skin was a bit thick, yet still incredibly interesting.

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The dish was served along with 4 types of sauces which brought about interesting experience.

Not only amazed us by the special pork skin, the dish came with 4 types of sauces: apple cinnamon, mustard, au jus and red plum sauce. Wait, what? 4 sauces?. Yes, we were baffling with the same question: why would it need so many sauces? We believe these variation is created for the intention of creating not just a flavorful meal but also for a joyful adventure in the mouth. We are mostly impressed with the apple cinnamon sauce – which was tangy and interesting. The plum sauce also proved to be a good choice for some sweet and sour on the palate. We all agreed that this entrée would show its best when paired with a bottle of red wine.

You can now reserve a table at Leonardo’s Dining Room & Wine Loft here

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Leonardo’s Dining Room and Wine Loft

61, Jalan Bangkung,
Taman Bandaraya,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,

Daily: 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM


BT Restaurant & Bar, Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya

Authentic Thai with a modern twist 


Located at Plaza 33, this contemporary Thai restaurant with Thai-style roof entrance arch and countless wood crafts will open your eyes to what a contemporary yet authentic Thai cuisine is like.



Patrons will instantly have a warm homecoming feeling once they stepped into the spacious dimly lit space with furbished elegant-looking wooden walls and matching teak wooden furnitures. The airy atmosphere of the restaurant sets a comfortable dining mood immediately.



BT Restaurant and Bar
Different themed private dining rooms are available at BT Restaurant and Bar. Are you a book lover? If you are, this library themed room is perfect for you!

BT Restaurant and Bar
Let us take a peek at another private dining room.

BT Restaurant and Bar
A wonderful collection of images of Thailand scenery and culture.

BT Restaurants & Bar offers an extensive range of Thai cuisine with a modern twist. Headed by the chefs from Thailand, it is no wonder BT Restaurant is famed for serving authentic Thai cuisine.



We decided to start off with Chicken Basil Wrap, a dish of minced chicken fried with basil leaves and chilli in a cucumber shell lined with crispy lettuce. The dish is served in bite-sized which makes it an easy eating. I particularly love this dish especially when the light aroma of cucumber together with the strong hint of spices burst in my mouth when I took a bite of it. For RM18, this is a good order.


BT Restaurant and Bar
Chicken Basil Wrap (RM18), recommended for spicy lovers.

Deep-fried Otak-Otak Spring Roll (RM28), grilled fish cake mixed with tapioca and spices wrapped in popiah skin. We were told that the sauce is specially imported from Thailand – speaking about authenticity, BT Restaurant definitely does it right.

BT Restaurant and Bar
Otak-Otak Spring Roll (RM28)

A Thai meal would not be completed without the signature Tom Yum Goong (RM18). The creamy spicy and sour prawn soup is also another must-order at BT Restaurant & Bar. This thick and flavourful soup scores a ‘2 chilis’ on the menu, indicating it’s a rather spicy dish however patrons could always ask the kitchen team to reduce the spiciness level (kudos for the thoughtful service!)

The Tom Yum Goong with prawns and cherry tomatoes, is creamier if compared to others similar soup that I’ve tried. The first scoop of the soup comes mild but hey, watch out for the aftereffect on your tongue and throat!

BT Restaurant and Bar
Tom Yum Goong (RM18), one-person portion although sharing the dish with one more person would not be a problem at all




Garlic Pepper Calamari (RM23) is next on our table. The stir fried crispy calamari with garlic and pepper is a delight to my non-spicy-eater partner. This dish could be a take for those who could not take spicy food but would still like to have their Thai cuisine trip not wasted. A win-win solution!

BT Restaurant and Bar
Garlic Pepper Calamari (RM23)


BT Restaurant and Bar
Chicken Cashew Nut Pizza (RM23), BT style pizza with cashew nuts, onion, chicken and capsicum topping with special BT sauce and mozzarella cheese


The Broccoli Mushroom (RM23), a dish of stir fried broccoli and fresh shitake mushroom with oyster sauce, reminds me of my grandma’s cooking. I reckon it is the home cooked feeling it offers. 



BT Restaurant and Bar
Broccoli Mushroom (RM23)

Here comes the Grilled Angus Steak (RM98)! We had it medium rare for doneness. This succulent Australian Angus beef is grilled to perfection served with sautéed potato, mixed vegetables including broccoli and carrots, and BT special green peppercorn sauce.

