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Kimi-Ya, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"You are in for a treat!” – said my friend after she knew that she got promoted. Of course I was more than excited to accept this invitation and after discussing, we decided to go to Kimi-Ya to relax and enjoy the essence of authentic Japanese cuisine. Why Kimi-Ya? You may ask. The restaurant is a casual dining which serves premium high-quality foods yet at affordable price. The restaurant features a relaxed and posh dining space including private rooms for diners. We also need to take advantage of our ELITE Membership as we are entitled to redeem signature dishes for free at this restaurant. We could not wait to savour the best dishes here.

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Kimi-Ya boasts everything you could ask for from a typical Japanese restaurant with its classic and delicate interior.

I/ Ume Sashimi Moriawase (7 types) (RM 156++)

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The sashimi was presented simply yet sophisticatedly on a bed of ice as the meals here are demonstrations of why less is more.

We chose a seat at the sushi counter as it would be more exciting to see how the dish was prepared. Fresh pieces of sashimi lied up nicely right in front of our eyes. We were in awe to know the fish were air-flown all the way from Hokkaido, Japan to KIMI-YA. In the blink of an eye, the teppanyaki chef masterfully handled 7 types of seasonal sashimi skillfully and had such smooth cuts that I could literally feel how soft they were just by watching. The sashimi was presented simply yet sophisticatedly on a bed of ice as the meals here are demonstrations of why less is more. I quickly took the first bite as it was way too tempting.

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The amaebi prawns captured my heart with its buttery, creamy texture and the melt-in-the-mouth feeling.

One tip to eat sashimi is you should eat from lean to fatty ones as the taste will be stronger after each bite. My first bite was white Bluefin tuna which was sweet and cooling. I continued to savour the kampachi, its sweetness and smoothness are what you would dream for. The Otoro of course did not let us down with its satisfactory fatness. Next came octopus which was crunchy with a mix of briny and sweet taste. Finally were my three favorite sashimi of the day – Amaebi prawns, scallop and salmon! The amaebi prawns captured my heart with its buttery, creamy texture and the melt-in-the-mouth feeling. The scallop was so soft and smooth like velvet that I would eat it over and over again. And the salmon was titillating with its subtle sweet and refreshing taste which equaled to no other fish.  

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The salmon was titillating with its subtle sweet and refreshing taste which equaled to no other fish.


II/ Goushuu No Wagyu Steak 120 gm (RM 176++)

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We were hypnotized by the gorgeous marbling on the beef and its delicious pink flesh.

Right after we thought we had the best of all, we quickly fell in love with the next dish which was a sizzling hot dish of A5 Wagyu steak – which is the highest quality grade given only to the finest beef! This A5 Wagyu beef was imported from Yamagata – the Japanese renowned area for the best Wagyu. We looked at each other in mere excitement – these pieces of Wagyu beef looked too appetizing! We were hypnotized by the gorgeous marbling on the beef and its delicious pink flesh. Not to mention its smell was so aromatic and delectable that could trigger your involuntary salivation in just a few seconds.

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The Wagyu's intense beefiness and richness were definitely for those who seek decadence and over-the-top presentation.

The sizzling sound also made my mouth water. The Wagyu beef had such an amazingly palatable fatness and sweetness which quickly dissolved in my mouth and filled my heart with love. Its intense beefiness and richness were definitely for those who seek decadence and over-the-top presentation. What I like as well were the crunchy vegetables served along to reduce the greasiness the dish might have. This dish is the real winner of taste and value-for-money department. Blended perfectly in a non-powering manner.


III/ Yaki Taraba Kani (300g) (RM178++)  

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The Alaskan King Crab is truly a gift from the ocean. Its mild taste was a refreshing and warm-hearting treat for us all.

The dish made its way to our table with an irresistible sweet and briny smell. Pieces of Alaskan King crab legs lied neatly atop some leaves and were garnished with nice petals. The crab will be cooked to perfection to maintain its high-quality protein as well as the sweet flavor which made it the king of all crabs. We were thrilled to savour this delicacy and were all filled with whimsical delights. The Alaskan King Crab is truly a gift from the ocean. Its mild taste was a refreshing and warm-hearting treat for us all. Its succulent meat was flavorful, soft and juicy. No wonder why it is the most highly sought-after crab in the world! A comforting concoction of flavors that you should try once in your life!


If you would love to enjoy the fresh ingredients from Hokkaido and premium high-quality Japanese dishes at Kimi-Ya, you can reserve a table here.

You probably wonder how I can savour such dishes for free. Of course I don’t mind to share to you my secret. You can sign up for ELITE Membership and enjoy free dishes at more than 100 participating restaurant. You can read more information about TABLEAPP ELITE Membership here.   



G-2, Avantas Residences,
162, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thu: 2 PM – 3 PM; 6 PM – 10:30 PM
Fri – Sun: 11:30 AM – 3 PM; 6 PM – 11 PM




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Ishin Japanese Dining, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To be honest, I am in love with Japan’s wonderful cuisine and that goes without saying to most of my friends as well. Last weekend, I was enthusiastic to, again, indulge myself in a Japanese gastronomical delight. Ishin Japanese Dining, located along Old Klang Road, was my choice this time. The restaurant, for 2 years consecutive of 2016 and 2017, won the Travellers’ Choice of TripAdvisor for its authentic Japanese cuisine and superb service.

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The sushi counter at the first floor is where you can watch the performance artistry of the chefs.

Private rooms are available upstairs for group gatherings, one of which overlooks the KL traffic which left us impressed. The friendly staff directed us to a seat right at the sushi counter at the first floor to watch the performance artistry of the chefs who masterfully handles the finest cuts of the food. Who would not enjoy that?

I/ Chef Special Sashimi (RM 160)

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Chef’s Special Sashimi is a chef selection of 7 kinds of freshest and finest air-flown seasonal sashimi from Japan’s famous Tsukiji market.

Gorgeous pieces of seafood lined up beautifully at the counter immediately whetted our appetite. We embarked on calling our first dish – the Chef Special Sashimi. It is a chef selection of 7 kinds of freshest and finest air-flown seasonal sashimi from Japan’s famous Tsukiji market. The chef began to amaze us with the beautiful kinki or thornhead fish which is a rare fish that tastes best during winter – this time of the year in Japan (well, not in Malaysia of course) as it is akin to the fat part “chu-toro” of tuna. Every little bone was meticulously taken from the piece of fish and its bone was used as a part of the dish decoration.

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You would definitely never forget the rich and creaminess of the salmon belly and the melt-in-the-mouth taste of emaebi.

7 kinds of sashimi all came reclined seductively on a bed of ice with a stunning ice sphere. The decoration may pause you for a while to snap a few shots before you can continue to savour this delicacy. I started with the kikin as the chef’s introduction was way too impressive. It did not let me down at all as its slight sweet taste blended so well with the considered “the best wasabi in Japan” by the chef. Next came kampachi, shimaaji and scallop which were all so fresh and smooth that you might literally find yourself kissing the sea for a moment. I ended up with the palate-pleasing amaebi and salmon belly. If you are a true Japanese cuisine fan, you would definitely never forget the rich and creaminess of the salmon belly and the melt-in-the-mouth taste of emaebi. The dish is just splendid!

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The scallop was so fresh and smooth that you might literally find yourself kissing the sea for a moment.


2.  Sushi Deluxe (RM 93)
As posh and luxurious as it sounds, the dish came out with 8 chef-selected kinds of seasonal sushi. With his 23-year experience, head chef William, mastered his skills and made 8 beautiful pieces of sushi including kikin, tuna, butterfish, salmon roe, sea urchin, sweet prawns, salmon belly and egg sushi in just the blink of an eye.

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Within a few minutes, a visual-appealing dish appeared right in front of us that quickly triggered our salivation.

Some sushi were garnished with interesting toppings such as the kikin sushi paired with white radish sprouts which brought a slight hint of pleasant spiciness. The butterfish with its mesmerizing pink flesh was one decked with the luxurious black caviar and one with kinome leaf. Its mild pepper-mint-lime taste tingled my tongue and really enhanced the flavor of the soft and fresh butterfish.

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Some sushi were garnished with interesting toppings.

The salmon was no doubt one of my favorites as its flavor matched well with the tangy yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) skin atop. How about the salmon roe and sea urchin? The roe will pop in your mouth with its briny yet sweet coastal taste. The sea urchin, as always, made me melted in heaven. Its mildly nutty taste and custard-like texture was too fascinating that I could not stop myself from admiring. Served with freshly grated wasabi, the dish will make you relish everything about it!

3.  Wagyu Stone Grill (RM 250)

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Stunning pieces of A5 Wagyu beef were ready to be grilled by the staff.