BT Restaurant and Bar
Grilled Angus Steak (RM98)



We round off the scrumptious meal with Tab Tim Krob, the Thai signature water chestnut rubies with jackfruit and coconut milk. It would be a more delightful experience if the ice is shaved to more manageable chunks.

BT Restaurant and Bar
Tab Tim Krob

BT Restaurant & Bar does not only offer Thai fares but also engaging live music sessions. Patrons could choose to relax at the plush sofas or have a sip at the bar counter.

BT Restaurant and Bar
Bar counter at BT Restaurant and Bar

BT Restaurant and Bar
Get spoiled with the range of liquor they have here!

BT Restaurant and Bar
Even the restrooms are worth visiting. This is how spacious and beautifully decorated the female restroom is.

And let’s end the trip to BT Restaurant & Bar with a photo of a gigantic wooden horse greeting at you at the door. Amazing craft indeed!

BT Restaurant and Bar
This horse is so big it could not fit into my frame; you really have to see it yourself.

BT Restaurant & Bar


Ground Floor, Plaza 33

1, Jalan Kemajuan,
Section 13,

46100 Petaling Jaya,




Mon – Sat: 11:30am – 1:00am

Closed on Sunday


Click here for online reservations >


Sion Dining & Bar

Sion Dining & Bar, Dataran Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

A hidden gem that offers surprises!


Quietly tucked away in Ara Damansara, Sion Dining and Bar is the prefect place for those who are looking for a quiet dining. The restaurant was headed by the Japanese chef Masamichi Shiomi. Originally born in Kyoto and raised in Osaka, Masamichi has spent some time to work in Papua New Guinea, where he was the chef to the Japanese ambassador, as well as Australia and Indonesia. Masamichi’s last culinary venture was Akane in Desa Sri Hartamas.


Sion Dining and Bar
Sion Dining and Bar

At Sion Dining and Bar, Masamichi leads the KL dining scene with his yoshoku cuisine, a Japanese-infused European cooking style. The chef delights his diners by redefining Western cuisine with Japanese touches. 


Masamichi is a certified Sommelier. Sommeliers are rare to find in Malaysia. Being a Sommelier is all about dining. Sommeliers must be able to recommend wine pairings with different entrees with ease. They would be able to tell where a wine is from and its basic characteristics by only blind tasting it. As a certified Sommelier, Masamichi will give you perfect answers to any wine-related questions.


Sion Dining and Bar
It is a no wonder the first thing you will see when you walk into Sion Dining and Bar is the walk-in wine cellar on your left.

You wouldn't find printed wine list at Sion Dining and Bar. Masamichi fills the shelves with his latest finds – sounds like finding a hidden gem – always a delightful surprise when you walk into the wine cellar.


Sion Dining & Bar
Classic. Guess the price? RM15900 for this bottle!

Sion Dining is dimly lit, with gigantic paintings of Marilyn Monroe hung on the walls and soft jazz music playing at the background. Seductively elegant settings indeed. It was a weekday night, Sion Dining is filled with tables of Japanese diners looking for authentic Japanese cuisines and a relax environment to hang out after work.


Sion Dining and Bar
A peek at Sion Dining and Bar

Sion Dining & Bar
A relaxing ambiance with good jazz music at Sion Dining.

The setting at Sion Dining is seductively elegant and the cooking is undeniably engaging. Sion Dining's menu is in both English and katakana (to cater the needs of Japanese patrons they serve). Flip through the menu and you will find interesting quotes like this "Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life".


We started with Iberico Pork Salami – finely chopped pork shoulder and belly – and things went interesting from here on. Iberico is prized on its unique taste created in part by the aroma of sweet acorns that the pigs feed on. The traditional methods of production of this most spectacular of hams, along with the rigorous standards of the Denomination of Origin imposed on those who choose to farm the Iberico pigs are so strict that the resulting ham deserves its place alongside caviar, truffles and champagne in the upper echelons of cuisine.


Sion Dining & Bar
Salami (Iberico Pork) (RM28)
Sion Dining & Bar
Tako Ajillo (RM32)
Sion Dining & Bar
Garlic Shrimp (RM52)

Both Tako Ajillo and Garlic Shrimp are on the specials menu. The Tako Ajillo fills your mouth with carefully prepared octopus, black olives, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic in olive oil. The Garlic Shrimp is a good try with a robust taste of of garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.