As we had pampered ourselves with some gifts of the ocean, we decided it was time to get our tummy warm. Of course, the best choice is to indulge ourselves in the Wagyu Stone Grill. 100 gram of stunning Wagyu beef was presented nicely next to a Stone grill set. The A5 Wagyu beef (the highest quality) pleased our eyes with its flawless and gorgeous marbling. The chef continued to wow us with another secret – all the vein was cut off to reserve the smoothest texture of the beef which means only 50% of the meat is used for the best quality.

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The rich, fat-friendly and savory Wagyu beef blew us away with its juiciness, softness and smoothness.

The beef, interestingly, will be cooked at the table directly with the help from the restaurant’s staff. As the marvelous Wagyu was put on the hot stone, its sizzling sounds were so satisfying that we could not keep ourselves from silently screaming in excitement. The premium quality beef of course did not let us down at any point. It offered the best of both worlds for its heavenly delicious taste. The rich, fat-friendly and savory Wagyu beef blew us away with its juiciness, softness and smoothness. It will entice you to take another bite! The dish totally blew us away!

You can book a table in advance using TABLEAPP if you do not want to waste your time queuing.

Did you know all of these signature dishes are free with the use of TABLEAPP ELITE Membership? Yes! I was not joking! If you want to dine in Ishin Japanese Dining, I would not want you to miss this privilege at all. There are more than 300 other dishes for you to consider as well and you can find more information about TABLEAPP ELITE here.


No. 202, Persiaran Klang,
Off Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.

Lunch: 12PM – 3PM
Dinner: 6PM – 11PM


Genji Japanese Restaurant_Sashimi Moriawase

Top 10 Favourites at Genji Japanese Restaurant, Hilton Petaling Jaya

5* hotel authentic Japanese cuisine at its best!

*Bonus: scroll down to see how to get 25% off!

Serving aficionados of Japanese cuisine since 1988, Genji Japanese Restaurant at Hilton Petaling Jaya has carved a reputation for its consistent quality of food with a myriad of country-style Japanese cuisine of seasonal delicacies, ideal for social dining with family and friends, and work-dining with business associates.

After its recent renovation, the restaurant boasts a spacious and comfortable dining area, complemented by an interesting collection of Japanese objects d’art. The layout of the dining room at Genji focuses on providing extra privacy for diners through the creation of separate sections. Sections in the restaurant include the sushi bar, main restaurant, two spacious teppanyaki counters and five private dining rooms and one ‘tatami’ style dining room.

Genji Japanese Restaurant
Genji Japanese Restaurant is modeled after a modern Japanese country restaurant and can accommodate 148 diners.

Genji Japanese Restaurant is led by Head Chef, Chef Richard Teoh who was trained by the masters of Japanese food in Tokyo and Osaka. Armed with 27 years of experience in Genji, he is committed to bringing the most creative Japanese dining experience to diners. Chef Richard focuses his talents on “traditional modern” cuisine, capturing distinct Japanese ingredients crafted with the best of modern Japanese techniques. Chef Richard and his team have won the prestigious Malaysian Tatler Best Restaurant award for five consecutive years from 2010 – 2014.

When in Genji, do as the regulars do, aim for the TOP 10 Favourites of the regulars which are also the top pick of Chef Richard Teoh. Start with the refreshing and delicious California Salad (RM 41). This salad in the deconstructed version of the famed California Roll – Garden greens with salmon, tuna, avocado, thinly sliced, deep fried crab sticks as garnish and flying fish roe finished with a tangy-spicy wasabi mayo dressing.

Genji Japanese Restaurant_California Salad
California Salad (RM 41)

To warm you up, try the Buri Miso (RM 33). Yellow tail fish head in Miso soup is not only delicious but also an healthy option as Miso Helps maintain nutritional balance – full of nutrients, beneficial bacteria, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin K, and essential  dietary fiber.

Diners can enjoy great choices of air-flown freshly-prepared Sushi and Sashimi items by ordering the Sashimi Moriawase HaneAssortment of Raw Sliced Fish fillets (RM 233). Regulars prefer the salmon, tuna, kampachi and Seabream platter for its various taste and texture.

Genji Japanese Restaurant_Sashimi Moriawase
Sashimi Moriwase Hane (RM 233)

Do not miss out on the Jumbo Ebi Ura Maki (RM 76), a reversed hand roll with tiger prawn tempura, caviar, salad and cucumber. Succulent jumbo tiger prawn deep fried to perfection with airy tempura batter that makes it crispy on the outside and soft and juicy in the inside. A must try indeed!

Genji Japanese Restaurant_Jumbo Ebi Ura Maki
Jumbo Ebi Ura Maki (RM 76)

One of the most sort-after dish in Genji’s ala-carte menu is the Kaki Chili Mayo (RM17 per piece). Enjoy the baked fresh oyster with spicy mayo with a localized kick as Chef Richard’s special ingredient in the mayo sauce is the green cili padi (local bird’s eye chili). For those who are not a big fan of oysters, try the Ebi Chili Mayo (RM 70), baked jumbo tiger prawn with spicy mayo sauce.

Genji Japanese Restaurant_Chili Kaki Mayo
Kaki Chili Mayo (RM17 per piece)

As for a hearty main dish, enjoy the Trio Combo (RM 140). A Combination of rolled salmon, tuna & sea bass sashimi avocado, grilled cod with salt on potato salad &baked tiger prawn with spicy mayo on garlic fried rice. Diners at Genji also prefer the Gindara (RM 82) as their main course. Gindara is a grilled black cod dish served with salt or teriyaki sauce that is both light and healthy as lunch or dinner option.

Genji Japanese Restaurant_Gindara
Gindara (RM 82)

Teppanyaki dishes featuring ingredients like seafood, meat and vegetables which are eaten with accompanying sauce is a popular Japanese cuisine. One of the best selling Teppanyaki dish is the Tenderloin Teppanyaki (RM84). Cooked with creamy garlic- butter sauce, the dish is renowned for its juicy, smoky taste as well as its premium tenderloin cut that is a winner among beef-lovers.

Genji Japanese Restaurant_Tenderloin Beef
Tenderloin Teppanyaki (RM84)

Complete your dining experience with a sweet note. Hot or cold, Genji’s desserts can turn any dinner date into a memorable event. Combining the hot & cold in one plate is a show stopper in Genji. Chef Richard’s creation, the Banana Spring Roll (RM33) is a perfect marriage between crispy-crunchy exterior and soft & velvety centre filled with banana and red bean paste. The banana spring roll is served with a soft, creamy and rich green tea ice-cream.

Genji Japanese Restaurant_Genji Combo
Banana Spring Roll (RM33)

Genji Japanese Restaurant is open daily from 12.00noon – 2.30pm for lunch, and 6.30pm – 10.30pm for dinner. Enjoy a scrumptious Weekend Japanese Buffet on Saturday, priced at RM 139 nett per adult from 8:00pm – 10.30pm. Come and dine between 6:00pm – 7:45pm to enjoy the early bird special price at RM127 nett per adult. Buffet lunch is also available on Sundays from 11.30am – 2.30pm at RM 139 nett per adult. Children of 5-11 years old eat at half price.

Currently Genji Japanese Restaurant is running a promotion, diners will get a 25% off on total bill with a minimum order of a Signature Dish. Diners are required to make a reservation via TABLEAPP to enjoy this promotion. This promotion is valid until 13th August 2017. To make a reservation, please click here




Sion Dining & Bar

Sion Dining & Bar, Dataran Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

A hidden gem that offers surprises!


Quietly tucked away in Ara Damansara, Sion Dining and Bar is the prefect place for those who are looking for a quiet dining. The restaurant was headed by the Japanese chef Masamichi Shiomi. Originally born in Kyoto and raised in Osaka, Masamichi has spent some time to work in Papua New Guinea, where he was the chef to the Japanese ambassador, as well as Australia and Indonesia. Masamichi’s last culinary venture was Akane in Desa Sri Hartamas.


Sion Dining and Bar
Sion Dining and Bar

At Sion Dining and Bar, Masamichi leads the KL dining scene with his yoshoku cuisine, a Japanese-infused European cooking style. The chef delights his diners by redefining Western cuisine with Japanese touches. 


Masamichi is a certified Sommelier. Sommeliers are rare to find in Malaysia. Being a Sommelier is all about dining. Sommeliers must be able to recommend wine pairings with different entrees with ease. They would be able to tell where a wine is from and its basic characteristics by only blind tasting it. As a certified Sommelier, Masamichi will give you perfect answers to any wine-related questions.


Sion Dining and Bar
It is a no wonder the first thing you will see when you walk into Sion Dining and Bar is the walk-in wine cellar on your left.