Sion Dining & Bar
Iberico Park Hamburger (RM38)

Sion Dining & Bar
Gorgon Penne – Penne with Gorgonzola cheese sauce (RM32)

The Iberico Pork Hamburger is vastly welcome by the patrons. The 280g juicy pork patty comes with a tangy-sweet salsa sauce and tomatoes. We love the combination of the flavours. While for the Gorgon Penne with freshly crack black pepper, it is simple yet satisfying.


Sion Dining & Bar
Gyutan (ox tongue) stew (RM78)

The Gyutan Stew is a must-try if you visit Sion Dining. The ox tongue is simmered for 3 nights at low tempeartures. Chef Masamichi has taken large effort in preparing the red wine sauce as well; he made the sauce from scratch. Needless to say, the dish comes out great – the genereous cuts of ox tongue are so tender after the simmering that they melt in the mouth with a burst of robust red wine flaour. Heavenly taste. For a person that does not particularly flavour of "exotic parts", it's rare for me to recommend such dish and I am actually tempting to revisit Sion DIning just for this dish. 


All hail to Iberico and Gyutan Stew!



Sion Dining & Bar


B-1-16, 1st Floor,

Block B,

Jalan PJU 1A/20A,

Dataran Ara Damansara,

47301 Petaling Jaya, 





Click here for online reservation >




Stacks by Las Vacas, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

This time, something different.


Perhaps you have heard of the sister outlet The Meat Shop along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, or the latest venture of Las Vacas at Sunway Putra Mal. But this time, Las Vacas brings you something different. 


Stacks by Las Vacas is a whole new concept from the group which gives large emphasis on burgers and sandwiches; it is more fast food concept inclined. Be it indoor or alfresco, it’s both spacious and relaxing for group dining.


Stacks by Las Vacas
Situated in the gigantic IOI City Mall, probably the best place to go for a quick grab before or after shopping.


Having been to Las Vacas Sunway Putra Mall outlet, Stacks by Las Vacas gives a different feeling the moment I stepped into the restaurant. Floor-to-ceiling windows, assorted yet flexible arrangements of tables and chairs.. in fact, it feels more of cafe style rather than typical fast food chain.


Stacks by Las Vacas
Very spacious dining space. The highlight? Electronic sockets everywhere for those they need for their laptops and other electronic devices! Phone dead, anyone?


Stacks by Las Vacas
Waste sorting bins. Love this environmental friendly concept Stacks by Las Vacas upholds!

Stacks by Las Vacas started off with self service culture which patrons would have to order food themselves at the counter. Eventually, it evolves to today’s staff-servicing-patrons culture. So fret not, sit back and chill, the waiters will come over to your table to take your orders.

Stacks by Las Vacas
Patrons could have a peek of all delicious-looking cakes when they hang around the counter.

Stacks by Las Vacas
Proudly presented by Stacks by Las Vacas. One should really try these drinks – some is a rare find in Malaysia.

Stacks by Las Vacas
Welcome to Coffee and Capsule Bar. Sleek and clean, isn’t it?

Stacks by Las Vacas
Let us have a closer look. Custom french press coffee (RM10) is offered at here as well. Can you spot it?

Let’s get to the point straight – Stacks by Las Vacas’ burgers and sandwiches!

On the menu are 200g 100% Wagyu Beef Burger, 150g Flame-Grilled 100% Beef Burger with Cheese, Cheesy Smoked Turkey Pressed Sandwich, and many more. All burgers and sandwiches come with steak fries while all sandwiches have additional coleslaw on the side. 


What’s interesting at Stacks by Las Vacas is it introduces daily carvery section which includes 12-Hour Smoked Bbq Beef Brisket, Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder, and Traditional Roast Beef – all come in either 150g sandwich (RM20) or 300f platter size (RM35). If you haven’t noticed already, Stacks is pretty generous with their serving portion.


Stacks by Las Vacas
A creation of the owner of Las Vacas, The Godfather, 150g 100% beef patty with special pomodoro sauce, creamy bechamel, spicy pepperoni slices and cheddar cheese on sesame seed bun (RM25).

Stacks by Las Vacas
Stacks by Las Vacas

Stacks by Las Vacas
Mixed Platter from daily carver selection – a little bit of everything including beef brisket, lamb shoulder, and roast beef – plus choice of side salad (RM40).