You wouldn't find printed wine list at Sion Dining and Bar. Masamichi fills the shelves with his latest finds – sounds like finding a hidden gem – always a delightful surprise when you walk into the wine cellar.


Sion Dining & Bar
Classic. Guess the price? RM15900 for this bottle!

Sion Dining is dimly lit, with gigantic paintings of Marilyn Monroe hung on the walls and soft jazz music playing at the background. Seductively elegant settings indeed. It was a weekday night, Sion Dining is filled with tables of Japanese diners looking for authentic Japanese cuisines and a relax environment to hang out after work.


Sion Dining and Bar
A peek at Sion Dining and Bar

Sion Dining & Bar
A relaxing ambiance with good jazz music at Sion Dining.

The setting at Sion Dining is seductively elegant and the cooking is undeniably engaging. Sion Dining's menu is in both English and katakana (to cater the needs of Japanese patrons they serve). Flip through the menu and you will find interesting quotes like this "Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life".


We started with Iberico Pork Salami – finely chopped pork shoulder and belly – and things went interesting from here on. Iberico is prized on its unique taste created in part by the aroma of sweet acorns that the pigs feed on. The traditional methods of production of this most spectacular of hams, along with the rigorous standards of the Denomination of Origin imposed on those who choose to farm the Iberico pigs are so strict that the resulting ham deserves its place alongside caviar, truffles and champagne in the upper echelons of cuisine.


Sion Dining & Bar
Salami (Iberico Pork) (RM28)
Sion Dining & Bar
Tako Ajillo (RM32)
Sion Dining & Bar
Garlic Shrimp (RM52)

Both Tako Ajillo and Garlic Shrimp are on the specials menu. The Tako Ajillo fills your mouth with carefully prepared octopus, black olives, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic in olive oil. The Garlic Shrimp is a good try with a robust taste of of garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.


Sion Dining & Bar
Iberico Park Hamburger (RM38)

Sion Dining & Bar
Gorgon Penne – Penne with Gorgonzola cheese sauce (RM32)

The Iberico Pork Hamburger is vastly welcome by the patrons. The 280g juicy pork patty comes with a tangy-sweet salsa sauce and tomatoes. We love the combination of the flavours. While for the Gorgon Penne with freshly crack black pepper, it is simple yet satisfying.


Sion Dining & Bar
Gyutan (ox tongue) stew (RM78)

The Gyutan Stew is a must-try if you visit Sion Dining. The ox tongue is simmered for 3 nights at low tempeartures. Chef Masamichi has taken large effort in preparing the red wine sauce as well; he made the sauce from scratch. Needless to say, the dish comes out great – the genereous cuts of ox tongue are so tender after the simmering that they melt in the mouth with a burst of robust red wine flaour. Heavenly taste. For a person that does not particularly flavour of "exotic parts", it's rare for me to recommend such dish and I am actually tempting to revisit Sion DIning just for this dish. 


All hail to Iberico and Gyutan Stew!



Sion Dining & Bar


B-1-16, 1st Floor,

Block B,

Jalan PJU 1A/20A,

Dataran Ara Damansara,

47301 Petaling Jaya, 





Click here for online reservation >




Blog #24_5 Best Japanese Restaurants in KL

5 Best Japanese Restaurants in KL

For all Japanese cuisine lovers!

Succulent sushi, light-as-air tempura, super-fresh sashimi, handmade soba… it's hard to describe Japanese food without using elegant terms. If you want to immerse yourself in the Japanese food culture, check out this selection of 5 best Japanese restaurants in KL! An opportunity to know more about Japan for the Bon Odori festival!

Blog #24_5 Best Japanese Restaurants in KL_NobuKL

World-famous contemporary Japanese cuisine in a legendary restaurant that has been delighting diners since the opening of its first restaurant in New York in 1994 – it could be no other than Nobu. The reason that has allowed the restaurant to gain notoriety is the way the dishes are done and thought. The concept is to bring a creative modern touch to the traditional Japanese dishes while keeping the authentic flavours.  Nobu’s menu includes plenty of sushi, sashimi and tempura options, hot and cold appetisers like Tuna Sashimi Salad with Matsuhisa Dressing, and Local Jidori Chicken Toban Yaki. For a refreshing dessert try Nobu’s interpretation of a classic Japanese dish – Green Tea Shaved Ice, made with organic soy milk ice, green tea syrup, red bean paste, green tea mochi and green tea tuile.

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Blog #24_5 Best Japanese Restaurants in KL_IshinJapaneseDining

Ishin Japanese Dining is the place to discover the genuine Japanese fares and Kaiseki style cuisines that are cooked to order. Ishin uses fresh and the finest ingredients imported directly from the famous Tsukiji Market located in the city center of Tokyo. Ishin's interior design and lighting will set the mood right to get you started on an exquisite Japanese culinary journey. Ishin’s oval sushi counter will give you first-hand experience to witness the chef’ meal preparations and it also encourages face-to-face interaction with the chefs. So fasten your seat belts and get ready to be taken to the city center of Japan!

Click here for online reservations >

Blog #24_5 Best Japanese Restaurants in KL_Hanare

Find elegance on a plate as Hanare dishes up contemporary and traditional Japanese fares with a bomb. Food is meticulously prepared by their Japanese chef, who has transformed the best and freshest seafood air flown from Japan into delectable dishes. We recommend you to taste the signature dishes such as the divine fresh blue fin tuna (Hon Maguro), the rare cut of Tai that is made with fresh red snapper, and the fresh abalone-based Nama Awabi. It’s time to pamper yourself with serves great Japanese food at Hanare! 

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Blog #24_5 Best Japanese Restaurants in KL_Kaihomaru

If you can’t get enough of Japanese food, pay a visit to Kaihomaru at Federal Hotel. You will discover authentic Japanese food in a quiet, elegant and chic atmosphere. Specialising in seafood, the menu offers a wide variety of sushi and sashimi options. The food is so well designed that it melts in the mouth and leaves a lasting flavour and impression. It’s maybe the reason why the restaurant is claimed to be No.1 Sashimi and Sushi in Malaysia. We suggest you dwell on the brilliant tuna varieties directly imported from a Japanese fish market. You should definitely give it a try!

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Blog #24_5 Best Japanese Restaurants in KL_KinNoUma

Located at the 5-starred Palace of the Golden Horses, offering only the freshest and most premium of ingredients, Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant seeks perfection in every roll of sushi. Famed for its Sashimi and Bento boxes, you will be impressed by the ingredients and taste of those delicious sets. The dining area offers two possibilities – you can either choose the Japanese floor-sitting for a more traditional and authentic atmosphere or the modern chair dining concept for a more contemporary ambiance. Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant is undeniably a favourite spot for Japanese food lovers!

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Sou Omakase Dining

Sou Omakase Dining, The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A Journey to Omakase


Sou Omakase Dining is a classy luxury Japanese fine dining restaurant specialises exclusively in the art of omakase – a style of dining where the chef will serve you based on what he feels best. There’s no a la carte menu, so patrons will leave it to Yokohama-born executive chef Fukuchi and his team to present a gastronomical journey of Japanese cuisine.


This new Japanese addition is located near to the entrance of The Gardens Hotel, facing Bangsar area. I arrived at the restaurant via the mall so it was a little tricky and confusing to navigate at first. The best way to access to Sou Omakase Dining is via The Gardens Hotel side.


Sou Omakase Dining
You can’t miss this posh golden signage of Sou Omakase Dining.


Sou Omakase Dining
The interior of the well-spaced Sou Omakase Dining is designed to provide patrons adequate privacy.

Sou Omakase Dining
A peep through window on the kitchen team.


Lunch starts from RM98++ for a 5-course meal while dinner pricing could be up to RM320++ for a 10-course meal.


“Bara-Chirashi” lunch course (RM98) – inclusive of salad, chawan-mushi, mix appetiser, Bara-Chirashi sushi with miso soup, and dessert with Japanese tea


“Ten-Zaru” lunch course (RM98) – inclusive of salad, chawan-mushi, mix appetiser, tempura, soba or udon or inaniwa-udon, and dessert with Japanese tea


“Bento” lunch course (RM118) – inclusive of salad, starter, chawan-mushi, Sou Omakase bento box, rice course, and dessert with Japanese tea


Sou lunch course (RM148) – inclusive of starter, soup, sashimi, mix grilled and deep fried appetiser, main course, rice course with miso soup, and dessert with Japanese tea


Sou dinner course (RM220) – inclusive of starter, soup, Japanese appetiser, fish course, mouth wash, main course (beef or lamb), rice course with miso soup, and home made dessert with Japanese tea


Special dinner course (RM320) – inclusive 2 kinds of starter, special fresh oyster, special soup, special fish course, mouth wash, main course (beef or lamb or fish), grilled rice ball with scallops ankake sauce, and home made dessert with Japanese tea


For the purpose of our review, we went for the Sou dinner course and special dinner course.