And this, Famous Las Vacas Beef Wrap is a must if you pay them a visit.


Stacks by Las Vacas
Famous Las Vacas Beef Wrap – sauteed beef rolls filled with julienned vegetables in cheesy beefy sauce (RM20). This is good!


Finally, dessert time! Stacks’ pudding would make a delight after meal. It is hand made fresh daily and you will be amazed by the range of flavours – banana and peanut butter, tiramisu, vanilla, mango, and passion fruit – spoilt by choices indeed.


Stacks by Las Vacas
Stacks Pudding (RM10)

And how could we forget the fancy-looking cakes with creative and beautiful plating!


Stacks by Las Vacas

Stacks by Las Vacas

Stacks by Las Vacas


What are you waiting for?




Stacks by Las Vacas


G205, Ground Floor,

IOI City Mall,

Lebuh IRC, 

IOI Resort City,

62502 Putrajaya,



Daily: 10:00am – 10:00pm


Click here for online reservation >




Sou Omakase Dining

Sou Omakase Dining, The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A Journey to Omakase


Sou Omakase Dining is a classy luxury Japanese fine dining restaurant specialises exclusively in the art of omakase – a style of dining where the chef will serve you based on what he feels best. There’s no a la carte menu, so patrons will leave it to Yokohama-born executive chef Fukuchi and his team to present a gastronomical journey of Japanese cuisine.


This new Japanese addition is located near to the entrance of The Gardens Hotel, facing Bangsar area. I arrived at the restaurant via the mall so it was a little tricky and confusing to navigate at first. The best way to access to Sou Omakase Dining is via The Gardens Hotel side.


Sou Omakase Dining
You can’t miss this posh golden signage of Sou Omakase Dining.


Sou Omakase Dining
The interior of the well-spaced Sou Omakase Dining is designed to provide patrons adequate privacy.

Sou Omakase Dining
A peep through window on the kitchen team.


Lunch starts from RM98++ for a 5-course meal while dinner pricing could be up to RM320++ for a 10-course meal.


“Bara-Chirashi” lunch course (RM98) – inclusive of salad, chawan-mushi, mix appetiser, Bara-Chirashi sushi with miso soup, and dessert with Japanese tea


“Ten-Zaru” lunch course (RM98) – inclusive of salad, chawan-mushi, mix appetiser, tempura, soba or udon or inaniwa-udon, and dessert with Japanese tea


“Bento” lunch course (RM118) – inclusive of salad, starter, chawan-mushi, Sou Omakase bento box, rice course, and dessert with Japanese tea


Sou lunch course (RM148) – inclusive of starter, soup, sashimi, mix grilled and deep fried appetiser, main course, rice course with miso soup, and dessert with Japanese tea


Sou dinner course (RM220) – inclusive of starter, soup, Japanese appetiser, fish course, mouth wash, main course (beef or lamb), rice course with miso soup, and home made dessert with Japanese tea


Special dinner course (RM320) – inclusive 2 kinds of starter, special fresh oyster, special soup, special fish course, mouth wash, main course (beef or lamb or fish), grilled rice ball with scallops ankake sauce, and home made dessert with Japanese tea


For the purpose of our review, we went for the Sou dinner course and special dinner course.


As with any omakase, the menu will change according to what’s fresh and in season. The dinner started with beautiful appetisers. Take a look at the ingredients used and the generous scoop of caviar, they mean business.


Sou Omakase Dining
One of the appetisers served to kick-start the dinner.


Sou Omakase Dining
Kissing the sea on the lips – a palm-sized amazingly fresh oyster from France with slightly mild yet complex homemade tabasco sauce.


Sou Omakase Dining
Very warm and comforting.

Sou Omakase Dining
Take a sip of yuzu soda to get the taste buds afresh for the next course.


The sashimi served was satisfying. Every dish presents an undeniably unique dining experience – fine specimen with subtle flavours, delicate texture, fully enhanced with umami-riched soy sauce and freshly grinded wasabi. The salmon stole the limelight above all sashimi that night. A word of warning, more sashimi photos coming soon because it was almost a crime not to post these up.


Sou Omakase Dining

Sou Omakase Dining

Sou Omakase Dining

Sou Omakase Dining

Sou Omakase Dining


Then it was finally the time for some hot dishes. Main course came in the form of sliced wagyu beef or lamb cutlets, or if you opt for Special dinner course, you could have another choice – tuna collar. I am usually a fan of beef but the beef was a slight let down. To be fair, I should have lift my lid earlier so my beef would’t be overcooked. 