As with any omakase, the menu will change according to what’s fresh and in season. The dinner started with beautiful appetisers. Take a look at the ingredients used and the generous scoop of caviar, they mean business.


Sou Omakase Dining
One of the appetisers served to kick-start the dinner.


Sou Omakase Dining
Kissing the sea on the lips – a palm-sized amazingly fresh oyster from France with slightly mild yet complex homemade tabasco sauce.


Sou Omakase Dining
Very warm and comforting.

Sou Omakase Dining
Take a sip of yuzu soda to get the taste buds afresh for the next course.


The sashimi served was satisfying. Every dish presents an undeniably unique dining experience – fine specimen with subtle flavours, delicate texture, fully enhanced with umami-riched soy sauce and freshly grinded wasabi. The salmon stole the limelight above all sashimi that night. A word of warning, more sashimi photos coming soon because it was almost a crime not to post these up.


Sou Omakase Dining

Sou Omakase Dining

Sou Omakase Dining

Sou Omakase Dining

Sou Omakase Dining


Then it was finally the time for some hot dishes. Main course came in the form of sliced wagyu beef or lamb cutlets, or if you opt for Special dinner course, you could have another choice – tuna collar. I am usually a fan of beef but the beef was a slight let down. To be fair, I should have lift my lid earlier so my beef would’t be overcooked. 


Sou Omakase Dining
Sliced wagyu beef before cooked.

Sou Omakase Dining
Lamb cutlets.


And we proceed to the next course: rice course with miso soup. The rice course was must preferred if compared to the miso soup. The miso soup was decent but it could be better.


Sou Omakase Dining
Rice course with miso soup

Sou Omakase Dining
Rice course with miso soup


The dessert platter is inclusive of jelly, pistachio ice cream, orange sorbet and yoghurt-filled raindrop cake.


Sou Omakase Dining
Dessert platter

Sou Omakase Dining
Dessert for the dinner course

The desserts were beautifully presented of course, but other dishes stood out better. Nevertheless, it was still an adequate ending for a dinner course. Service is warm and friendly with a slightly fast-paced serving. Overall it’s a worth considering omakase dining venue. 




Sou Omakase Dining


G247, Ground Floor,

The Gardens Mall,

Mid Valley City,

Lingkaran Syed Putra,

59200 Kuala Lumpur, 



Daily: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm


Click here for online reservation >



Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant

Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant, Dua Annexe, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant, Dua Annexe, Kuala Lumpur


Well hidden at the modern luxury Dua Annexe apartment along Jalan Tun Razak, Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant is a traditional Japanese restauran The restaurant offers varieties of attractive Japanese foods, not to mention their Sake and Shochu. The well trained waitresses at Kirishima KL are dressed in kimonos – something which is rarely seen in Malaysia, although there’s one or two restaurants out there that does the same. The restaurants’ regulars are a mix of locals and Japanese that resides in Kuala Lumpur.


Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant
The setting is airy with typical light wood furnishings, applies minimalist interior design with a touch of Japanese zen.

Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant
Magazines and newspapers in Japanese are available given its Japanese customer base.

Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant
Private rooms are available especially when you have a business meeting or in need of some family space if you have kids along with you.

Despite situated in one of the most expensive lands in the heart of KL city, the food here are priced reasonably, food comes in large and generous portion, and the ingredients used are always fresh. Every Tuesday and Friday, the team at Kirishima KL will have fresh items air flown from Japan. 


Kirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese RestaurantKirishima KL Japanese Restaurant

The desserts are worth a mention, especially Ginger Sorbet and Wasabi Ice Cream which are made fresh from kitchen. Almost missed these two rare items because they are off the menu; diners will have to make a request and it is very much depends on luck. 


Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant
Ginger Sorbet


Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant
Wasabi Ice Cream

Special recommendations are available at Kirishima KL and are changed weekly, so diners always have different choices. 



Kirishima KL Japanese Restaurant

Lot 1.2, 1st Floor, 

Dua Annexe, 

211, Jalan Tun Razak, 

50400 Kuala Lumpur.


Daily: 12:00pm – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:30pm


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