Sou Omakase Dining
Sliced wagyu beef before cooked.

Sou Omakase Dining
Lamb cutlets.


And we proceed to the next course: rice course with miso soup. The rice course was must preferred if compared to the miso soup. The miso soup was decent but it could be better.


Sou Omakase Dining
Rice course with miso soup

Sou Omakase Dining
Rice course with miso soup


The dessert platter is inclusive of jelly, pistachio ice cream, orange sorbet and yoghurt-filled raindrop cake.


Sou Omakase Dining
Dessert platter

Sou Omakase Dining
Dessert for the dinner course

The desserts were beautifully presented of course, but other dishes stood out better. Nevertheless, it was still an adequate ending for a dinner course. Service is warm and friendly with a slightly fast-paced serving. Overall it’s a worth considering omakase dining venue. 




Sou Omakase Dining


G247, Ground Floor,

The Gardens Mall,

Mid Valley City,

Lingkaran Syed Putra,

59200 Kuala Lumpur, 



Daily: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm


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Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant

Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant, Dua Annexe, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant, Dua Annexe, Kuala Lumpur


Well hidden at the modern luxury Dua Annexe apartment along Jalan Tun Razak, Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant is a traditional Japanese restauran The restaurant offers varieties of attractive Japanese foods, not to mention their Sake and Shochu. The well trained waitresses at Kirishima KL are dressed in kimonos – something which is rarely seen in Malaysia, although there’s one or two restaurants out there that does the same. The restaurants’ regulars are a mix of locals and Japanese that resides in Kuala Lumpur.


Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant
The setting is airy with typical light wood furnishings, applies minimalist interior design with a touch of Japanese zen.

Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant
Magazines and newspapers in Japanese are available given its Japanese customer base.

Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant
Private rooms are available especially when you have a business meeting or in need of some family space if you have kids along with you.

Despite situated in one of the most expensive lands in the heart of KL city, the food here are priced reasonably, food comes in large and generous portion, and the ingredients used are always fresh. Every Tuesday and Friday, the team at Kirishima KL will have fresh items air flown from Japan. 


Kirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese Restaurant

The desserts are worth a mention, especially Ginger Sorbet and Wasabi Ice Cream which are made fresh from kitchen. Almost missed these two rare items because they are off the menu; diners will have to make a request and it is very much depends on luck. 


Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant
Ginger Sorbet


Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant
Wasabi Ice Cream

Special recommendations are available at Kirishima KL and are changed weekly, so diners always have different choices. 



Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant

Lot 1.2, 1st Floor, 

Dua Annexe, 

211, Jalan Tun Razak, 

50400 Kuala Lumpur.


Daily: 12:00pm – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:30pm


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Pisco Bar

The 15 Restaurants that Won 2015

As 2015 is coming to an end, these are the restaurants that capture a lot of hearts in 2015. We make sure what is listed here is awesomely good and the quality of food is top notch

Be hold, the Year 2015 Awards go to..

Best Italian – La Risata Bar Pizzeria Ristorante

La Risata
La Risata’s Ampang outlet is all class and high ceilings.
Wood-fired ovens, incredible pizzas, warm service.. this is the place where Italian food is perfectly done.

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Best Place for Pork – Ante Kitchen & Bar

Chargrilled Pork Steak
Ante’s Signature – Chargrilled Pork Steak (RM56++)
Recently been awarded as the Best Meat by Time Out KL Food Awards 2015, Ante Kitchen & Bar is the destination for pork eating enthusiast of choice.

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Best Dining Experience – Dining In The Dark KL

Dining In The Dark KL
Dining In The Dark KL – you will never have the same perception of food again.
Dining in the dark, a completely new sensory experience. Here you discover a marvellous gastronomic journey, where the true flavours and tastes of food have not been influenced by your sight.

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Coolest Bar Vibe – Pisco Bar

Pisco Bar
Pisco Bar – dancing all night long with some of the best DJs in town.
Aways packed with a mix of expats, fashionista locals and international travellers, Pisco Bar offers the ideal layout for a variety of events such as cocktail parties, product launches, live performances, fashion shows, and movie screenings. Very cool vibe here.

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Best Hand Picked Boutique Wine Selection – Vintry

Vintry Jaya 33
You could never go wrong with wine at Vintry Jaya 33.

Vintry Jaya 33 is the quintessential wine bar with its commendable range of wines cellaring in the spacious outlet, as well as its two state-of-the-art Enomatic Wine-Serving Systems.

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The Hot Star – ROCKU Yakiniku

ROCKU Yakiniku
ROCKU Yakiniku – the hot hot Japanese Charcoal grill that people queue for two hours. (that’s why you have to reserve table via TABLEAPP to skip the queue, people!)

Guest can savour their food hot throughout the entire meal, and there’s no better way to enjoy the tantalizing cuts of meat, ranging from beef to lamb, pork and chicken, flown in all the way from Australia and New Zealand.

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Best Fun Dining – Babe

The Smoking Meringues at Babe – dunk each one into the liquid nitrogen for 8 seconds, pop them in your mouth, and you

Conceptualised by Michelin-starred chef Jeff Ramsey, Babe presents molecular gastronomy and modernist cuisine in a fun approach filled with whimsy and wonderment. It’s time to get playful!

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Best Malay Fine Dining – Bijan Bar & Restaurant​ 

Bijan’s Rusuk Panggang (RM68++) brings you forgotten flavours and memories.

Using original recipes that are passed on from generations after generations, Bijan’s offerings are the next-best thing to good, wholesome home-cooked meals. Batik features strongly in the restaurant's décor, with batik wall hangings and batik-covered menus.

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Best Mexican – La Mexicana

La Mexicana
La Mexicana’s Tacos de Bistec con Chorizo – 3 tacos filled with juicy beef steak and homemade chrizo served with coriander, onion and molcajete red sauce.

La Mexicana, owned by Mexican chef Carmela and her husband, offers authentic Mexican flavours in KL. Dishes at La Mexicana are well complemented by a tequila-filled drinks menu.

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Best Japanese – TEN Japanese Fine Dining

TEN Japanese Fine Dining
Supreme dining experience at TEN Japanese Fine Dining leaving you desiring more.
In Japanese, “TEN” translate to heaven. A name that aptly describes the exclusive fine dining experience reserve for the select few. Distinction naturally comes to mind as you savour their award winning authentic Japanese fare, supreme sushi, teppanyaki and fusion cuisine, each presented with a touch of finesse.

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Best British – Albion KL

Albion KL
Albion KL’s Sunday’s Special Roast Beef (RM59++) – chilled Australian striploin, yorkshire pudding & all the trimmings.

Shortlisted in the Time Out KL Food Awards for three years running, this modern British restaurant was a foregone conclusion as both owners developed their craft in London in a variety of outlets ranging from hotel food & beverage departments, nightclubs, stand alone restaurants and bars over a 25 year period.

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Best Pie – Musang King Pie by The Humble Pie Co.

Musang King Pie by The Humble Pie Co.
The Humble Pie Co.’s Musang King Pie (RM18++) is made of buttery digestives biscuit crust, creamy top, and 100% purely indulgent creamy Udang Merah durian filling.

It’s a pie thing at The Humble Pie Co. The Humble Pie Co. first sprang to life as an online pastry-and-cake shop, and has evolved into a full fledged cafe selling a full range of pies and cakes made fresh from their bakery.

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Best Chinese – Tai Zi Heen

Tai Zi Heen
Tai Zi Heen displays top-notch refinement and delicacy through the concept of Cantonese cuisine dining and dedicated service.
Famous for its pork-free Dim Sum a la carte buffet, Tai Zi Heen is the place that keeps you yearning for more. RM 60.65/person for All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum brunch while dinner is RM 79.30/person.

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Best Thai – Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine

Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine
Rama V’s Tom Yam Kung Mae Nam (RM52++) – river prawn served in young coconut.

Set amongst a magnificent pool of lotus blossoms and quietly tucked away from the busy district of Kuala Lumpur, Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine offers a blend of authentic and modern Thai dishes, making every meal at the restaurant memorable and enjoyable.

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Best Steakhouse – Angus House

Angus House
Rib Eye Steak 300g at Angus House
Angus House is famous for its Japanese charcoal steak. Meat doneness is not an issue here as the chefs know what they are doing. Taste the unconventional steak sauce that is made of Fuji apple, radish and mirin to create a tangy sweet taste. Not to worry if you prefer a familiar tasting sauce as the outlet has mushroom and black pepper sauces on stand-by.

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